Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1360 – You And The Swordmaster Are Of The Same Kind

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Chapter 1360: You and The Swordmaster Are Of The Same Kind

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“You should have noticed by now that all the guardians below Sword3, except for Sword8, used at most only one type of rule power during the Trial…”

 When Sword2 mentioned this, Lin Huang immediately realized something. “You mean, their powers were restricted?”

 “Naturally! The ten bodyguards under the swordmaster are all ninth-rank powerhouses. All of them have mastered nine complete G.o.d sequence chains. If those sequences are subdivided into G.o.d Rule Powers or Elemental Enlightenment, there would be at least ten or more of them.

 “However, the highest level of combat strength that the swordmaster’s chosen heir can have is only Virtual G.o.d rank-9. At Virtual G.o.d level, those who have mastered G.o.d Rule Power or Elemental Enlightenment in advance are few and far between. That’s why certain restrictions have been imposed for the final Trial of the Ten Palaces. Those under Sword3 are only allowed to use one kind of rule power.

 “Of all the guardians, Sword8 was the swordmaster’s most beloved bodyguard, so he lifted the restrictions on the multiplier effect of ultimate dao-type on rule power for her. She was also allowed to become a minor BOSS below Sword3. Of course, this is also because the swordmaster understood her personality and knew that she would not hinder the partic.i.p.ants.

 “As for myself and Sword2, we are the two difficult stages in the trial. Under the restrictions on rule power, we can only use three kinds of rule power at most. Also, the multiplier effect of our ultimate dao-type on rule power is completely unrestricted.”

 “So in reality you only used level-3 rule power?!” Lin Huang was shocked when he heard that. “But the speed of your rapid speed sword skill is much faster than my rapid speed sword skill amplified with level-4 rule power!”

 “That’s the multiplier effect of ultimate dao-type sword skills. The effect is almost the same as the multiplier of level-2 rule power,” Sword2 explained with a smile. “Isn’t the speed multiplier of your ultimate dao-type close to the effects of level-1 rule power?”

 “When Sword3 fought me, he also only used level-3 rule power?!” Lin Huang quickly followed up with another question.

 Sword2 nodded slightly.

 “What about Sword1? Are there fewer restrictions on his authority than for all of you?!”

 “Yes. As the final guardian of the Ten Palaces, Sword1 is authorized to use level-6 rule power. But the good news is that his level-6 rule power is limited to three of each power for rapid speed sword skill and force-type respectively. From this perspective, he is not as good as you currently, whether it be in rapid speed sword skill or force-type.

 “The problem is that Sword1 mainly cultivates ultimate dao-type. Even under circ.u.mstances where his Sword Dao is restricted, his sword skills are extremely terrifying under the multiplier effects of rapid speed sword skill and force-type.

 “Not only that, but he is also a die-hard Regression Sect member; he won’t go easy on anyone for this last level.

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 “There are only two ways to go for you to obtain the swordmaster’s inheritance.

 “One is to defeat Sword1!

 “The other is not to admit defeat no matter how much you’ve been beaten up; continue until he approves of you!”

 The second option sounded truly awful…

 Lin Huang was secretly cursing in his heart.

 “Finally, regardless of whether you can successfully obtain the swordmaster’s inheritance or not, you’d better receive my inheritances first.” As he finished speaking, Sword2 hopped and appeared in front of Lin Huang. He did not pay attention to Lin Huang’s objections but put his finger on Lin Huang’s forehead and transmitted all his Sword Dao inheritances into Lin Huang’s brain.

 “Even if you fail the final Palace, if you can get out alive and pa.s.s on my inheritances, that would be a good thing too.” After transmitting his inheritances, Sword2 withdrew his finger. “Although the relevant memories of the Trial will be erased if you fail, the memory inheritances given voluntarily will not be erased.”

 “Thank you, Senior!” Lin Huang thanked Sword2 while he bowed slightly.

 After saying farewell to Sword2, Lin Huang quickly reappeared in the dense forest of Golden Crow Mountain.

 He remained where he was and immediately began to probe his memory.

