Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1350 – Making It Past The Tenth Palace

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Chapter 1350: Making It Past the Tenth Palace

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“My Sword Dao true meaning is at peak True Martial Level—my shortcoming in ultimate dao-type has basically been remedied. It’s rather meaningless to continue cultivating sword skills any further because, at such short notice, it’s quite impossible for me to break through from Sword Dao true meaning to the second level, which is the True Meaning Level.

 “In that case, let’s begin the cultivation of rapid speed next. We’ll begin with the utilization of the Seraphic Speed divine ability…”

 After a full day of sleep, Lin Huang got Sword10 to cultivate with him first thing in the morning for this next round of his training.

 Since he had such powerful innate ability and his pet monsters carried out many things for him, apart from Sword Dao, Lin Huang did not often utilize many of these skills at all.

 This was even more so for speed skills such as Seraphic Speed. As a result, Lin Huang was miles away from Kylie and the rest, as far as the usage of various Monster Skills and divine abilities were concerned.

 However, to force himself to explore the usage of rapid speed techniques such as Seraphic Speed, Lin Huang trained his rapid speed attack by having Sword10 use Elemental Enlightenment without holding back.

 Time pa.s.sed by. Under Sword10’s repeated suppression, Lin Huang spent merely three days to get his Seraphic Speed divine ability to its peak.

 For a week or more after that, he trained his lightning and light elemental skills to their peak through rapid speed attacks.

 After this Lin Huang spent some ten days perfecting the integration of his lightning and light attribute elemental skills with Seraphic Speed divine ability and Thunder Eclipse.

 Although he had yet to elevate his Seraphic Speed divine ability to a G.o.d Rule Power and his lightning and light attribute elemental skills had yet to evolve into Elemental Enlightenment, Lin Huang’s current rapid speed level had surpa.s.sed that of Sword10.

 To advance his breakthrough, Lin Huang initially began using Seraphic Speed or Thunder Eclipse with a single attribute elemental skill added on. However, he did not achieve a breakthrough even after trying for close to half a month.

 Feeling helpless, Lin Huang had no choice but to temporarily set aside his cultivation in rapid speed; he began to elevate his ability in force-type attack.

 It had to be said that Sword10 was indeed an excellent sparring partner. His abilities in all aspects were very balanced.

 Lin Huang’s cultivation in force-type attack went on for over half a month. At the end of this time, he had at last perfectly integrated his use of Superhuman Strength divine ability with lightning elemental skill and sword skills.

 However, just like his cultivation in rapid speed, his Superhuman Strength divine ability had yet to evolve into a G.o.d Rule Power. Meanwhile, his lightning elemental skill had not yet elevated to Elemental Enlightenment either.

 Sword10 was astonished as Lin Huang had only spent less than 400 days to surpa.s.s him in all aspects.

 Whether it was rapid speed, force-type, or ultimate dao-type, Lin Huang currently completely dominated him. With the elevation of his Sword Dao true meaning, Lin Huang’s overall ability was over several times more powerful than when he had just entered the final Trial.

 “Your overall ability has already completely surpa.s.sed me now. You’ve spent less than 400 days to achieve this. To be honest, this is completely beyond my expectations.” Sword10 sheathed his sword in its scabbard. He knew that he was no longer of much use as a sparring partner now.

 “Your Seraphic Speed, Superhuman Strength, and light and lightning elemental skills haven’t had any breakthroughs in their nature. However, your overall abilities have been elevated so completely, it’s as if you’re a brand new person compared to before. With your current ability, anyone below Sword3’s level shouldn’t be an obstacle for you. However, the Trial will get more and more difficult for you from Sword3 onward.

 “My job as a sparring partner has ended; I can’t elevate you any further. However, your cultivation isn’t done just yet.” Sword10’s eyes gleamed faintly from his sloppy face. Even the dark circles under his eyes seemed to be less obvious than before. “Next, I’ll give you one last Trial mission.”

 Lin Huang looked at Sword10 in confusion. He had no idea at all what kind of mission Sword10 would give him.

 “Your mission is to make every guardian in the remaining rounds your sparring partner. Try your best to suppress them to learn from them. Also, before meeting Sword1, you must complete your breakthrough in rapid speed and force-type attack! Otherwise, you’ll have no chance of winning at all!”

 “I’ll definitely remember that!” Lin Huang nodded and agreed earnestly after he heard that.

 “Lastly, I’d like to give you a gift!” As soon as Sword10 was done speaking, in a flash, he suddenly appeared in front of Lin Huang.

 Lin Huang instinctively wanted to draw his sword, but he firmly suppressed this impulse.

 Sword10 extended his index finger and touched it to his own forehead.

 The next instant, a sea of sword skill inheritances flooded Lin Huang’s mind.

 This was a heavy load of inheritances; it even made Lin Huang briefly blank out for three seconds.

 When he snapped back to his senses, Sword10 had turned around and was walking back into the depths of the palace.

 He waved without even turning around. “I’ve lost this Trial, send him out!”

 Before Lin Huang could respond, the palace disintegrated immediately. It transformed into countless mosaic-like pieces, vanis.h.i.+ng while flying into the sky…

 Lin Huang only felt a faint sense of melancholy at that moment. The next instant, his surroundings had reverted to dense jungle just like before.

 Everywhere there was lush greenery; there was no trace at all of the black palace; it was as if the palace and Sword10 had never been there.

 “Congratulations to the partic.i.p.ant for making it past the Tenth Palace!”

 A notification box popped up, snapping Lin Huang out of his reverie.

 He did a scan with Divine Telekinesis but did not sense any living beings. Lin Huang did not proceed further after that. Instead, he stood where he was and spread his consciousness within him to see what inheritances Sword10 had left for him.

 He was shocked by what he found.

 “d.a.m.n! There are over 800,000 sword skills…”

 Sword10 left behind over 800,000 sword skills of all sorts. Moreover, the lowest grade was pseudo-mythical-level. There were over 8,000 true G.o.d-level sword skills alone while there were over 70 heavenly G.o.d-level sword skills.

 Only now did Lin Huang truly understand that none of the Sword Servants under Great Heaven were weak in their abilities.

 Judging by Sword10’s terrifying Sword Dao background, he could almost imagine that Sword10’s combined abilities would definitely be in the top ranks of the heavenly G.o.d-level powerhouses.

 Powerhouses with such rich acc.u.mulation of skills would grow even more powerful as time went by. However, they might not have Lin Huang’s immense talent and potential, to begin with. Therefore, under the restriction of rules, it was not surprising that Sword10 lost to Lin Huang.

 “Judging from my previous cultivation speed, I’d need a few years to completely digest this inheritance of his…” Lin Huang shook his head while forcing a smile.

 He would never forget Sword10’s generosity to him, however.

 Without these last 400 days of practice day and night with Sword10, the chances of him obtaining Great Heaven’s inheritance would be very slim. Even though he had greatly improved in his abilities now, he still did not have an absolute guarantee of obtaining the Great Heaven inheritance.

 “Oh that’s right, I forgot to ask earlier which of the bodyguards under the swordmaster are in the Succession Sect and which of them are in the Regression Sect,” Lin Huang mumbled softly in the direction of where the Tenth Palace had appeared earlier, “It’s alright though; I’ll just treat everyone as a sparring partner!”

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