Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1370 – You Are Not The Person I Am Looking For

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Chapter 1370: You Are Not The Person I Am Looking For

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Demon G.o.d Ah Mi was a heavenly G.o.d-level powerhouse of the Abyssal Tribe who controlled a variety of Fire Element sequences.

 The dimension that he left behind containing the ruins was a fiery world.

 Large and small volcanoes could be seen everywhere. More than 70% of the ground was covered by magma, and occasionally, fire tornadoes could be seen swirling around…

 Lin Huang took out a transparent crystal gem and mounted it on the helm of his G.o.d rule relic armor.

 The two Sword Servants immediately followed suit and mounted similar crystal gems onto their own armor.

 These crystal gems were called energy absorption gems; they had the ability to absorb all kinds of free-floating anomalous energies in the air.

 Generally, in an area where energy fluctuations were more violent, implanting energy absorption gems onto the body could prevent the intrusion of these violent energies.

 Lin Huang did not actually need the energy absorption gems. He had Divine Fire within him that could automatically purify all energies entering the body. However, the two Sword Servants were restricted to virtual G.o.d-level. Under such restrictions, their Divine Fire would be affected by the violent energies contained within the ruin.

 To avoid giving too many explanations, Lin Huang also used energy absorption gems alongside them.

 Only after prior preparations had been made did Lin Huang bring in both the Sword Servants. They began their explorations based on the route within his memory…

 The explorations into this first set of ruins suffered from lack of experience—even though they had Great Heaven’s recollections of the ruins, it was also a memory from millions of years ago, and there had definitely been some changes within the ruins themselves. Lin Huang and the two Sword Servants nearly walked into danger twice and took two full days to complete their preliminary explorations. Fortunately, the first round of loot that the three of them managed to plunder was quite substantial.

 After leaving Ah Mi’s ruin, without further ado Lin Huang and two Sword Servants left for the second set of ruins, the Xi Di ruins.

 Xi Di, like Ah Mi, was also a Demon G.o.d of the Abyssal Tribe.

 According to legend, this Demon G.o.d was hermaphrodite and very attractive.

 However, within Xi Di’s ruins, the native creatures were all extremely ugly. Fortunately, the environment was much better compared with the environment of Ah Mi’s ruins.

 It took only one day for the three of them to partially complete their looting of the resources there.

 With the experience gained from the previous two ruins, the exploration of the next few ruins became much smoother, taking them only a day or so to complete.

 For the seven ruins near the human territories, Lin Huang and the two Sword Servants completed their looting in less than nine days.

 Lin Huang finally stopped plundering on the remaining three days.

 It was not that he did not wish to continue, but news came two days ago from Sword11 that the war was over!

 Under the combined pressure of several Heavenly G.o.ds, the Bug Tribe had finally chosen to withdraw its troops.

 Sword11 had specifically come to look for Lin Huang two days ago regarding this matter, but Lin Huang and the two Sword Servants were not present.

 He waited for two days in Golden City before the three finally returned.

 The minute they arrived in Golden City, Lin Huang sent a message to Sword11.

 Less than ten seconds later, Sword11 appeared again in the unlicensed hotel room.

 “Lord Swordmaster, I have some preliminary findings for what you asked me to investigate. Among the humans, there are four people with the name “Jin Wu” under the age of 16. If the scope is widened to include those under the age of 20, there are six people. If that’s expanded further to include those under the age of 30, then there are nine people.”

 Sword11 projected the information on the nine people mentioned.

 “However, we could only locate those with registered ident.i.ties; we’re unable to locate illegal residents who have no ident.i.ty registration.”

 Lin Huang nodded and looked through the projected information on each of the nine people.

 The more he studied what was in front of him, the more his brow furrowed.

 From what he could see, there was nothing special about these nine people. Of the four under the age of 16, only one had cultivation potential, and that potential was very common. Of the two between the ages of 16 and 20, one of them also had cultivation potential, but that was also very ordinary. Out of the three people in the 20-30 age group, two of them had cultivation potential. One of them was slightly better, with a combat strength at holy fire-level, but it was still far from the level of a genius.

 “Could you get hold of them in person?” Lin Huang thought about this for a long while before turning his head to ask Sword11.

 “I asked my subordinates to send them to Heavenly Sword Planet for a free tour with the excuse that they won a lucky draw. They’ve been having a lot of fun on Heavenly Sword Planet these past few days.”

 “Let’s go to Heavenly Sword Planet and meet them then.” Lin Huang nodded slightly.

 He wanted to see if there was anything special about these nine individuals in person.

 “Are we leaving now, or…” Sword11 asked quickly.

 “We’ll leave now.”

 At this, Sword11 immediately brought out a dimensional portal.

 Lin Huang glanced at it and guessed that the craftsmans.h.i.+p of the dimensional portal was likely to be of human origin from the great world, so the Great Heaven Territory and the gravel world would both have such a device.

 After a brief moment for Sword11 to set the coordinates, all four of them stepped in one after another.

 Upon stepping out of the portal, Lin Huang found himself in a tall building.

 He looked out of the window wall and noticed that there were many dense low-rise apartments, but there were not many high-rise buildings.

 The height and density of the buildings were similar to those of the grade-C foothold in the gravel world.

 The Great Heaven Territory was much less advanced than the gravel world in terms of infrastructure.

 “Lord Swordmaster, please wait for a moment. I will ask someone to go get them.”

 After Sword11 finished speaking, he dialed a number and hung up after a few simple instructions.

 “We may have to wait a short while. Why don’t we sit for a little and have some tea?”

 “I’m not in a hurry.” Lin Huang nodded slightly then turned and walked to the sofa to sit down.

