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Chapter 1364: Great Heaven Palace

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After he heard Yin Yin’s voice, Lin Huang dived curiously into the spiritual dimension.

 Yin Yin was pointing to the Sword Soul that had grown to adult status after Lin Huang had achieved Sword Dao true meaning.

 The Sword Soul looked at Yin Yin with a confused expression.

 “You want to live inside the Sword Soul?” Lin Huang was also surprised.

 “No.” Yin Yin shook her head hastily. “His sword…”

 “Sword?” Lin Huang lifted his head to look at the battle sword that the Sword Soul held.

 The battle sword in the Sword Soul’s hands was forged entirely from his own Sword Heart.

 Considering that Yin Yin’s function might be related to swords, Lin Huang could more or less understand why Yin Yin made this choice.

 At this moment, however, lines of golden arcane patterns began radiating gloriously from the blade of the blood-red sword, and an extremely complex imprint quickly formed on it.

 “This is…the page of the Sword Scripture?” Lin Huang remembered then. Previously, under the guidance of the Sword Soul, his Sword Heart and Sword Scripture had merged.

 After seeing Yin Yin’s brightly s.h.i.+ning eyes as she looked at the imprint on the sword blade, only then did Lin Huang realize what she really wanted.

 After all, the Sword Heart was related to the strength of the Sword Dao that he had mastered. His Sword Dao at True Meaning Level looked very strong from virtual G.o.d-level perspective, but as far as Yin Yin was concerned, for a Goldfinger it was insufficient. Moreover, she used to be Great Heaven’s Goldfinger and Great Heaven’s Sword Heart was many levels stronger than Lin Huang.

 The only reasonable explanation was that Yin Yin had taken a fancy, not to the Sword Heart, but the object within the Sword Heart.

 Moreover, it seemed that the imprint formed by the Sword Scripture was also responding to her.

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 Lin Huang was even more curious about what this page of the Sword Scripture was all about.

 “Yin Yin, what you mean is that you want to live in this imprint?” Lin Huang wanted to confirm this.

 “Yes.” Yin Yin nodded quickly.

 “Do you know what this imprint is?” Lin Huang quickly asked after confirming that Yin Yin had indeed set her eye on the Sword Scripture.

 Yin Yin stood where she was and thought about it for a while before shaking her head at Lin Huang. “I can’t remember…”

 Lin Huang’s inheritance memories had related content regarding Yin Yin’s amnesia as well.

 In Great Heaven’s memory, Yin Yin had always been a saucy little princess as a Goldfinger and very acerbic in her manner of speech. Great Heaven had not been spared from her sharp tongue.

 The reason why she had become like she was now was mainly that her soul had been severely injured and suffered partial amnesia.

 As for her change in character, there was nothing about it in Great Heaven’s memories. Lin Huang speculated that it might be because Great Heaven’s death had severely affected her psychologically, and she had started to become the ideal Goldfinger that Great Heaven had told her about many times.

 “Don’t worry if you can’t remember anything.” Lin Huang rubbed Yin Yin’s head. “If you want to live in it, go ahead.”

 “Can I really?” Yin Yin raised her head and her two bright eyes looked at Lin Huang.

 “Of course. I can feel that the Sword Scripture seems to like you too.” Lin Huang nodded with a smile.

 “Lin Huang, thank you!” Yin Yin thanked him. In the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of the Sword Soul.

 Before the Sword Soul could make a move, she pressed her hand against the glowing golden imprint. Her body turned into little golden sparks of fire and entered the imprint.

 After a while, the golden imprint on the Sword Heart began to die down.

 The blood-colored battle sword in the Sword Soul’s hand seemed no different than before.

 “Yin Yin, is it comfortable for you?” Lin Huang waited for the battle sword to be completely back to normal before asking this.

 “It’s wonderful,” Yin Yin’s response came quickly.

 After a while, Yin Yin emerged from the sword blade and appeared in front of Lin Huang in a flash. “Yin Yin also has a gift for Lin Huang.”

