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Chapter 1338: Sword12

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After suppressing his Sword Dao to peak level-6, Lin Huang and the bald Sword Servant soon engaged in an intense battle.

The bald Sword Servant’s abilities were not considered powerful among the many Sword Servants. Lin Huang roughly speculated that this person should rank between 100 to 120. However, his abilities were actually above Unrivaled G.o.d and the rest.

Lin Huang also noticed that the other Sword Servants were fighting with Unrivaled G.o.d and his team. His rough guess was that the three Sword Servants’ ability ranked between 100 to 200, so their individual abilities would be slightly more powerful than Unrivaled G.o.d and his team.

Based on abilities alone, Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three ranked roughly between 200 to 300 among the Sword Servants.

The one with the most powerful combined ability was actually Unrivaled G.o.d because he was an all-rounder. His ability ranked roughly around 200 among the sealed Sword Servants. The weakest one was Departed Feather, her combined ability was ranked somewhere around 300. Frontier and Forbidden Lamella’s combined ability were similar, whereby they ranked roughly between 240 and 260. The duo’s Sword Dao strengths were obvious but so were their flaws.

If not many spectators partic.i.p.ated in the battle, Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three would have a tough fight on their hands even if they had been in peak condition, what more now when all four of them had drained so much of their Divine Power and their G.o.d Rule Power.

However, even though they had gathered close to a hundred people including Fallen Star and other powerhouses, Unrivaled G.o.d and his team had yet to suppress the three BOSSes. After all, these compet.i.tors—nearly a hundred of them—all had opinions of their own and they did not trust each other. There was no effective cooperation.

Lin Huang did not pay attention to the battle situation on Unrivaled G.o.d’s side. To him, it did not matter how many compet.i.tors died; moreover, Sword Servants were not easy to kill.

He concentrated fully on fighting the bald Sword Servant.

The bald Sword Servant’s Sword Dao cultivation direction was rather similar to Lin Huang’s. He had mastered a wide variety of sword skills and techniques and was able to use them all. His style of fighting was more towards close-quarter combat.

Although he had suppressed his Sword Dao and swung his sword at the bald man with ease, the direct clash without any fancy effects elated Lin Huang. He did not have to think overmuch, he could just swing his sword recklessly.

Intersecting red and green glows exploded in the air; the force of the battle was nothing compared to when Lin Huang had unleashed his combat strength fully. However, it was more powerful than the first round of battle with Unrivaled G.o.d and the rest. The force even overpowered the hundred-person battle going on 18 kilometers away.

The Sword Servant laughed uproariously as he wielded his weapon.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had such fun swinging my sword around like this! Hahahahaha….”

“Me too,” Lin Huang agreed; he felt the same way.

The duo’s sword battle lasted for over half an hour with still no clearcut winner or loser.

Meanwhile, the battle on Unrivaled G.o.d’s side was starting to see some improvement. After over 30 people died, everyone finally started pulling together.

Fallen Star and the other two from Death Sickle formed a team and kept one BOSS occupied.

The remaining two BOSSes were attacked by two teams comprised of over fifty people who formed eighteen mini sword formations with the people they knew. As everyone was not familiar with each other and did not really trust each other, they could only fight in their individual ways since they had no time to learn one common sword formation right now.

Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three seized the opportunity to replenish their Divine Power and G.o.d Rule Power.

However, under the current circ.u.mstances, to Lin Huang, it was only a matter of time before Unrivaled G.o.d and the other three were defeated.

The problem was not with Fallen Star’s small team, but the other two teams.

Although there were mini sword formations compromised of people who were familiar with each other, there was no cooperation between them as the nine little sword formations fought the BOSS together. Not only that, but their abilities were also uneven—a mix of strong and weak. Despite some having come up with a sword formation, they found it difficult to defend themselves against even a single move by the BOSS.

Lin Huang could almost foresee that the two BOSSes would definitely break down the weaker sword formations first and reduce their opponent’s numbers one by one. That would make it hard for the remaining powerful sword formations to take down the BOSSes on their own.

Unrivaled G.o.d and the rest noticed that too but they had no effective solution. They only hoped that they could buy enough time to allow the four of them to recover their abilities a little more.

Over on Lin Huang’s side, the battle was still going on.

As the pair continued with their heated battle, the bald man asked suddenly, “I’ve a question. You probably didn’t newly break through to Sword Dao true meaning when you were fighting those four earlier, right?”

“What do you think?!” Lin Huang smirked.

“I think my guess is correct.” The bald man looked at Lin Huang confidently, he wanted to see if Lin Huang’s expression would give him any hints. However, there was only a faint smile on Lin Huang’s face; he did not show any noticeable reactions.

“The way you unleashed Sword Dao true meaning just now gave the impression you’d already mastered it earlier. You were merely unsealing it,” the bald man guessed, hitting the nail on the head, “The skyrocketing Sword Dao caused by the unsealing is indeed similar to when one has just broken through. Furthermore, it’s hard to tell them apart.”

“However, after you “broke through” to Sword Dao true meaning, there was no unfamiliarity in the way you used it. You were even more familiar with that than using Sword Dao, which made me suspect that you’d already broken through prior to that. No matter what kind of prodigy you are or what talents you have, n.o.body can master a new ability like this perfectly when they’ve only just broken through to Sword Dao true meaning.”

