Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1335 – Xie Lin Has Broken Through His Sword Dao?

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Chapter 1335: Xie Lin Has Broken Through His Sword Dao?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

For Virtual G.o.ds, the buildings in this trial s.p.a.ce were almost indestructible.

Even if Unrivaled G.o.d and the rest attacked at full force with their abilities, as long as there was no G.o.d Rule Power in it, the most they could do was leave a few centimeter-long cuts on the walls. The attacks would not even penetrate the walls.

Only powerhouses who had mastered Sword Dao true meaning or Rule Bending Powers such as the G.o.d Rule Power could damage the buildings here substantially.

However, the Four-armed Sword Fiend in front of Lin Huang straight away sliced apart dozens of small buildings. Many of the watching compet.i.tors were dumbstruck at the sight.

The maximum damage most of them could do at full force was merely a deep one to two centimeter cut on the walls of those buildings.

The disparity in ability was at a completely different level altogether.

Everyone who saw this had the same question pop into their heads simultaneously—could Xie Lin counter such an attack?!

Meanwhile, Lin Huang’s pupils contracted slightly at seeing the creature’s attack, even as he was standing on the awning. Subsequently, he raised his sword without hesitation.

A blood-red sword gleam blossomed from the blade of the sword, turning the entire s.p.a.ce blood-red in an instant.

The dazzling red light grew brighter and brighter. People could still look at it in the beginning, albeit with difficulty. However, its brightness peaked a second later. It was 100 times more glaring than the sun, causing many spectators to close their eyes.

Lin Huang swung his sword leisurely as the four black shadows arrived in front of him.

The tiles beneath his feet cracked apart, countless pieces floating into the air as if in slow motion…

The moment he trained the point of his sword on the Four-armed Sword Fiend, a stream of dazzling blood-red shot forth from the sword hilt like a laser cannon. In the blink of an eye, it completely engulfed the Four-armed Sword Fiend and the four black sword gleams.

This potent sword attack could not be directly looked at. Most spectators could only watch the battle through their Divine Telekinesis.

Although they could not track the duo’s attack trajectory, they could roughly see the battle situation.

All of the spectators went completely silent upon seeing the power of Xie Lin’s attack.

Even Forbidden Lamella and the rest of them were not exactly sure who would win this round.

Everyone waited with bated breath for the result of the collision.

A moment later, the spectators had their answer.

The potent blood-red sword gleam in the void was sliced apart. The Four-armed Sword Fiend which had been completely engulfed by the blood-red “laser cannon” slowly came into view.

Meanwhile, Xie Lin, on the other side, was sent flying. He crashed through three buildings consecutively and landed on the fourth building.

“Xie Lin has lost?!”

Almost all spectators were in disbelief. After all, Lin Huang had demonstrated overwhelming power earlier; the impression he gave everyone was that he was invincible.

Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three heaved a sigh of relief.

In reality, even Unrivaled G.o.d, who had initiated this sword formation, had been more than a little worried before Lin Huang was sent flying.

In a two-story building, Lin Huang emerged slowly from being buried in rubble.

From a distance, he looked past the wall in the Four-armed Sword Fiend’s direction.

“This sword formation is really something. It integrated Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three’s Sword Dao almost to its peak. The four attacks earlier were integrated into one final attack, while the Sword Dao intensity was boosted to Sword Dao true meaning level within seconds. The power of the attack is equivalent to the power of both Sword Dao true meaning and G.o.d Rule Power doubled…

“Although it’s a fake Four-armed Sword Fiend, this sword formation phantom’s ability is on par with a cla.s.s-5 monster!”

Lin Huang instantly saw through the nature of the Four-armed Sword Fiend’s attack.

He did not really mind that he lost this round.

The move he had used earlier was the peak of his strength, but it was the peak of strength below Sword Dao true meaning. He did not use Sword Dao true meaning, instead maintaining the combination of peak level-6 Sword Dao and G.o.d Rule Power.

Initially, he thought it would be sufficient to defeat his opponents.

He had not expected that the Sword Dao of Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three would undergo a fundamental change in nature after integrating with the sword formation, causing their Sword Dao to reach the level of Sword Dao true meaning.

In reality, Unrivaled G.o.d and the rest had not expected such a result either.

However, Lin Huang did not find it odd after thinking about it.

After all, Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three’s Sword Dao had reached peak level-6. They were only a step away from breaking through to Sword Dao true meaning. Given that the four of them had combined their abilities with the sword formation, the change of nature made perfect sense.

Lin Huang’s will to fight surged higher as he figured out what happened.

Initially, he intended to restrict his Sword Dao because he a.s.sumed Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three’s Sword Do was not powerful enough. If he did not restrain himself and killed them instantly with a single blow, he would not get a real taste of battle at all.

However, this sword formation phantom that Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three had created was imbued with Sword Dao true meaning.

This excited Lin Huang. He had never encountered any other opponent who had mastered Sword Dao true meaning like he had.

In reality, even he had no idea what his limits were after achieving Sword Dao true meaning.

Now there were finally people sent to his door to be his sparring partners.

After brus.h.i.+ng dust off himself, Lin Huang ignored the injuries on his body and finally unsealed the Sword Dao that he had been suppressing.

As soon as it was unsealed, a terrifying aura filled the entire area.

All of the compet.i.tors within a 1,000-kilometer radius felt an aura that made their hearts quail.

They knew that it was Sword Dao. However, this Sword Dao was so powerful it caused people to shudder in terror. n.o.body would even think of attempting to defend themselves against it.

‘Somebody has broken through to Sword Dao true meaning?!’

All of the compet.i.tors who sensed the aura had the same thought flash through their minds almost at the same time.

Even Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three were clearly stunned. Subsequently, they looked in Lin Huang’s direction with shock on their faces.

“Xie Lin has broken through his Sword Dao?!” Departed Feather asked Unrivaled G.o.d and the other two, wide-eyed.

“It can’t be. Could it be that our sword formation helped him instead?!” Forbidden Lamella too was in disbelief.

“That’s possible. After all, this sword formation is the integration of our Sword Dao, and that sword attack earlier reached True Meaning level. Perhaps he felt something from that attack earlier,” Unrivaled G.o.d suggested rather helplessly.

“This punk is so lucky!” Frontier said unwillingly while clenching his teeth.

The four of them had completely overlooked the possibility that Lin Huang might have suppressed his Sword Dao completely. Although they had initially speculated that Xie Lin could have achieved breakthrough already, the four of them discarded the thought after seeing what had just happened. They believed that Xie Lin had only just broken through.

“Don’t be distracted, continue to attack him. Kill him before he masters Sword Dao true meaning!” Unrivaled G.o.d snapped back to his senses after a moment of distraction. “This might be the only chance to defeat him. We’ll definitely lose when he has mastered Sword Dao true meaning completely!”

Forbidden Lamella and the rest put aside their thoughts immediately after Unrivaled G.o.d finished speaking. Together with him, they activated the sword formation phantom again.

Unrivaled G.o.d took a step forward before Lin Huang could walk out of the building while Forbidden Lamella and the rest helped with the transformation.

 A tall Four-armed Sword Fiend about three meters in height leaped out from the void suddenly. In a flash, it arrived at the building where Lin Huang was. It swung its four sword arms quickly and continuously, sending out countless sword shadows that swallowed up the entire building…

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