Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1363 – Obtaining The Inheritance

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Chapter 1363: Obtaining the Inheritance

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After being teleported out from the First Palace, Lin Huang still had not yet recovered from the fact that he had pa.s.sed the Great Heaven Trial when he discovered that where he stood was now a mountaintop.

 Lifting his head to look into the distance, he could even gaze down on the stretch of endless mountains far away.

 Just as Lin Huang prepared to spread his Divine Telekinesis to see how big the area was, a golden palace slowly emerged in front of him.

 This palace did not emerge like how the Ten Palaces had appeared previously, where they coalesced from nothing into something solid. It was more like the palace had already been there, but was masked by some formation or barrier. Now that formation and barrier had been lifted, the palace’s true façade was gradually revealed.

 “The Great Heaven Palace…” Lin Huang’s attention was immediately captured. He recognized the legendary palace at a glance.

 The entire palace was golden in color. It shone brightly under the sunlight and looked resplendent and magnificent.

 Unlike the ostentatious surface details of Sword9’s golden palace, the various details of the Great Heaven Palace were of unequaled exquisiteness, which gave it a much more dignified atmosphere.

 The stairs of the palace had a total of 108 steps. Below each side of the stairs, there stood the sculpture of a golden bird beast. The bird beast seemed to be covered in flames. Even stranger, it also had three legs and nine long feathers on its tail which simulated nine fire pythons with their heads raised.

 When he looked at the two gold sculptures, Lin Huang could not help looking at it a few more times.

 “A Golden Crow… If this thing were alive, it would be comparable to a fifth-rank supreme G.o.d…”

 The two Golden Crow sculptures were based on the three-legged Golden Crow, which was originally a vestigial fire attribute bird of prey from the great world with an archaic bloodline. This beast was comparable to a current supreme G.o.d. Born with the combat power of a True G.o.d, it would automatically be elevated to a Heavenly G.o.d in its growth period, and reach peak heavenly G.o.d-level in maturity. There were a few with outstanding qualifications that could also be elevated to lord-level through successful Dao unification.

 Lin Huang pa.s.sed the two sculptures and walked up the white jade stairs.

 After going up all 108 steps, he finally reached the doors of the great hall and stood before them.

 The whole palace was built in the Chinese style, somewhat similar to the Taihe Hall in the Forbidden City, but its height and area were more than a hundred times that of the Taihe Hall.

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 A blue board with “Great Heaven Palace” inscribed on it in gold letters hung on the eaves of the first floor.

 The golden doors were more than 100 meters high, and each had a golden dragon carved into it. The bodies of the two dragons seemed to be made from flames.

 “Is this an Archaic Fire Dragon?” Lin Huang was a little uncertain.

 He has seen the description of the Archaic Fire Dragon in the great world’s monster guide, but there was no relevant image. However, the carving on this door matched the description almost perfectly.

 The Archaic Fire Dragon, like the three-legged Golden Crow, was an ancient vestigial beast. Even until now, its powers remained at supreme G.o.d-level and were in no way less than the three-legged Golden Crow.

 Before this huge palace, Lin Huang was as small as an ant. He only stared at the carving for a little while, however, then reached toward the doors with his palm.

 The doors were cold to the touch and not that different from ordinary metal.

 Lin Huang was just about to push open the doors when the eyes of the two carved Archaic Fire Dragons suddenly lit up.

 He could clearly sense a vast, ancient aura gradually rising.

 The whole palace resembled a living creature waking up.

 A moment later, the door opened slowly on its own without Lin Huang needing to do anything.

 Lin Huang glanced at the relief carvings on the door. The two Archaic Fire Dragons seemed to have come to life and their eyes fell on him, sizing him up.

 “These are weapon spirits…” Lin Huang was startled. To use Archaic Fire Dragons as weapon spirits, two of them even, was quite a shocking spectacle.

 After calming himself, Lin Huang nodded slightly at the two weapon spirits. He then s.h.i.+fted his gaze and stepped toward the doors.

 As he pa.s.sed through the guarded doors, Lin Huang sensed only darkness in front of him; he could not see anything.

 He stood where he was without hastily venturing into the depths of the palace, but soon heard the thud of the closing doors behind him.

 The moment the door was completely closed, the whole world seemed to light up.

