Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1375 – Returning To The Great World

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Chapter 1375: Returning To The Great World

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

G.o.d Territory, Blood Sickle Shelter, Death Sickle headquarters.

 A white-haired young man sat in the main seat of the conference room, brows tightly knit. He had preserved an att.i.tude of silence for a while.

 Three people including Fallen Star stood before the conference table; they did not dare make a sound.

 The three of them had just returned from the Great Heaven Territory, bringing with them the news that Lin Huang had failed to return from there.

 “I think that Boss Xie Lin might not necessarily have died in the Great Heaven Territory. He may be still partic.i.p.ating in the Great Heaven Trial, so he might not be teleported out at the same time as us.” Destiny was Lin Huang’s die-hard fan. He firmly believed that Xie Lin would not just die like that. Seeing that the young man sitting in the main seat had not spoken for a long time, he mustered up his courage and spoke his mind.

 The white-haired young man looked up and glanced at the three people. “Alright. The three of you may go back first. I know everything that I need to know.”

 “Yes, Sir Buried Heaven!” The three of them responded and quickly left one after the other.

 Buried Heaven did not leave the conference room but looked down at a name in his address book—Xie Lin.

 “He initiated the Compet.i.tive Trial, defeated the joint forces of Unrivaled G.o.d and a few others, took first place in the Trial, obtained the Trial qualifications for the Great Heaven inheritance that no one has activated for more than 300,000 years… You, someone who’s produced miracles time and time again, would you really die just like that in the Great Heaven Territory?”

 Buried Heaven was not certain whether he was murmuring to himself or Lin Huang.

 Half a month pa.s.sed by quickly.

 Everyone in Death Sickle had no doubts that Xie Lin had died in the Great Heaven Territory.

 Even Destiny, who had always believed that Lin Huang had not died, no longer brought up the “Xie Lin might still be partic.i.p.ating in the Inheritance Trial” excuse.

 Buried Heaven, who had his suspicions about whether Lin Huang was still alive or not, also did not hold out any hopes for Xie Lin’s survival.

 However, early in the morning of this particular day, Buried Heaven was having a meeting with several Gold Sickles when he suddenly received a message from a strange number.

 “Iron Fist Shelter, 120 meters from the entrance of the Death Sickle branch, storage cabinet 0613, pa.s.sword 9527. Something that you want is in it.”

 Buried Heaven just glanced at it briefly, and then his gaze immediately seemed to be glued to the message.

 Although this message was not signed and was from an unfamiliar number, Buried Heaven noticed the words “Iron Fist Shelter” immediately.

 That was the shelter where Xie Lin accepted the mission involving the Bug Tribe Queen Mother!

 In Buried Heaven’s mind, his first instinct was that this had been sent by Lin Huang.

 This was because not many people had his personal number, aside from a few Blood Sickles and a few Gold Sickles with whom he had good relations, as well as a handful of extremely outstanding juniors such as Xie Lin and Fallen Star.

 “The rest of you carry on; I have to deal with something that came up last minute.” After he had confirmed that the sender of the message was most probably Xie Lin, Buried Heaven acknowledged the several Gold Sickles that were present before standing up immediately. He summoned a small green snake and teleported away.

 In the meeting room, the several Gold Sickles present looked at each other.

 This was the first time they had seen Buried Heaven leaving half-way through a meeting.

 After a few minutes, Buried Heaven appeared at the front door of the Iron Fist Shelter’s Death Sickle branch.

 He glanced around and quickly located a locker not very far away.

 In a flash, he appeared in front of the locker, his gaze swiftly identifying locker 0613.

 Without hesitation, he entered the pa.s.sword provided in the short message.

 Once the pa.s.sword was entered, he heard a click and the locker door sprang open automatically.

 Inside was a small palm-sized package.

 Buried Heaven reached in to retrieve the package, opening it on the spot.

 Inside was a small thumb-sized sheet of metal. When he saw the object, Buried Heaven’s eyes lit up suddenly.

 “You’re still alive!”

 He had given Lin Huang this piece of metal before the Great Heaven Territory opened. It was meant for recording information about the inheritance.

 Buried Heaven stowed the sheet of metal in his storage s.p.a.ce. Without hesitation, he summoned the green snake again and disappeared on the spot.

 When he reappeared, he had already returned to the Death Sickle headquarters.

 Instead of going back to the conference room, however, he went directly to his palace.

 Buried Heaven made sure the gates of the G.o.d sequence relic palace were securely fastened and all the multiple layers of locks were fully disarmed. Only then did he take out the sheet of black metal he had retrieved earlier and carefully enter Divine Telekinesis into it.

 After a brief moment where his eyes were dazzled, he found himself in an unfamiliar starry sky.

 He saw an imposing man wielding a sword in one hand. With just one effortless swing of the man’s blade, before Buried Heaven’s very eyes, the entire galaxy and its myriad stars shook violently.

 An instant later, the entire galaxy fractured and disintegrated into two halves, as if someone had sliced a sheet of white paper in half with a sword

 Buried Heaven looked down at himself; somehow—he did not know when—he had been sliced apart at the waist without realizing it. As soon as the world went dark in front of his eyes, his consciousness returned to his body.

 When his consciousness returned, he was soaked through with cold sweat, gasping laboredly for breath.

 “Can this really be achieved at heavenly G.o.d-level?!”

 Even though Buried Heaven knew that Great Heaven—an unprecedented genius who dominated an entire era—would be stronger than him, he never expected the gap in their abilities to be so astoundingly great.

 If he had really encountered Great Heaven, he would have been killed instantly!

 Buried Heaven gave a helpless, bitter smile.

 Just a casual sweep of the other’s blade had rendered him completely defenseless.

 It took him quite a while before he calmed down from the shock of the attack earlier.

 “You’re even able to take over the inheritance of a fellow like this—what kind of monster are you, Xie Lin?”

 Lin Huang had long since departed the Iron Fist Shelter.

 To avoid being remembered, he had stayed in the Great Heaven Territory for more than half a month and had only just arrived a day ago in the G.o.d Territory with 68 Sword Servants.

 Since the ident.i.ty of Xie Lin could no longer be used, he wore the Thousand Face mask and altered his face again for this visit.

 He went to the Iron Fist Shelter first thing while the Sword Servants scattered and hid in the other grade-3 or grade-4 Shelters around the Iron Fist Shelter.

 Lin Huang contacted Yang Ling once more the minute he arrived at the Iron Fist Shelter. This time he was making a large order—not only did he need to create a new ident.i.ty for himself, but he also had to create a fake ident.i.ty for each of the 68 Sword Servants.

 Yang Ling was speechless at suddenly receiving such a big order.

 After resting in the Iron Fist Shelter for a night, Lin Huang took Sword301 and Sword302 to a grade-4 Shelter and prepared to carry out the next phase of the plan.

 Including his time in the Great Heaven Territory, he had been away from the gravel world for almost half a year. Improving his abilities was becoming a much more pressing matter.

 Lin Huang’s combat strength had been stagnant at grade-9 Imperial-level; he did not feel that he had reached the critical point even after so long.

 Initially, he had no idea what to do. However, after accepting the Great Heaven inheritance, Lin Huang had finally found a solution to the problem.

 It was not that Great Heaven’s inheritance memories contained a similar situation; it was the way Great Heaven dealt with problems that allowed Lin Huang to find an answer.

 Since he had not arrived at the critical point for a breakthrough after so long, he would continue to refine more G.o.dheads until the critical point could be sensed!

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