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Chapter 1344: Sword10

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

By the time he blood-colored lightning had faded, the three G.o.d’s Servants’ auras had vanished completely.

 Lin Huang glanced at the three, then closed his eyes where he was to activate the Divine Fire within him so as to replenish the Divine Power that he exhausted earlier.

 A moment later, he opened his eyes all of a sudden and stared at a spot not too far in front of him.

 A black palace had appeared right across from him without him realizing it.

 The palace was ma.s.sive, suspended in midair. It looked as if it were completely fas.h.i.+oned from some kind of black metal.

 It was a lifeless thing but it gave Lin Huang a faint sense of oppression. However, when he probed deeper into it, he sensed nothing.

 “A G.o.d sequence palace relic…” Lin Huang, who had come into contact with Thousand Face before, immediately recognized that the palace before him was not some building, but a G.o.d sequence relic.

 Lin Huang felt slightly tongue-tied at seeing such an item. To him, such a thing was incredibly costly.

 Be it a G.o.d sequence relic, G.o.d rule relic, normal G.o.d relic or relic, generally, weapons and armor would be the cheapest. Telekinetic weapons were much more expensive, not to mention there were similar weapons which could be put together in a combo package. However, the most expensive were not telekinetic weapons nor combo packages but s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps or buildings, because both used a great amount of material and the building process was tedious. Not only that, but they also took a great deal of time to make.

 A normal G.o.d sequence relic was at least 10,000 Divine Crystals (the equivalent of up to 100 billion Divine Stones but Divine Stones were not used for trading) in the G.o.d Territory. A G.o.d sequence telekinetic weapon relic would be at least hundreds of thousands of Divine Crystals. Meanwhile, it would be normal for s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps and building G.o.d sequence relics to be sold for millions or even several dozen millions of Divine Crystals.

 Meanwhile, if Lin Huang were to add up all the Divine Stones that he had in his storage s.p.a.ce and trade them for Divine Crystals, he would not even have 10,000.

 In his eyes, this palace in front of him was absolutely an item that only tyc.o.o.ns could afford.

 However, he also knew that he could not compare with how fast heavenly G.o.d-level powerhouses earned money.

 As Lin Huang was completely swallowed by envy, the black palace slowly descended from midair, crus.h.i.+ng the plants on the ground into nothingness.

 The entire edifice landed accompanied by a rumbling sound like an earthquake and the palace’s door was pushed open slowly as if by an invisible force. It sounded ponderously heavy in the extreme.

 Very soon, the door was completely opened. Lin Huang could no longer look away from what lay behind the door.

 He felt a terrifying aura spreading forth from deep from within the door. The aura was weak at first, so weak that it was almost unnoticeable. However, it was skyrocketing every second, as if there were something frightening in this palace that was waking up quickly.

 Lin Huang’s heart beat faster and faster as he sensed the growing aura.

 “So powerful!”

 In just the time it took for a few breaths, the aura hit its peak.

 Just by sensing the terrifying aura alone, Lin Huang was sure that this was a powerful enemy he had never encountered before. This person’s ability was much higher than all of the opponents he had encountered so far in this Trial.

 Lin Huang forced his legs to stir and walked slowly to the palace after getting his breathing under control.

 His leaping heart eased a little every step he took and his emotions gradually calmed themselves as well.

 By the time he arrived at the palace entrance, his heart was beating normally again while his emotions had settled into a calm like still water.

 He stood at the entrance for a moment. Just as he was about to step through the threshold, he sensed an intense wave of approaching danger.

 Lin Huang squinted slightly and saw a colorless, formless sword gleam coming straight at his face.

 This was an attack of extreme speed, no slower than Lin Huang’s Thunder Eclipse. Not only that, but it was also unpredictable.

 However, Lin Huang did not even dodge it. His battle sword was already out of its scabbard and in his hand the minute he stepped forward.

 A blood-red lightning gleam shot forth like a spirit snake, no slower than the colorless sword gleam.

 The two sword gleams collided almost as soon Lin Huang stepped forward. As soon as the sword gleams faded, a fierce wind arose, flapping his clothes violently.

 However, he did not even blink, taking a second step while returning his sword to its scabbard and stepping through the door.

 Lin Huang did not turn his head when he heard the sound of the door being closed slowly behind him. Instead, he lifted his eyes to observe the environment that lay behind the door.

 This was a ma.s.sive palace, the interior completely different from its dull exterior. Instead, it had a sumptuous, dazzling vibe. However, apart from several dragon pillars, there was nothing else in the entire palace. It was empty.

 The palace ceiling was over 30 meters high. Judging by what he saw, Lin Huang estimated the place was least 3,000 to 4,000 square meters in size.

 However, Lin Huang knew that this was just the size on the surface.

 There would always be dimensional formations inscribed inside of a palace G.o.d relic. Not only that, but there would also be s.p.a.ce attribute materials within the construction material itself. The actual interior size of this palace was definitely several dozen or even several hundred times larger than it looked.

 Not only that, but this palace was also a G.o.d sequence relic that only a heavenly G.o.d-level powerhouse could activate. There was definitely a dimensional sequence rule inscribed. It would not be surprising if the interior could contain a planet; it might even be larger than that.

 “Over 300,000 years and finally someone’s managed to make it to the final Trial…” A voice suddenly drifted in when Lin Huang was studying the palace. A silhouette had appeared in the middle of the palace—he had no idea when.

 Lin Huang stared at the silhouette but discovered that the person did not look at all like what he was expecting.

 Initially, he thought that Great Heaven’s bodyguards might not necessarily have supreme charisma, but they would at least have a dignified appearance.

 However, this man before him who was supposedly Sword10 was a sloppy middle-aged man.

 He had chestnut-colored hair with a side fringe; it looked as if he had not washed his hair in a long time. The dark circles below his eyes were so intense they were frightening. His eyes were rather bleary; he looked like he was still half-awake or had indulged in too much debauchery. His voice sounded a little dispirited as well.

 Most importantly, he was short. He looked merely 175 meters tall.

 Although his aura was powerful, his entrance gave very little oomph.

 “Your response was not too shabby against that attack,” the sloppy man said while yawning, “If you had chosen to dodge, I would have shut the palace door right away. That would have been the furthest you could go. Fortunately, you chose to fight head-on. That’s more like it.”

 “Refusing the candidate’s entrance, does it fit the rule?” Lin Huang asked, raising his brows.

 “Theoretically, no,” the sloppy man was stunned for a second at the question. He then shook his head while smiling, “If you dodged my attack, the Trial system won’t announce that you failed the challenge. However, I could close the palace door, letting you think that you failed the challenge and thus choosing to be teleported away. If that’s the case, it would mean that you gave up the challenge yourself and lost your qualifications for the Trial. I can make you leave on your own without lifting a finger, isn’t that great?”

 Lin Huang was bereft of speech at the explanation.

 “Oh yes, let me introduce myself. I’m Sword10. It’s just like the thought that’s popped into your head right now, I’m the weakest bodyguard under the swordmaster.” Sword10 seemed not at all to mind the fact that he was the weakest. He even emphasized it on purpose.

 This soliloquy made Lin Huang speechless again.

 “You can say that my a.s.sessment is pretty simple. I’ll let you through as long as you satisfy me. However, I must tell you this unpleasant fact—I’m not an easily satisfied man…”

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