 The moment he saw the scene in front of him, however, Lin Huang was stunned.

 This was a room decorated in the modern style, which was completely different from the houses where the Protoss of the great world lived. It was also a little different from the house where Lin Huang lived in the gravel world, but Lin Huang was very familiar with it.

 These were Earth-style interior decorations.

 Not only were there common items from the gravel world such as sofas, coffee tables, and paintings on the wall, but there were also items not available in the gravel world, such as wall-to-wall TVs, and TV remotes…

 “It really is like home on Earth…” Lin Huang was very convinced that the other party was from Earth. Although Lin Huang did not know whether or not Great Heaven was from the same earth, he could be regarded as a fellow Earth dweller.

 “This TV should be just for display, right?” Lin Huang murmured as he looked at the TV remote control on the coffee table.

 He had just finished speaking when the TV suddenly turned on.

 This feeling of being haunted scared him.

 “No, it isn’t!”

 A pleasant female voice suddenly sounded, and the lines of static on the TV set quickly formed into a human figure.

 It was a pretty young lady who looked like she was fifteen or sixteen years old. She had two long blue ponytails and was wearing the school uniform of a female middle school student.

 “Hatsune Miku?!” Lin Huang could not help blurting out.

 ‘This is plagiarism! Did you pay someone for the copyright fee?!’

 Lin Huang was cursing silently for a little.

 “My name is Yin Yin,” Miss Ponytail introduced herself.

 “Lin Huang,” Lin Huang also gave his name, but he was a little puzzled about the ident.i.ty of the other party. “Are you… a weapon spirit of the Great Heaven Palace?”

 “No,” Yin Yin smiled, denying Lin Huang’s guess.

 Just as Lin Huang was becoming even more puzzled, he suddenly heard the voice of the stone tablet within him. “She is a Goldfinger, a very high-grade sort, but there seems to be very serious damage.”

 “Yin Yin is the Goldfinger of Great Heaven, but Yin Yin’s body has been destroyed and only the spirit is left,” Yin Yin explained with a smile, “So I can only exist as a parasite in the Great Heaven Palace.

 “Great Heaven said if someone enters the Great Heaven Palace, Yin Yin can go with him. Yin Yin waited and waited, and Lin Huang finally came.”

 “In your current state…how would you leave with me?”

 Lin Huang just raised his doubts when he saw a hand extending from the TV. Right after this Yin Yin worked her way out of the TV and appeared physically in front of Lin Huang.

 “If I do it like this, it will be possible,” Yin Yin said as she reached out and held Lin Huang’s hand.

 The next moment, her body transformed into little dots of golden light and flowed into Lin Huang right between his eyes.

 Lin Huang only felt a large amount of information beginning to surge into his mind…

 Most of the visuals that poured into his mind, however, had nothing to do with Yin Yin. The protagonist in all of these mental pictures was a handsome blond man.

 Lin Huang was a little surprised at first but soon realized that this was Great Heaven. These memories that Yin Yin was transmitting to him were actually Great Heaven’s inheritance…

 Lin Huang did not know how long it took for him to finish reading the information. He felt like hundreds of years had pa.s.sed, but when he regained his senses, only a moment had pa.s.sed in the outside world.

 Sensing the huge amount of information in his mind, Lin Huang could not help lamenting at Great Heaven’s power. Just this portion of the inheritance alone surpa.s.sed all the inheritances that he had previously obtained. The sword skills contained within the memories that he had the authority to access already numbered dozens of millions.

 “Eh? This feeling…” As soon as his consciousness returned from the spiritual dimension to his body, Lin Huang noticed a slight anomaly. After a simple probe, he was stunned again. “My Sword Dao had a breakthrough?”

 After the number of sword skills that he had cultivated reached 200,000, Lin Huang’s Sword Dao was on the verge of a breakthrough, but he still lacked the opportunity to do so. He originally planned to put pressure on himself again and again through battles with Sword2 and Sword1 to achieve a breakthrough. What he had not expected was that while his Sword Dao could not achieve a breakthrough under the pressure of battle, after accepting the Great Heaven inheritance, he had broken through from True Martial Level to True Meaning Level.

 While Lin Huang was still sensing his Sword Dao, Yin Yin’s voice suddenly came from within him.

 “Lin Huang, can I live in that?”

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