 “A gift?” Lin Huang raised an eyebrow. “What is it?”

 “Yin Yin needs to go get it.” After Yin Yin had finished speaking, she vanished from sight.

 Lin Huang immediately returned his consciousness to his body and saw that Yin Yin was standing in the living room of the Great Heaven Palace.

 “Yin Yin will go get it.” Yin Yin skipped toward another room.

 Lin Huang quickly followed and soon saw that Yin Yin had walked into the study. She took something from a shelf on the bookcase.

 Upon seeing this object, Lin Huang’s pupil contracted slightly. He could vaguely recognize it from its appearance—it was a scabbard.

 He immediately thought of the two missions the Club had given him before he came to the Great Heaven Territory. One of these missions was to obtain the Heavenly Sword’s scabbard.

 Yin Yin walked to stand in front of Lin Huang and handed the scabbard to him.

 However, the scabbard before him seemed to have been scorched black by flames. One could say it was almost completely carbonized and had broken into two pieces in the middle.

 “This is…”

 “This is Yin Yin’s previous body, which is now useless. Great Heaven said that if Yin Yin likes the next person, this body can be given to them. Yin Yin will now give it to Lin Huang.”

 Lin Huang more or less understood why Great Heaven had said this.

 Although this scabbard’s Goldfinger had been completely destroyed and the weapon spirit had been set adrift, it could still be consumed as material by other Goldfingers.

 After finding out the scabbard was Yin Yin’s body, Lin Huang could not help narrowing his eyes slightly.

 As the Club wanted this scabbard, it was highly probable that they knew that this was a Goldfinger. The inference was that the Club was likely to be an organization formed by travelers.

 Thinking about it, Lin Huang’s brows furrowed slightly and he began to worry a little about whether or not the Club would turn out to be another organization of Raiders…

 “Lin Huang, here you go.” Seeing that Lin Huang had not taken the scabbard yet, Yin Yin pushed it into his hands.

 “Alright, thank you.” Lin Huang came back to his senses and took hold of both pieces of the blackened scabbard.

 After Lin Huang had stared at the scabbard for a moment, suddenly an image of Great Heaven’s Dao unification failure flashed into his mind. The gigantic Dao unification raptor spewed out fire without end and completely swallowed Great Heaven up…

 Lin Huang’s mind received a shock and he immediately detached himself from the memory, but he was already completely soaked in sweat.

 He used one cycle of Divine Power and the sweat evaporated. When he lifted his head to look around, Yin Yin had vanished once more.

 At that moment, an aged voice sounded from above his head.

 “Since you have accepted the master’s inheritance and have been recognized by Her Royal Highness Yin Yin, from today onwards, you are the master of this aged servant.”

 As the voice finished speaking, a golden beam of light shone down from above Lin Huang’s head, enveloping him fully in no time.

 It took Lin Huang a moment before he realized who the speaker was. “Great Heaven Palace?”

 “This aged servant has set the young master’s authority over the Great Heaven Palace according to the instructions of Master Great Heaven. It will automatically be unlocked gradually as the young master’s combat power increases. This aged servant has suffered severe damage; I fear I will be asleep for a long time…”

 From the information sent by the Great Heaven Palace, Lin Huang could see that the damage had exceeded 80% and many of the palace features were no longer functional. The Great Heaven Palace Spirit had been in a state of slumber for more than 300,000 years and had only been awakened by Lin Huang’s successful Trial. In its current condition, it was not easy for it to take the initiative to make a contract with Lin Huang.

 After these few sentences, the Great Heaven Palace Spirit fell into a deep sleep again.

 Lin Huang understood completely. Since he had Great Heaven’s inheritance memories, the features of the Great Heaven Palace should be easily understood if he embarked on a little bit of exploration.

 After putting away the scabbard that he held, Lin Huang directed his consciousness to explore the message transmitted by the Great Heaven Palace…

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