Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1368 – Meeting Sword11 Again

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Chapter 1368: Meeting Sword11 Again

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After he had sent Sword1 away, Lin Huang returned to the square in front of the Palace.

 He looked at the group of Sword Servants who were still standing in formation and nodded with satisfaction.

 “I will head to the Great Heaven Territory first and deal with the Sword11 issue.”

 The reason why Lin Huang had taken over the matter with Sword11 was partly that he had obtained the Great Heaven inheritance mostly due to the information provided by Sword11. He felt that it was necessary for him to at least let Sword11 know that his mission was over, and there was no need to continue to search for sword cultivators to take over the Great Heaven inheritance.

 Another reason was that his other mission from the Club was to find a child named Jin Wu.

 Lin Huang intended to make use of Sword11’s connections to sort that out. After all, Sword11 had a good reputation among humans and should have some networks. It was certainly better than Lin Huang running around like a headless chicken.

 However, Lin Huang did not hold out much hope for this. He only knew the child’s name, “Jin Wu”, and had no other information. On top of that, he was down to the last twelve days of the thirty-day Trial period in the Great Heaven Territory and the chances of finding someone in such a short time were even slimmer.

 Although Lin Huang had now obtained the Great Heaven inheritance so he could enter and leave the Great Heaven Territory at will regardless of the Trial time limit, he did not intend to stay there longer.

 One had to know that the Great Heaven Territory had developed an independent ecosystem, and there were tens of thousands of sapient tribes. Even if one visited one tribe for one day, it would take at least a few decades to complete the investigation.

 Lin Huang obviously did not have the time to investigate them one by one. He just felt that since he was going to the human settlement, he could ask Sword11 to help him investigate at the same time. He would not force the issue if he really could not find the child.

 The two missions a.s.signed by the Club had only been touched on briefly with a mention that the rewards were generous; there were no demands made at all. The Club was aware that these two tasks were unlikely to be completed regardless of who they were handed to.

 Lin Huang’s trust in the Club was very limited.

 He was still considering whether or not to use Yin Yin’s scabbard to trade for items in the Club after returning to the great world. Although Yin Yin had said that the scabbard was completely useless to her, for now, Lin Huang was still not sure if the Club had anything to do with the Raiders.

 Even if he did find the child named Jin Wu, Lin Huang was still considering whether to hand the child over to the Club or not.

 “After some consideration, bringing too many people with me might cause some inconvenience of movement; therefore I will only bring Sword301 and Sword302 to the Great Heaven Territory this time. The rest of you can disperse now and wait for my orders.” Lin Huang glanced around. “If there is a need for it while I’m in the Great Heaven Territory, I will call upon all of you again. If I don’t need your help, wait for me to settle the matter regarding Sword11, and then I will take all of you to the great world.”

 Upon Lin Huang’s orders, the Sword Servants soon dispersed, leaving only Sword301 and Sword302.

 The main reason he chose these two people was that aside from them being the strongest among this group of Sword Servants, they were also both Protoss with full human forms.

 Sword301’s human body was that of a 27-year-old with a build similar to Lin Huang, but slightly stronger. He kept a buzz cut and had a scar on his face, which made him look quite tough. In addition, he was enveloped by fierce Sword Dao which emanated faintly from his entire being, which made his aura even more daunting.

 Sword302 was a woman with short black hair tied into a short ponytail. She was very tall; at full height, she was no shorter than Lin Huang. In high heels, she would be more than 2 meters tall. Her weapon was sheathed across her waist—it was a sword in a golden scabbard. Including the hilt, its estimated length was more than 1.5 meters.

 “Let’s go!” Lin Huang waved his hands and a black whirlpool formed out of thin air.

 Both Sword301 and Sword302 walked into it without any hesitation and disappeared.

 Only after Lin Huang had made sure that both of them had entered did he step into the whirlpool.

 A short while later, the three of them appeared in the room of an unlicensed hotel in Golden City.

 Lin Huang had the authority to teleport anywhere in the Great Heaven Territory, but he did not know much about the places there. For their safety, he chose the unlicensed hotel for the teleportation coordinates, using the room that he used to live in.

 Fortunately, there was no occupant in the room, and the awkwardness that Lin Huang had worried about before teleportation did not happen.

 “We will live here for the next few days.”

 Like Lin Huang, the two Sword Servants were also unregistered residents in the Great Heaven Territory and could only live in an unlicensed hotel.

