Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1369 – The Shabby Swordmaster

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Chapter 1369: The Shabby Swordmaster

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“Apart from this matter of yours, my intention in coming back to the Great Heaven Territory is also because of something else.”

 After they had settled the issue of Sword11, Lin Huang finally switched topics to his secondary purpose.

 “I need you to help me find someone.”

 Sword11 agreed without any hesitation. “Please go ahead, Lord Swordmaster! I still have some contacts in the Human Tribe; it should not be difficult to find somebody.”

 Lin Huang smiled and shook his head. “It’s not as simple as you think. I only know that this person whom I’m looking for is named Jin Wu. Other than that, I don’t know anything else.

 “What they look like, whether they’re a man or a woman, whether they’re human or not, or even whether they are in human territory—I don’t know at all. I only know that Jin Wu is probably young.”

 “In that case, I’m afraid it might be a little hard to find them.” After he heard what Lin Huang had to say, Sword11 looked slightly embarra.s.sed.

 “I just want to try my luck. It doesn’t matter if I can’t find Jin Wu. This brat may not necessarily even be in the Human Tribe. I’m telling you this because I know that you have a fair reputation in the Human Tribe and using your contacts to find Jin Wu would be more efficient than me running around like a headless chicken,” Lin Huang explained, nodding.

 “I will do my best!” Although Sword11 knew that chances were slim, he still took the matter to heart.

 “Is the Bug Tribe still at war?” Lin Huang asked again.

 When he entered the Great Heaven Territory previously, he had encountered the war between the Bug Tribe and the Human Tribe. After that, he had entered the Swordfiend Abyss and stayed in the Great Heaven Inheritance Dimension for half a month. Now that he was back in the Great Heaven Territory again, he inquired about the situation as Sword11 was around.

 “It’s still ongoing, but the war is coming to an end soon. We have reached an alliance with several of the surrounding tribes. In the next few days, the Heavenly G.o.ds from several tribes will join forces to put pressure on the higher ranks of the Bug Tribe,” Sword11 revealed this secret news to Lin Huang.

 “You can stay in the Great Heaven Territory for now, you don’t need to return to the Inheritance Dimension for the time being,” Lin Huang said, then continued, “As for your punishment, I haven’t thought about it yet. But you don’t have to worry, you will only be punished lightly.”

 “Thank you, Lord Swordmaster, for your generosity!” Sword11 bowed deeply.

 After a moment of pondering, Sword11 continued talking, “Lord Swordmaster, this unlicensed hotel is simple and crude. You all may as well move to my place. I live in an independent courtyard. Without my consent, not many people can walk in and out on a normal day.”

 Lin Huang refused immediately, “No need, we would be easily noticed if we stayed there and it’s more convenient for us to be here.”

 “Alright; after all, this is not my territory—there are many eyes around. After the war with the Bug Tribe is over, Lord Swordmaster can come to this humble servant’s Heavenly Sword Planet as a guest,” Sword11 issued a new invitation.

 “If we have the time, we’ll go,” Lin Huang nodded and agreed.

 The two talked for a little while more, then Sword11 said his farewells and left.

 After he had sent Sword11 off, Lin Huang projected the star map that he had bought from the black market.

 After a while, he zoomed in on an area and checked the coordinates.

 “This is… a ruin?” Sword301 could not help asking.

 “Yes, the owner of the ruin is a Demon G.o.d named Ah Mi. After he was beheaded by Teacher Great Heaven, the ruins he owned and most of what remained within them were placed in the Great Heaven Territory. It was considered an exploration site for the Great Heaven Territory residents,” Lin Huang nodded and explained; all of this information came from Great Heaven’s memory.

 After he had elevated to heavenly G.o.d-level, Great Heaven killed many Heavenly G.o.ds from various tribes. To nurture the residents of the Great Heaven Territory, he plundered only the core resources and left the ruins and remaining artifacts of these Heavenly G.o.ds in the Great Heaven Territory. Such ruins were most plentiful in number around the area inhabited by the Protoss, followed by the areas surrounding the human settlement.