 Sword2 had mastered more than 2.1 million sword skills (above pseudo-mythical level), far exceeding even Sword8.

 Just as Lin Huang finished checking his new inheritances, there was a sudden violent dimensional fluctuation from the void.

 In front of Lin Huang’s astonished gaze, a blood-red palace quickly formed in the void and slowly descended onto the ground.

 “What’s going on? Shouldn’t I be fighting G.o.d’s Servants first? Why the sudden jump in the normal flow of things?”

 From the Tenth Palace to the Second Palace, every time before Lin Huang had seen the actual palace itself, there would be G.o.d’s Servants attacking first. Regardless of the number, there would always be a wave of them. Every time a G.o.d Palace appeared, it would be after he had defeated the G.o.d’s Servants. When he came out of the Second Palace though, Lin Huang did not see a single G.o.d’s Servant; the G.o.d Palace automatically appeared.

 Aside from being completely blood-red, this G.o.d Palace seemed to be nothing special.

 As the blood-red palace touched the ground, Lin Huang’s nose twitched slightly—he smelled a very faint scent of blood.

 Just as he was doubting himself, the doors of the blood-red palace suddenly opened slowly.

 Without any hesitation, Lin Huang grinned and strode right through.

 After he entered the palace, Lin Huang began looking around and evaluating his surroundings.

 The interior decorations of the palace were not extravagant; they were normal.

 The unique thing was that most of the items were red.

 No matter if it was the walls, the load-bearing columns, the dome, or the chandelier, the main color was red, differing only in the various shades of it.

 Even if there were some other colors, they were only embellishments.

 “He really must love red…” Lin Huang could not help muttering to himself quietly.

 It was at that moment that a voice came from not far away.

 “I am a Blood Demon and I naturally like the color red. However, the interior of this palace is decorated this way not because I like it, but to restrain my desires…”

 Lin Huang lifted his head and looked toward the source of the voice. It was a very handsome man who looked to be only 25 years old or so. His facial features were as perfect as if they had been sculpted.

 Just by height and appearance alone, this was a man who would rate full marks by most people’s standards of attractiveness.

 Since coming to the gravel world, Lin Huang had seen many handsome men and beautiful women in recent years. This fellow before him, however,, had an absolutely flawless face.

 This was also the first time that Lin Huang willingly admitted there were men more handsome than himself.

 “This is the method given to me by the swordmaster. Being in contact with red for a long time will raise my threshold of sensitivity to the color.”

 Sword1 did not immediately make a move to attack when he appeared; instead, he talked about mundane things with Lin Huang.

 While Sword1 was talking, his eyes stayed on Lin Huang, weighing up the latter carefully.

 “Your name is Lin Huang?”

 “Yes.” Lin Huang nodded slightly. The other party was in no rush to attack so he was not in a hurry either.

 “I’ve watched your battles; your performance has indeed been amazing.” Sword1 gave him a good evaluation.

 “You’ve seen it all?” Lin Huang was a little surprised.

 “Yes; from the moment you entered the Swordfiend Abyss to you making it past the Second Palace just now, I have watched every battle.” Sword1 nodded slightly. “All the Trial sites of the swordmaster are under surveillance. As the guardian of the last level, I have the authority to allocate and monitor the surveillance. But the other gatekeepers do not know about this.”

 “…” Lin Huang was speechless for a while. He had not expected that he would be spied on by the other party throughout his trial.

 “To be honest, it initially surprised me, the way you achieved insight after insight, mastering new Rule Bending Powers again and again in such a short time because it is something that even the swordmaster could not do. Then I suddenly realized that you and the swordmaster are of the same kind…”

 Hearing that, Lin Huang groaned in his heart.

 ‘Did he notice that I cheated with an Epiphany Card?!’

 What did it mean when Sword1 said that he was of the same kind as the swordmaster?! Was Great Heaven also a traveler?!

 “I don’t quite understand what you mean, that I’m of the same kind as the swordmaster…” Lin Huang maintained his composure. “Is that a compliment?”

 “I mean it literally.” Sword2 smiled faintly, and stared keenly into Lin Huang’s eyes, “Are you are also a traveler?!”

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