Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1352 – I Do Not Consent To The Pass That You Have Announced!

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Chapter 1352: I Do Not Consent To The Pa.s.s that You Have Announced!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Of the ten bodyguards under Great Heaven, Sword10 was the one who had learned everything but not specialized in any particular direction. Meanwhile, Sword9 had trained exclusively in rapid speed.

 Apart from Wind Elemental Enlightenment, he was also an expert in a speed type G.o.d rule. Not only that, but the direction of his Sword Dao cultivation was also more focused on rapid speed. Over 70% of the sword skills he had mastered were of the speed variety.

 Despite Lin Huang giving it everything he had using Seraphic Speed divine ability, lightning and light attribute skills as well as rapid speed sword skill Thunder Eclipse, he was barely able to follow Sword9’s speed.

 As Sword9 had his body imbued with Wind Elemental Enlightenment, he was physically invisible to the naked eye in the battle.

 In the void, all that could be seen was a dark red electric arc that flashed continuously as if it were fighting something invisible.

 With every impact, the blood-red electric arcs surged everywhere along with countless colorless sword gleams that shot in all directions.

 Although Lin Huang was being suppressed to a small degree, he was just barely able to catch up to Sword9’s level by using the Seraphic Speed divine ability in various versatile ways.

 Initially, Sword9 thought that Lin Huang’s rapid speed would be similar to that of Sword10. However, he soon found out that Lin Huang’s rapid speed level was almost on par with his.

 Time and again he switched the rapid speed sword skills that he was using in an attempt to disqualify Lin Huang as the heir by defeating him. However, he discovered that Lin Huang was extremely familiar with the use of the Seraphic Speed divine ability and as slippery as an eel. From the beginning until the end, he was not able to so much as graze the corner of Lin Huang’s clothes with his attacks.

 In a mere flash, a day pa.s.sed by.

 Sword9 felt the entire day was unbearable. Lin Huang’s rapid speed was certainly not up to Sword9’s own level, but his doggedly determined effort and slippery tactics meant that Sword9 was not able to take advantage of him at all.

 Although Sword9 felt rather reluctant, Lin Huang’s performance had actually achieved the pa.s.sing standard. After all, for the whole day, as guardian of this round of the Trial, Sword9 had not been able to do an iota of damage to Lin Huang.

 Abruptly he retreated rapidly. Just as he was about to retire from the battlefield, sheath his sword in its scabbard, and announce that Lin Huang had pa.s.sed the round, he saw that Lin Huang had put on a burst of speed to close the distance and was now swinging his sword for an attack.

 “What the…”

 Sword9 was furious; his original intention of letting Lin Huang pa.s.s this round of the Trial completely dissipated.

 ‘You ungrateful brat, I initially wanted to pa.s.s you but since you yourself don’t want to leave this level, don’t blame me!’

 Sword9 cursed silently and charged into battle again with fire in his eyes.

 The battle lasted for three days and three nights. It was a battle of speed versus speed; both fighters displayed their rapid speed abilities to the full.

 After three days had pa.s.sed, Sword9 was feeling more and more aggrieved as he had not even managed to so much as graze Lin Huang at all. Although Lin Huang had not managed to attack him either, he was still extremely aggravated.

 However, Lin Huang obviously felt differently. By the fourth day, he felt that he was getting more and more familiar with the usage of the Seraphic Speed divine ability. He even had a vague feeling that his Seraphic Speed divine ability might breakthrough any time to become a G.o.d rule.

 After four continuous days of fighting and not being able to do anything to Lin Huang still, Sword9 felt this was a complete waste of time. He had initially been triggered by Lin Huang, but after three days of venting his rage, the entire battle had become meaningless.

 However, he did not try to retreat directly from the battle this time. Instead, he addressed Lin Huang.

 “The battle between us has already lasted for four days…”

 “Stop talking nonsense, keep on fighting!”

