Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1327 – God’s Form

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Chapter 1327: G.o.d’s Form

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Forbidden Lamella retreated quickly after forcing Lin Huang to back off with a swing of his sword. He retreated hundreds of meters away immediately and landed on top of a four-story building.

Seeing that, Lin Huang did not go after him. He thought Forbidden Lamella was going to showcase some unique technique. He decided to see what was going to happen and if there was anything worth learning.

However, he saw Forbidden Lamella swinging his battle sword from far away after retreating, and the s.p.a.ce filled with sword gleams again.

This time, tens of thousands of sword gleams coalesced. Golden sword sparks covered the sky like stars.

‘Since you’re concerned about exhausting your Divine Power, I’ll exhaust your Divine Power on purpose!’

Direct resistance was the only way to counter Forbidden Lamella’s strategy this time. His goal was simple. He did not want to defeat his enemy; all he wanted to do was to drain his opponent’s Divine Power.

He knew very well that as a Protoss, the amount of Divine Power he possessed was innately greater than most members of other tribes. Moreover, Lin Huang was most likely not a Protoss. If they were to compete purely based on whose Divine Power would be exhausted first, Forbidden Lamella definitely had the upper hand. All he had to do was completely drain all of Lin Huang’s Divine Power and he would win the battle.

Although winning in such a manner was no glorious thing, having ample Divine Power was an advantage he was born with. Using one’s innate advantage to defeat one’s opponent in a real battle was a very normal thing; he was not burdened by it.

Many of the people who were watching the battle understood immediately what Forbidden Lamella was planning to do.

“Nice one! But it’s quite shameless.”

“If they were to compete based on whose Divine Power was exhausted first, the Protoss definitely has the upper hand. I thought Forbidden Lamella wouldn’t stoop to using such an underhand trick.”

“Even if he loses after draining Xie Lin’s Divine Power, this fellow Forbidden Lamella is just laying the groundwork for the team that’s on the way. Xie Lin’s situation is even tougher now…”

Naturally, Lin Huang saw through his opponent’s motives.

Initially, he thought his opponent was going to pull out some major move. Never had he thought his opponent would play so dirty.

However, Lin Huang had no plan of letting Forbidden Lamella do as he wished.

Theoretically, the most direct way of countering this trick was to exhaust his Divine Power to fight his foe, but Lin Huang chose a completely different way of handling things.

Suddenly, he swung his sword. A red glow shot forward, as thin as a hair and almost invisible to the naked eye. It penetrated layers of golden sword gleams at a terrifying speed, slicing directly at Forbidden Lamella’s neck.

All that Forbidden Lamella saw was Lin Huang swinging his sword. Just as he was trying to track the sword gleam’s trajectory clearly, that hair-fine sword gleam had already reached him.

Forbidden Lamella was entirely unable to dodge in time. The hair-fine blood-red gleam pierced through the golden Divine Power that enveloped his entire body.

The next instant, a b.l.o.o.d.y trail appeared on Forbidden Lamella’s neck…

The minute the will driving the sword gleams dissipated, all the golden sword gleams that filled the sky exploded in midair before they could touch Lin Huang.

It seemed as if countless golden fireworks were exploding in the night sky, bathing the houses within several hundred kilometers in a sheen of dazzling gold.

“What happened? Why did Forbidden Lamella’s attack go out of control suddenly?”

Most of them did not notice the b.l.o.o.d.y trail on Forbidden Lamella’s neck.

A minority did, and were shocked; some were even in disbelief.

“Forbidden Lamella is dead?!”

After all, the battle with Lin Huang had gone on for a good amount of time and looked completely fair and aboveboard. However, one slash and Forbidden Lamella was now dead.

Lin Huang was the only one who looked expressionlessly at where Forbidden Lamella’s “corpse” was.

“Stop hiding. If you’re really dead, there should be a “You’ve killed the compet.i.tor” push notification popping up in front of me already.

“If you’re not confident in yourself, then just back down already and fight alongside with Unrivalled G.o.d and the rest when they get here.”

At Lin Huang’s mocking words, Forbidden Lamella could stand it no longer.

“Who are you calling not confident?!”

The golden flames around Forbidden Lamella’s “corpse” was burning even brighter now, a faint black mist beginning to waft forth.

At the same time, Lin Huang noticed that Forbidden Lamella’s body seemed to be growing in size within the flames. His aura was growing even more powerful and violent.

“Xie Lin, don’t you think you can talk to me so condescendingly just because you defeated that one attack of mine!”

Forbidden Lamella’s voice was much rougher now with a low, indistinct humming under it.

“You’re just an ant in my eyes!”

As he spoke, the flames around Forbidden Lamella blazed up full force.

The next instant, he charged towards Lin Huang furiously, his steps causing spiderweb-like cracks on the tiles of the roof, his body transforming into a stream of golden light.

Lin Huang moved almost simultaneously. He swung his long sword, which was completely enveloped in dark red Divine Power, leaving behind a trail of blood-red sword gleam.

The two silhouettes collided the next second.

Lin Huang caught a faint glimpse of a blurred face within the golden flames the moment their swords clashed.

Forbidden Lamella’s face seemed to have grown scales.

Not only that, Lin Huang realized that the back of Forbidden Lamella’s sword-wielding right hand was also covered in a layer of scales.

The scales bore a rough resemblance to dragon scales. As the flames licked over them, they shone bright gold like heated metal.

In the air, both gold and red Divine Power exploded right after the collision, transforming into a giant golden-red sun. This giant sun was even bigger and more dazzling than all the previous collisions.

The gigantic gold-red sun then exploded in all directions, forcing Lin Huang and Forbidden Lamella to retreat. However, Lin Huang retreated twice as far away as Forbidden Lamella.

Lin Huang stared silently at Forbidden Lamella’s retreating body through the exploding sparks, feeling the soreness in his arm.

“His strength is almost double now, while his speed is more than that at the very least. Although his Sword Dao hasn’t grown stronger, the density of his Divine Power seems to have boosted up…”

At present, Forbidden Lamella’s ability was very obviously at least a level higher than before.

“Is this the G.o.d’s form of the Protoss’ three forms?”

It was Lin Huang’s first time seeing a Protoss in this particular form. However, it was not hard for him to figure out that it was Forbidden Lamella’s G.o.d’s form used in battle.

The Protoss had three forms—the mortal form was their daily one, while the G.o.d’s form was their energized battle form. Meanwhile, their origin form was the original form they were born with, which was typically very unusual.

When Forbidden Lamella used his G.o.d’s form, every aspect of his body was almost completely elevated to the level of a True G.o.d. If G.o.d Rule Power was not a consideration, Forbidden Lamella could absolutely take on a first-rank True G.o.d with his current ability.

Many spectators from far away noticed Forbidden Lamella’s unusualness as well.

After all, many of them had dealt with Protoss before while some of them were Protoss themselves. Naturally, they recognized at a glance that Forbidden Lamella had activated his G.o.d’s form.

“Forbidden Lamella’s aura is as powerful as a True G.o.d when he activates his G.o.d’s form!”

“See as if that sword attack earlier must have been pretty powerful, judging by how far Xie Lin’s retreated. I wonder if the tables will turn?”

Most of the spectators had lost their confidence in Lin Huang now that Forbidden Lamella had activated his G.o.d’s form.

However, Forbidden Lamella’s performance did not frighten Lin Huang at all. Instead, he was excited.

‘Finally, you’re something that I can antic.i.p.ate.’

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