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Chapter 133: Almighty Imperial Censor

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gong Sunying’s voice could be heard all around from two blocks away. Lin Huang and Xiao Mo heard it too.

“It’s Gong Sunying…” Xiao Mo whispered with a s.h.i.+ver. He was terrified.

“It’s okay,” Lin Huang said.

He then stood up and walked to the corridor outside his room. He stood in the corridor and looked down. Gong Sunying was standing at the courtyard downstairs, furious. He shouted at Lin Huang again, “I warned you not to break our rules. How dare you break the rules of battle openly and surrendered on purpose just to let Xiao Mo win. Since you want to save him from getting executed, I’ll take your life as a replacement!”

The balconies of both dormitories were filled with people. The same happened in the courtyard, the crowd surrounded them to watch their fight. After hearing what Gong Sunying said, they knew exactly what had happened. The crowd did not scare Lin Huang at all, he looked at Gong Sunying and said, “Your so-called rules are just unspoken rules of this place. You set it up to benefit yourself. It was never the rules of this training camp, and there’s no need for me to obey them.”

“If you would like to challenge me, I’m here for you. However, I advise you to think twice or you might regret the consequences. You have finally ranked second on the leaderboard, and the most you’d have to wait for would be two months before you can join the Purple Crows as an official member. It’s not wise if you were to do something stupid such as getting yourself killed,” Lin Huang said calmly. What Lin Huang said shocked the people who were watching.

“This new kid has b.a.l.l.s!”

“How dare he speak to Gong Sunying like that? He must be crazy?!”

“He’s only bronze-level, how dare he say something like this?”

“Does he want to die?”

The people discussed among themselves, and they thought Lin Huang was asking for it.

“How dare you talk to me like that when you’re only bronze-level. If I don’t kill you today, I swear I’m not called Gong Sunying!” Gong Sunying bellowed at the top of his lungs. While everyone was waiting for the show to start, a shadow shot down from the sky.

“What’s with this crowd?” Scarface landed in his black coat. Everyone was quiet as they knew that the man was the manager of the camp. He would only appear when serious incidents happened or he would never have shown himself. All matters would pa.s.s through him before they reached the guys in black uniforms.

However, Scarface appeared before Lin Huang and Gong Sunying. Many found that odd.

“It seems like this Lin Huang has strong support… Even the manager is here…”

“Master, this kid called Lin Huang is deliberately breaking our rules,” Gong Sunying said respectfully. He was not stupid as he could tell that the man was here to help Lin Huang, so he spoke first to get his word in.

“Lin Huang, I told you on the first day when you arrived. You will have no special treatment here, and you must obey the rules. Did you not take me seriously?” What the man said made everyone realize one thing – Lin Huang knew the manager personally.

Most of the people here had not even seen the manager in months but Lin Huang managed to meet him as soon as he arrived. He even got to speak to the manager, and it was obvious that the manager was siding Lin Huang. Hearing what the manager said, Gong Sunying’s heart dropped. He could tell that the manager was telling everyone here that Lin Huang had someone behind him. Gong Sunying was mad that Lin Huang was going to get away with this.

“Master, I have always been obeying your rules, I have never once disobeyed you. I believe that you know that yourself. However, this is a rule that was set by them personally, so there’s no need for me to obey those as well. Am I right?” Lin Huang said politely. He knew very well that the man was here to get him out of the trouble. From the outside, he knew that his ability was far from Gong Sunying’s. The man was afraid that Lin Huang would be killed by Gong Sunying and that would put him trouble with Hong Zhuang.

“Setting up their own rules?” The man turned around and looked at Gong Sunying.

“Gong Sunying, is it true that you’ve done such a thing here?”

“Master, there’s no such thing. Lin Huang must have misunderstood us, how would we dare to do such thing in this training camp?” Gong Sunying said and waved his hands in bewilderment.

“I believe you’ve heard that, Lin Huang. Since it’s a misunderstanding, stop messing around. Go back to your room,” the manager said firmly.

However, Lin Huang started speaking.

“No, this is not over. Gong Sunying, didn’t you say you wanted to challenge me?”

The man was shocked at what Lin Huang said.

“Lin Huang, didn’t he say this is a misunderstanding? Why are you still messing around?!”

