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Chapter 137: Obtaining Cross-Ranking Rewards Again!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A sword glow flashed in the air, there was a stream of blood beneath the silver-level rank-1 Giant Horned Rhino’s neck. At first, the flowing blood was as thin as a strand of hair but soon, it gushed out like a waterfall when the wound tore open. The Giant Horned Rhino fell to the ground and dust filled the air.

“10th monster…” Lin Huang sheathed his sword in the scabbard and stood nearby the monster.

“You have completed a cross-ranking kill, you are rewarded with a Deception Card x1!”

“You have completed a cross-ranking kill, you are rewarded with a Mission Card x1!

“10 cross-ranking rewards and 20 reward cards…” Lin Huang spent less than five minutes to complete 10 cross-ranking kills. With the Double Card, he had received 20 reward cards.

After obtaining all the reward cards, he did not leave the training room immediately. Instead, he got Bai to kill the silver-level rank-1 monsters with him until the effects of the Double Card ran out after one hour. He managed to acc.u.mulate more than 600 silver-level monster card pieces. It was 11 a.m. when he left the training tower. As it was the training period, there was nowhere else that he could go so he headed back to his room.

Lying on the bed, Lin Huang took out the modified CopperSparrow23 from his storage. While checking out the gun, he secretly contacted Xiao Hei.

“Xiao Hei, take a look at the 20 cross-ranking reward cards that I just got.”

“You have obtained cross-ranking reward cards as follows: Skill Combination Card x1, Seal Card x1, Deception Card x1, Advance Card x2, Life Power Storage Card x2, Double Card x2, Healing Card x2, Provisional Transformation Card x2, Mission Card x3, Item Card x4.”

Lin Huang took a look at the new cards that he had never seen before.

“Skill Combination Card”

“Function: User can combine skills of the same type with a chance of upgrading it to a higher level.”

“Remarks: Consumable, each card can only be used once.”

“I can use this since my monster skills are full. By combining my skills, I’ll have empty slots for other skills.” Lin Huang had his monster skill slots filled for quite some time now, the only way to obtain more monster skills was to either combine them or delete them. He had been hoping to get this Skill Combination Card for a long time now.

“Seal Card”

“Function: User can seal a monster within the user’s mastery level and transform it into a Monster Card.”

“Remarks: The sealed monster has to be within the user’s field of vision. Monsters with a rarity beyond the user’s mastery can’t be sealed. Consumable, each card can only be used once.”

“Xiao Hei, I can seal a monster into a monster card directly?” Lin Huang wanted to be sure.


“I should be able to seal an epic-level monster, am I right? Does that mean I can seal any epic-level monsters with no limit to its combat strength?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“What if I encounter a demiG.o.d?”

“There’s no limit to the monster’s combat strength, there’s only limit to its rarity. As long as its rarity is within the user’s mastery, a demiG.o.d-level could be sealed as well. However, the combat strength of the sealed monster depends on the combat strength of the user.”

Lin Huang smirked as Xiao Hei explained. This card was too good to be true. He put the card down and looked at the last card that he was unfamiliar with.

“Deception Card”

“Function: After this card has been activated, the user can create a fake incident trick everyone into believing the user.”

“Warning: The success rate is not 100%, it depends on the credibility of the fake incident.”

“Tips: Increase the credibility of the fake incident by linking it to a real-life event.”

“Remarks: The user can set the activation time and affected area for this card.”

Lin Huang thought he could totally use this card to escape from the camp but he was not sure of the exact effect it could cause. He proceeded to ask many questions regarding the card. A few moments later, Xiao Hei concluded in two sentences.

“Put simply, this card allows you to become a temporary film director and you get to direct whatever it is that’s on your mind that you want people to believe as the truth. The quality and credibility of the film depend on you.”

Xiao Hei’s conclusion gave Lin Huang a solid idea of the function of the card.

“It seems like I’ll have to plan how I want my film to be…”

After checking out the three cards he was unfamiliar with, he looked at the remaining cards and the three extra mission cards. He frowned.

“Activated two Life Power Storage Cards.” Lin Huang activated the Life Power Storage Cards without hesitation.

“Life Power Storage Cards activated.”

Soon, there were two additional Life Wheels added to Lin Huang’s body. However, the columns were empty, without any Life Power in them. Later on, he looked at the Skill Combination Cards that he had never seen before. After some thought, he instructed Xiao Hei again.

“Activate Skill Combination Card!”

“Skill Combination Card activated”

“Choose from the below four combinations.”

“1. Combine Sword Skills: Great Sword Scripture, Thunder Sword, Mountain Blade”

“2. Combine Movement Skills: Spectral Snowsteps, Cloud Steps”

“3. Combine Vision Skills: Magic Eye Deterrence, Boundless Vision, Third Eye”

“4. Combine Disguise Skills: Supreme Breath, Form Changer”

“Please choose one.”

“Combine Supreme Breath and Form Changer .” What Lin Huang needed the most now was disguising skills, he chose the fourth one without hesitation.

“Skill Combination Card activated. Monster skills Supreme Breath and Form Changer have been combined. New skill card is progress…”

“Congratulations! You have obtained new skill card – Advanced Disguise ”

” Advanced Disguise : By using this skill, you can alter your features, body and even aura. You could even deceive a transcendent within a certain distance.”

“Remarks: You can’t disguise yourself as anything that is not in human form.”

“This is exactly what I need.” Lin Huang was satisfied with what he had obtained. Although he could not alter his human form, altering his aura was what he needed.

“Take a look at all my other cards that are not Monster Cards.” Lin Huang instructed Xiao Hei again.

“You have a total of 30 cards: Seal Card x1, Deception Card x1, Small Destruction Card x1, Flawless Card x2, Treasure Card x3, Advance Card x3, Double Card x3, Mission Card x3, Healing Card x4, Item Card x4, Provisional Transformation Card x5.”

Lin Huang stared at the Advance Card.

“Xiao Hei, can I use the Advance Card to upgrade my Subst.i.tute Life Seed into the secret skill, Scapegoat?”

“No, you can only upgrade to a higher level Life Seed.”

“What is the effect of the upgrade?”

“The first upgrade will be an enhanced Subst.i.tute Life Seed and it would increase the number of times you can use the skill each day from three to nine times.”

“The second upgrade will be Cheating Death Life Seed, it allows you to cheat death one time.”

“Upgrade my Subst.i.tute Life Seed twice!” Lin Huang did not hesitate at all.

“Consuming three Advance Cards.”

“Upgrading Subst.i.tute Life Seed twice… Congratulations, you have received a new Life Seed card – Cheating Death Life Seed.”

“Life Seed Name: Cheating Death .”

“Talent Effect: You can cheat death one time in the form of a faux body (Effects you can be saved from includes but is not limited to curses, mind-control, and death). You can only use it once a year.”

“Acquisition Method: Unknown”

“This card is too good to be true. Not only can it cheat death from a physical attack, it can also save him from other unfortunate events…” Lin Huang’s jaw dropped when he saw the new Life Seed that he had just obtained.

“The only downside is that I can only use it once a year…”

Although he was not happy with the frequency he can use Cheating Death , he was satisfied with the card.

“Since I have the ability to fake my own death now, it’s time to rewrite the script. What story do I tell to make it more credible?” Lin Huang thought to himself.

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