 Only then did Sword11 and the two Sword Servants seat themselves.

 The four of them drank tea and engaged in small talk. The main conversationalists were Lin Huang and Sword11; Sword301 and Sword302 mostly listened.

 About half an hour later, a woman stood at the door and knocked.

 “Teacher, everyone has arrived.”

 “Let them come in.” Sword11 nodded slightly.

 Nine people entered the room one after another. When they saw Sword11, their eyes filled with adoration.

 Lin Huang did a quick Divine Telekinesis scan through the bodies of the nine individuals but found nothing out of the ordinary. He turned his head and gave Sword11 a look.

 Sword11 understood what Lin Huang meant. He then smiled and greeted the nine individuals.

 “Welcome everyone!”

 “Sword11…Sir…” All nine people looked overwhelmed and flattered.

 One should know that Sword11 was the number one Sword Dao genius among humans and he was already a ninth-rank true G.o.d-level powerhouse. If his combat strength achieved yet another breakthrough, it would be at the level of a Heavenly G.o.d, which was considered the pinnacle of human combat strength.

 All nine individuals had grown up listening to the legends told about Sword11. Now that they were seeing him in person, it was very hard for them not to be excited.

 “All of you are very lucky this time. Not only did you win the lucky draw for partic.i.p.ating in the free tour but today, my Senior Brother just happened to pa.s.s by Heavenly Sword Planet. We were just talking about finding him an apprentice, and all of you arrived. Let my Senior Brother take a look and see if there’s anyone among the nine of you who is suitable.

 “However, don’t be discouraged if you are not selected. My Senior Brother’s standards are very high.”

 Once Sword11 finished speaking, the nine individuals looked at Lin Huang with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

 From their point of view, Sword11 was very strong, so his Senior Brother would not be far behind abilities-wise. Once selected, even if their master was not good at teaching, they would still have a relations.h.i.+p with Sword11. It went without saying that they could occasionally ask Sword11, the Junior Uncle, to give them some instruction

 As they thought about these things, all nine people began looking forward even more to being selected.

 Lin Huang waited for Sword11 to finish and glanced at the nine individuals.

 “I mainly want to check your Sword Dao potential.”

 As he finished speaking, he walked over to the first boy and said mildly, “Extend your hand.”

 The teenager immediately put his hand out. Lin Huang extended two fingers and placed it on the teenager’s wrist; a ray of Divine Power endowed with a thread of awareness slowly seeped into the teenager’s body. Once the Divine Power had circulated fully within the other party’s body, Lin Huang’s consciousness finished probing within the teenager’s body as well.

 As per the result of the previous Divine Telekinesis, this teenager was nothing special—at least, Lin Huang did not detect anything out of the ordinary.

 In less than ten seconds, Lin Huang turned to the second person.

 This second person was a young girl of fifteen years old; she was the only one with cultivation potential among the four people under the age of sixteen.

 After a round of inspection, Lin Huang still found nothing.

 After that, he went to the third person…

 By the time he had finished scanning the bodies of all nine individuals, less than two minutes had pa.s.sed.

 These nine people named Jin Wu seemed to be nothing special.

 After silently pondering for a while, Lin Huang made contact with Yin Yin who resided within him.

 “Yin Yin, do you think there’s anything special about these nine people?”

 “Yin Yin doesn’t think so,” Yin Yin’s answer came quickly.

 Lin Huang had asked Yin Yin because the two missions given by the Club could only be carried out in the Great Heaven Territory. The mission to find “Jin Wu” was most likely related to Great Heaven.

 Since Yin Yin had said that she did not sense anything, then these nine people were probably not the ones that he was looking for.

 After all, there were a lot of people named “Jin Wu” and the one whom the Club was looking for might not necessarily be among humans.

 After checking the bodies of the nine individuals in question, Lin Huang retreated to Sword11’s side and shook his head slightly at Sword11.

 When Sword11 saw, he immediately spoke again.

 “Unfortunately, none of you have been selected. But this is not a problem to do with any of you; the main reason is that my Senior Brother is too picky. It doesn’t matter though; as compensation, I will give each of you a set of swords, all of which are my own creation. ”

 Although the nine individuals were a bit disappointed, after they had calmed down and considered things, they felt it was to be expected. After they heard Sword11’s consoling words, they immediately felt that it was not because their potential was deficient. Besides, there was also the gift of Sword11’s hand-made swords, so their original feelings of annoyance were instantly swept away.

 After happily receiving the swords from Sword11, all nine individuals quickly followed Sword11’s apprentices and left.

 When the nine of them were far away, Lin Huang spoke again.

 “According to my inspection, none of these people seem to be anything out of the ordinary. It’s highly probable that they are not the people I am looking for, but I can’t completely rule out that there is something hidden within them that I have not been able to identify.

 “In the meantime, please help me keep a close eye on what happens with these nine individuals,” Lin Huang thought for a while and added on.

 “I’ll find someone to keep watch on them secretly.” Sword11 nodded immediately.

 “Does Lord Swordmaster have any other needs?”

 “No.” Lin Huang shook his head. “We will leave the Great Heaven Territory in three days. We don’t feel like running around for the next few days, so we’ll just stay here on Heavenly Sword Planet.”

 “Then let me take you around,” Sword11 offered to be their tour guide.

 “No need for that, you can tend to your own affairs,” Lin Huang refused right away, “With you there, we would be too easily noticed; we can just stroll around by ourselves. If there is anything that we really need, I’ll let you know.”

 “Very well then. I’ll ask someone to draw up a travel and food guide and I will send it to you later. Actually, it would be good for you to go exploring on your own. If there is anything that you need, please do contact me.”

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