Gong Sunying was furious but as the man was around, he did not dare to say anything.

None of the people around expected Lin Huang to dwell on it since the manager had spoken.

“Is this kid stupid? Perhaps he wants the manager to punish Gong Sunying? This is too much!”

“Master, although the misunderstanding has been solved, we have yet to solve our personal issues,” Lin Huang turned the incident into a personal grudge so that the man would not step in.

“Lin Huang, what are you trying to do?!” The man did not expect Lin Huang to get rid of him after he managed to get him out of trouble with Gong Sunying.

“Since this is regarding our personal issue, then we shall do it our way,” Lin Huang looked at Gong Sunying, “Gong Sunying, do you accept this deathmatch with me?”

Gong Sunying was in a pickle. He looked at Scarface. The man did not expect Lin Huang to step back into square one, making all his efforts go to waste. He did not know what to do.

“There’s no need for a deathmatch. Since it’s something personal, a normal battle would suffice,” the man said as he made the decision.

“Master, since this is personal, the solution has to be life or death. It would be unfair if you continue to side with him,” Lin Huang said, which the manager thought was uncalled for.

“What’s wrong with this kid? Why would he think that the manager is siding Gong Sunying?”

“He must be joking. How could he not know that the manager is obviously siding him?”

“The manager must be in a bad position now?”

The man was furious at what Lin Huang said. It was obvious that he was siding Lin Huang but he managed to turn it around, saying that he was siding Gong Sunying instead. Since Lin Huang said that, there was nothing that the man could do. He thought to himself, “I have tried my best. Since you are so eager to be killed, there’s nothing I can do.”

He took a deep breath with his eyes closed and said, “Since you insist on a deathmatch, deathmatch it is then.”

Gong Sunying was glad to hear that, and he shot a deadly stare at Lin Huang. Lin Huang then made his way down the stairs and arrived in the middle of the courtyard minutes later. He stood less than 10 meters away from Lin Huang. 10 meters was the furthest distance for an effective attack. Any further and the attack would be pointless for a normal battles or a deathmatch.

“I, Lin Huang, would like to have a deathmatch with Gong Sunying,” Lin Huang requested.

Seconds later, a deathmatch began.

“You have requested a deathmatch with Gong Sunying.”

“Deathmatch will start in 10, 9, 8…”

When it was the last three seconds, Lin Huang waved his hand suddenly and a man in a black mask and silver hair appeared beside him. The crowd was shocked to see a vampire there.

At the very last second, Lin Huang lifted his right hand and pointed at Gong Sunying who stood across from him. He uttered three words, “Kill him now!”

Bai’s eyes turned red and his Blood Power wings grew larger. Next, there was a red glow that flashed through the air. Bai appeared behind Gong Sunying and he did not even see it coming. Before he could even lift his blade, Bai had completed his attack. It was so fast that n.o.body could have seen anything with the naked eye.

The crowd was stunned at what they saw. Soon, Gong Sunying’s head fell from his neck to the floor. There was no blood coming out of the cut on his neck. His headless body stood still on the ground. What happened was out of Scarface’s expectation. He thought Gong Sunying would kill Lin Huang but it was the other way round instead. In reality, he had seen Lin Huang fight in the training room and had noticed that Lin Huang had a vampire as his monster. As he was killing bronze-level rank-3 monsters, Bai did not show the speed and strength he had just exhibited. He thought Bai was just a mutated vampire. Now that he had seen Bai’s strength at a close range, he confirmed that Bai had gone through mutations, twice.

“No wonder Master Hong Zhuang recommended him to join the organization…” Scarface finally understood the true reason behind Lin Huang’s recruitment.

“Congratulations, you have obtained a Skill Card – Mountain Blade.”

“Congratulations, you have obtained a Talent Card – Superhuman Strength.”

Lin Huang was stunned at the notification. He did not only contain a Skill Card from killing Gong Sunying but also a Talent Card. He thought that was strange.

“Alright, go back to your rooms!” Scarface shouted at the crowd. He then turned around and looked at Lin Huang with a complicated facial expression, “Lin Huang, go back to your room. Stop causing trouble.”

“I will be back in a short while,” Lin Huang said and he did not leave immediately. He walked to Gong Sunying and searched his dead body right in front of Scarface…

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