 The ruins of this Demon G.o.d named Ah Mi were on human territory. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the ruins were only opened every 30,000 years, and could only be entered by those below heavenly G.o.d-level.

 However, for Lin Huang, who had just obtained authority over the Great Heaven Territory, the time limit was meaningless to him. The methods that Great Heaven had set up to prohibit access were all in his memory. He was clear on how to unlock them using a backdoor method as well.

 “Is there anything special about this Demon G.o.d’s ruins?” Sword302 could not help asking.

 Lin Huang glanced at the girl with the ponytail and said in full honesty, “There is nothing special about them, but I want to go in and plunder some resources.

 “After returning to the great world, there will be a lot of places that require expenses. We need to take whatever we can get.” After Lin Huang had finished, he continued, “Rest a.s.sured, I won’t plunder everything. After all, these are the things that Teacher Great Heaven left for the locals.”

 The two Sword Servants were speechless for a while; they had not expected that the new swordmaster would act in such a shabby fas.h.i.+on.

 After they thought about it carefully, however, they realized it was normal. After all, Lin Huang’s combat strength had yet to reach virtual G.o.d-level. At his level of ability, it was difficult to obtain any benefits from a high-rank secret ruin.

 After Lin Huang brought it up, the two Sword Servants could not help but consider plundering as well. After spending so many years in the Trial s.p.a.ce, almost all the cultivating resources of the other Sword Servants had been used up, not just theirs. They desperately needed to replenish their resources.

 When they considered this, both of them immediately had no objections to Lin Huang’s plan for plundering resources.

 In their hearts, the two Sword Servants silently comforted themselves with Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty.

 The new swordmaster was to some extent the heir of swordmaster Great Heaven. The legacies that Great Heaven had left behind were his. It was not just the inheritance in the Great Heaven Territory but the entire Great Heaven Territory that belonged to the new swordmaster now. If he took things from the ruins, those were also things that belonged to him and could not be considered plundering.

 Lin Huang quickly delineated the location of the seven ruins on the star map and nodded in satisfaction. Pointing at the seven areas he had circled with Divine Power, he instructed the two Sword Servants.

 “Our main task for the next few days is to explore these seven sites to the best of our abilities!”

 After all, these were Heavenly G.o.d ruins. It was possible that there were some powerful local monsters or guardians, and there might even be some areas hiding things that could kill a Heavenly G.o.d.

 Although Lin Huang was able to enter these ruins, Great Heaven’s memory also gave him a general understanding of their condition but his ability limitations prevented him from a more in-depth exploration of the ruins.

 “I will make a list of all the things that we need to use in exploring the ruins. We will prepare these things today; if we can’t get them, then we’ll reach out to Sword11 for help. We’ll make a move first thing tomorrow morning! ”

 It took more than half an hour for Lin Huang to carefully recall the internal condition of these ruins before he finally finished listing all the items needed.

 After that, he took both Sword Servants straight to the black market.

 It took the three of them more than two hours to visit more than twenty stores before they managed to buy everything on the list.

 The afternoon went by; the three had lunch before returning to the hotel.

 “You can move around freely in the afternoon, just don’t cause any trouble.” Even though Lin Huang had said they could do so, the two still did not leave the hotel room that afternoon.

 For the Sword Servants, the job of protecting the swordmaster was far more important than enjoying themselves.

 As for Lin Huang, to recuperate and recharge, he went to bed early in the afternoon and slept until the next day.

 Early the next morning, he and the two Sword Servants had an unhurried breakfast and then returned to the hotel room.

 “We’ve eaten and slept our fill; it’s time for us to start work!”

 As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Huang gestured with his hand and a black whirlpool quickly formed in the living room.

 The three of them stepped in one by one and disappeared.

 After a while, the black whirlpool slowly dissipated, leaving the entire room empty.

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