 Fortunately, the room itself was a deluxe one and there were three bedrooms, so they could occupy one room each.

 “Both of you, wait a little while in the room, while I go down and pay for it.” After Lin Huang finished speaking, he left the two Sword Servants and hurried to the front desk on the first floor.

 “Boss, I want to book Room 501 for twelve days.”

 Upon hearing that Lin Huang wanted to make a reservation, the middle-aged boss, who was nibbling on melon seeds, quickly got up and smiled. “Great! Let me know if you need any help.”

 After the reservation was sorted out, Lin Huang returned to the room. The two Sword Servants were still standing in the same spot as if they had not even moved.

 “You don’t need to be so formal in front of me. You can do whatever you want. Just don’t fail me when you’re carrying out my orders,” Lin Huang said, pointing in the direction of the master bedroom when he was done speaking. “I will stay in the master bedroom with the bathtub. You can decide between yourselves about the two remaining rooms.

 “We may need to stay here for ten to twelve days. Please take it easy; if you’re so formal I don’t think I could stand it,” Lin Huang teased them, laughing.

 The two nodded, looked at the remaining two rooms together, and quickly reached a consensus.

 While both of the Sword Servants were looking at the rooms, Lin Huang sent a message to Sword11.

 “I’m out of the Inheritance Dimension—let’s set up a time to meet.”

 “You managed to get the inheritance?!” Sword11 replied within seconds.

 The reason for Sword11’s conclusion was that anyone who had entered the Swordfiend Abyss would have had any relevant memories erased. However, the message sent by Lin Huang showed that he remembered what had happened in the Swordfiend Abyss.

 “I got it.” Lin Huang pondered for a moment and decided to be honest.

 He had also considered that Sword11’s active search for Great Heaven’s heir might have other purposes behind it. However, after thinking about it carefully, he decided to temporarily put his trust in Sword11.

 “Where are you? I’ll come over right away!” Sword11 replied within seconds again.

 “The hotel that I previously stayed in—Room 501.”

 Less than five seconds after Lin Huang had sent the message, a series of knocks came from the entrance of the hotel.

 Lin Huang got up and opened the door. Red-haired Sword11 had already appeared in the doorway.

 When he first saw Lin Huang, Sword11 had some doubts about Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty because Lin Huang had taken off the Thousand Face mask to reveal his true face.

 However, after looking over Lin Huang’s shoulder and seeing Sword301 and Sword302 standing behind him, Sword11 burst into tears and fell to his knees. His voice choked.

 “This humble subordinate hails Lord Swordmaster…”

 “Come in and talk.” Lin Huang quickly drew Sword11 up and pulled him into the room.

 Sword11 could not stop his tears from flowing. He could not believe that his dream of so many years had finally been fulfilled. He broke down completely.

 Lin Huang pulled him over to the sofa to sit down and handed him one tissue after another without being urged.

 After a while, Sword11’s emotions finally calmed down.

  “My apologies; this humble subordinate forgot his manners.”

 “I can understand. For so many years, you’ve been running around for the Great Heaven inheritance. You’ve worked hard,” Lin Huang patted Sword11’s shoulder and comforted him.

 “This humble subordinate violated the prohibition of swordmaster Great Heaven and secretly left. This humble subordinate is guilty; please punish me, Lord Swordmaster!”

 Sword11 knelt on the ground again, storing away any defensive G.o.d relics on his body in the form of clothes and leaving only one piece of personal clothing. He also dispersed the Divine Power that enveloped his body, leaving himself defenseless.

The expression on his face was determined as if he were ready to accept any punishment.

 “Punishment is necessary. Teacher Great Heaven’s prohibition did not allow the Sword Servants and bodyguards to leave the Inheritance Dimension and you broke this rule.” Lin Huang nodded.

 “However, your intention in violating his prohibition was good. Also, if it were not for you breaking that rule, I would have not been able to go to the Swordfiend Abyss, nor would I have been able to obtain the inheritance of Teacher Great Heaven.

 “So, I’ve decided that your punishment will be light,” Lin Huang finished, staring into Sword11’s eyes, before continuing, “However, this violation of the swordmaster’s orders is confined to this one instance and is not to be taken as a precedent. Next time if something like this happens again, you will be severely punished!”

 “This humble subordinate understands!”

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