 Lin Huang already knew what Sword9 was going to say so he interrupted him right away. After all, it had not been easy for him to find a suitable opponent for rapid speed. Moreover, his own rapid speed was on the verge of a breakthrough; it was only natural that he was unwilling to halt the fighting.

 “You…” The veins on Sword9’s forehead twitched in his fury. He calmed himself down by taking a few deep breaths before continuing, “I already have a rough understanding of your abilities over these four days of observation. Although you’re still lacking in many ways, you’re not too bad in terms of talent and potential; on this point, I am at least grudgingly satisfied. Therefore, I’ve decided to acknowledge your ability and let you pa.s.s the Ninth Palace.”

 Initially, Sword9 thought Lin Huang would cease attacking after hearing that. He certainly had not expected Lin Huang to continue swing after swing with his sword, giving Sword9 no chance at all to retreat from combat.

 “I don’t consent to pa.s.s this level!” The next second, Sword9 heard Lin Huang say something that utterly shocked him.

 What the h.e.l.l?! This little brat was declining the opportunity to pa.s.s the level?!

 Sword9 was stunned for a while; he could not understand the workings of Lin Huang’s brain at all.

 “Senior, you said that I’m lacking in many ways—I think so too. Therefore, I’ve decided to learn and train here with you. I’ll only go to the next palace when I’ve completely remedied my shortcomings.” Lin Huang looked at Sword9 with a smirk. “I don’t want to lose in the next palace because of what I still lack.”

 “You…” Sword9 had not expected Lin Huang to use his own words to silence him.

 “Please don’t be miserly with your teaching, Senior. I’ll do my best to learn and correct my flaws.” Lin Huang’s words caused Sword9’s refusal to die on his lips before he could even open his mouth.

 The actual underlying meaning of what Lin Huang said was, ‘Just accept the fact and be my sparring partner! You have no say in when the sparring session will end; I’m calling the shots!’

 Lin Huang had already laid out the situation verbally. Sword9 no longer had the strength to rebel; he had no choice but to bite the bullet and continue being Lin Huang’s sparring partner.

 Time pa.s.sed in a flash; a week sped past rapidly.

 Throughout the week, Sword9 had become completely numb. He had more or less guessed why Lin Huang had been unwilling to pa.s.s this level; he also knew that the lad was treating him as merely a sparring partner. However, there was nothing that he could do about it.

 There was no way he could eject the partic.i.p.ant by force if the partic.i.p.ant was unwilling to leave. He had no choice but to be an emotionless sparring machine.

 On that day, Lin Huang was practicing his sword skills with Sword9 as usual.

 Suddenly, in his mind, he felt as if something had pierced through a paper window. An instant later, a ma.s.sive volume of information regarding Seraphic Speed divine ability automatically surged into his brain. All of this information took Lin Huang only an instant to comprehend.

 The next second, his Seraphic Speed divine ability had automatically elevated into a Seraphic Speed G.o.d Rule.

 Lin Huang sent his sword swinging; the speed of this attack surpa.s.sed the original limit of his speed. He was more than a few times faster than before, if not more.

 Sword9’s danger senses screamed a warning at him suddenly, but by then it was too late for him to counter the attack. He could only watch the sword coming straight at his neck.

 However, the sword gleam deviated suddenly the next second. Before Sword9 could track the new trajectory of the sword swing, a small piece of the collar on the left side of his neck had been nicked off.

 Sword9 only snapped back to his senses after seeing Lin Huang sheathe his sword back into its scabbard. He also noticed the piece of white cloth that Lin Huang was holding between the two fingers of his left hand.

 “You’ve lost.” Lin Huang grinned at Sword9.

 Sword9 sheathed his sword expressionlessly and retreated hundreds of meters away. “Congratulations, you’ve pa.s.sed the Ninth Palace.”

 “Thanks!” Lin Huang clasped his fists together while smiling at Sword9. He put away his battle sword and strode out of the palace.

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