“Great a.n.a.lysis,” Lin Huang smiled but he did not give his opponent a clear answer.

“I’ve another question.” Although the bald man did not get a clear response, he already knew that his guess was very close to the truth. “Why didn’t you use Sword Dao true meaning right away when you started fighting me?”

“What kind of benefit would I get from that?” Lin Huang asked him back with a smile.

“You can gain points quickly…” the bald man stopped suddenly right after the words left his mouth. He realized Lin Huang’s real goal instantly and said while smiling and shaking his head, “I’ve underestimated you. Points aren’t the reason why you’re hunting us.”

“If the Trial points are what I wanted, I wouldn’t have made Unrivaled G.o.d and the rest stay,” Lin Huang answered, still smiling, “Compared with points, Sword Dao inheritances are naturally more attractive.”

The reason Lin Huang said that was because it had been impossible for anyone to surpa.s.s his points for quite a while. He had already defeated 182 Sword Servants and acc.u.mulated over 18,000 points.

There were a total of 2,999 compet.i.tors, which meant that the most points they could get from hunting each other would only be 2,999 points. Even if they defeated the remaining 104 Sword Servants (14 of them were defeated by Unrivaled G.o.d and the rest), the most points they could get would be over 13,000.

Therefore, as long as Lin Huang was not defeated or killed, his No.1 ranking was stable. No matter how the rest fought for it, the highest they could get to would be No.2.

“You’re using me for actual combat practice?” The bald man understood why Lin Huang had not straight away used Sword Dao true meaning.

“Practical combat training is one thing, there’s also surrept.i.tiously learning sword skills and battle techniques,” Lin Huang said with complete honestly, “Therefore, I hope that all of you don’t hold back; it would be ideal if you could demonstrate whatever techniques you have—the more, the better!”

“Your honesty would cost you friends,” the bald man said while smiling, “But I like honest people!

“As you wish then. I’ll show my best ultimate move under my sealed condition. Let’s see how much you can learn from it.”

The next instant, a green glow blossomed rapidly on the battle sword in the bald man’s hand. He brought his breathing under control. Lin Huang could even see faint green steam subtly coming out of his nostrils.

Almost simultaneously, he moved.

In the blink of an eye, he reached Lin Huang immediately as if he had leaped through s.p.a.ce.

“That’s so fast!” Lin Huang could not help exclaiming in astonishment.

The sword speed from the bald man was at the same level as his Thunder Eclipse. However, this move was even more perfect, having reached its peak in all aspects.

That was the ultimate move that Lin Huang was after; it was just that he had not yet come up with one.

As his pupils contracted slightly, the battle sword in Lin Huang’s hand turned into a blood-red lightning bolt the next instant. The scarlet lightning bolt was several times faster than the green sword glow from the bald man.

Yes indeed, Lin Huang had used Sword Dao true meaning.

This was because the bald man’s attack was such that Lin Huang had no way to meet it at peak level-6 Sword Dao. He could not counter or dodge; the only way was to unleash his Sword Dao true meaning.

Only at that moment did Lin Huang realized that the bald man had been masking his ability.

On the surface, the bald man’s battle abilities seemed to be ranked at approximately 100 to 120 among the Sword Servants. However, his real ability might be around 30 or so, and his perfect move earlier might well be in the 20s.

Blood-red lightning shattered the green sword glow instantly.

Lin Huang squinted slightly at the bald man. His smile was cold. “You almost killed me, you hid it very well!”

“Everyone is cunning on the path of cultivation. I, Sword12, count it a pleasure to meet the future swordmaster,” the bald man said, smiling faintly.

“Do you think you can calm my rage by b.u.t.tering me up?” Lin Huang was actually quite angry; he had almost been tricked by the bald man.

The bald man’s conversation with him, battle mode, ability, and seemingly straightforward character were all fake!

“Someone will teach you this lesson sooner or later, master. If you want to take the swordmaster’s position, ability and talent aren’t enough. You need some tricks.”

“Are you really hoping I’ll become swordmaster?” Lin Huang’s tone was rather sarcastic.

“It’s not my wish that you take swordmaster’s position. In reality, I don’t mind anyone taking it. You’re the closest to it after over 300,000 years. The position has been vacant all this time. We’ve been waiting for more than 300,000 years, we really don’t want to wait any longer.”

Lin Huang could no longer tell if the bald man was telling the truth or faking it. He decided to play it safe and did not respond.

“It’s the second last stage of the Trial now. It’s only a matter of time for master to pa.s.s this stage. The thing that master needs to take note of is the last stage,” Sword12 continued.

“What? Are you going to tell me what’s in store for the last stage?” Lin Huang said while smiling. Even if the bald man did tell him, he would not dare to believe him.

“I can’t reveal what’s in store for the Trial. The person who reveals it would die instantly but the even more important main reason is that once the Trial proceedings are leaked, there will be a definite change in the Trial, and the difficulty level would go up.”

Lin Huang snickered out loud, “Then what can you do for me?”

“I can answer every question you have within limits,” Sword12 said while bowing slightly.

Lin Huang squinted slightly. He stared at Sword12 for a while before finally asking, “If that’s the case, tell me about Sword11.”

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