Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1376 – The Mysterious Club

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Chapter 1376: The Mysterious Club

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Three days later, Lin Huang got a brand-new fake ident.i.ty.

 He was not the only one; all the 68 Sword Servants also had new ident.i.ties in the G.o.d Territory.

 Since the Sword Servants had long since exhausted their various cultivation resources, Lin Huang let them register as reserve members at different branches of Death Sickle.

 The main reason for him choosing Death Sickle was that among the major organizations, they were the most accommodating and had the least rules. As far as generosity in promotion channels and resource rewards went, they were also one of the top choices.

 Another important reason was that the secret zones and ruins in the great world with slightly more abundant resources were basically all occupied by major organizations. There were also many high-level secret zones and ruins that were jointly monopolized by the top organizations.

 If they did not join any of the organizations and ran about the great world as independent adventurers instead, Lin Huang and the Sword Servants would not be eligible to enter 90% of the secret zones and ruins.

 Once they had joined an organization, they would also be eligible to partic.i.p.ate in its internal transactions. If they wanted to buy something, the price would be much cheaper compared to the prices in the black market.

 It was precisely for these reasons that the first formal command Lin Huang gave to the numerous Sword Servants was to join Death Sickle and obtain as many resources as possible without exposing their true abilities.

 After all, if a lot of virtual G.o.d-level newcomers appeared whose strength was comparable to Unrivaled G.o.d, it would surely attract the attention of Death Sickle’s upper levels.

 As for how to keep their true abilities hidden, Lin Huang advised them not to accept tasks that were too difficult.

 As for Lin Huang himself, he had not been idle for these three days. He had collected a lot of information about secret zones and ruins.

 Apart from preparing for his hunt for G.o.dheads, he was also preparing to hunt for True G.o.ds after his elevation to virtual G.o.d-level.

 Three days pa.s.sed by. Lin Huang’s new ident.i.ty was named Huang Lin, which was a h.o.m.ophonic of his name in reverse.

 However, less than three minutes after he put on his new ident.i.ty ring, a message prompt suddenly sounded.

 Lin Huang had not had the time to enter the number of any of his contacts. n.o.body except Yang Ling could possibly know this new ident.i.ty’s number.

 Thinking that the message might have been sent by Yang Ling, Lin Huang quickly opened the message to check it.

 However, one glance at the message contents and his eyebrows knit together in a frown.

 “Congratulations on your success in obtaining the Great Heaven inheritance. By the way, how are you doing with the two missions in Great Heaven Territory?”

 The message came from a sender named “The Club”.

 Looking at the message, Lin Huang’s first reaction was that his fake ident.i.ty had been betrayed by Yang Ling. Yang Ling was likely to be a member of the Club.

 However, when Lin Huang thought about it carefully, Yang Ling was considered his friend. Based on his character, if he were really a member of the Club, Yang Ling would have at least greeted Lin Huang if he wanted to reveal his ident.i.ty.

 After a moment of thought, Lin Huang sent a message to Yang Ling.

 “Do you know about the Club?”

 After a moment, Yang Ling replied within seconds.

 “Their people contacted me some time ago and invited me to join them, but I refused. Why? They’re in contact with you?”

 “They just sent a message to my new number. It’s been less than three minutes since I put on the communication ring…”

 After Lin Huang had sent this message, Yang Ling was quiet for a while. After some time, a video call came through.

 Lin Huang noticed that this video call was a little special. It had the words “encrypted communication” written on it in red capital letters.

 He pressed the answer b.u.t.ton without any hesitation.

 In the video call, Yang Ling wore a white s.h.i.+rt on his upper torso, which made him look very neat.

 Although he was still thin, his face was a lot more ruddy, and he looked much healthier than when he had been in the gravel world.

 “How much do you know about the Club?” Lin Huang asked immediately when Yang Ling appeared on the call.

 “I don’t have much information about this organization. It should be a fairly new one. I haven’t heard of it before. It’s highly likely that it was established after I went to the gravel world.

 “A few days after I returned to the great world, they approached me and wanted to invite me to join them, but I refused.

 “I started investigating them. It took almost a month, but there was not much progress. I only found the bare minimum of information.

 “At present, the only thing that I know is that this is an organization formed by various super-geniuses. In this organization, there are not only travelers but also reincarnated beings and reborn beings…”

 “Reincarnated beings? The kind in Infinite Worlds-style novels like G.o.d Room?” Lin Huang’s eyes widened. (TN: “Infinite Worlds” is a genre in which one must experience multiple worlds one after the other in order to achieve a goal. This genre originated with the Chinese web novel “Infinite Horror” which was introduced in 2007. Its popularity triggered a large number of follow-up novels, one of which is “G.o.d Room”.)

 “Something like that.” Yang Ling nodded.

 “Regenerated beings, as in reincarnation?” Lin Huang asked again.

 “Yes.” Yang Ling nodded again.

 “Do these people truly exist?” Lin Huang had some doubts.

 “They do; I used to know several regenerated beings in the past. Being regenerated isn’t that difficult in and of itself either. As for reincarnated beings, I’ve encountered them once. It’s just that their G.o.d Room has a different name, and its function is more powerful than in the novel.”

 “There really are reincarnated beings…” Lin Huang had not expected this at all. “I thought that was only something novels made up.”

 “We can all reasonably exist as travelers; why should their existence be a surprise?” Yang Ling’s expression looked as if that made all the sense in the world.

 “Well, what you said makes sense,” Lin Huang could find no way to refute this statement.

 “Even if these people do exist though, how did the Club find them?” Lin Huang wondered about this; he did not really understand how it worked.

 “I don’t know the specifics, but my guess is that their founder, or one of the founders, has the ability to identify our abilities or our treasures. They may not even need to be in contact with us or see us. As long as we fulfill a specific triggering circ.u.mstance they’ve set, they will be able to discern our ident.i.ty over a long distance and ignore any disguises.”

 Yang Ling’s speculations caused Lin Huang to fall silent for some time.

 He thought about it for a while and finally had to admit that Yang Ling’s theories were most likely correct.

 “As for how they obtained your new number, I suspect it may also be related to their ability to identify us,” Yang Ling continued, “I would never disclose any of my customers’ information. You ought to be very clear about this by now.

 “That’s all the information I’ve managed to find on the Club. I wasn’t able to achieve a breakthrough in the follow-up investigation later—plus, I had things that needed to get done so I didn’t continue wasting further time on it,” Yang Ling explained, spreading out his hands.

 Lin Huang was silent for a moment. He was wondering whether or not to tell Yang Ling that he had joined the Club, but in the end, he decided to keep that information to himself.

 After he ended the call with Yang Ling, Lin Huang stared at the strange number on the communication page for some time before he replied to the message.

 “I’ve retrieved the scabbard of the Heavenly Sword. But I’d like to know—what do you intend to do with it?”

 Lin Huang did not deny that he found the child named “Jin Wu”; he simply did not mention it at all

 “If we can repair it, then we’ll repair it. If we can’t repair it, we will absorb it,” the other party replied within seconds. They did not seem to treat this as a secret.

 Upon seeing this answer, Lin Huang knit his brows together in a frown. They sounded a bit like the Raiders.

 “I have another question. What is the relations.h.i.+p between the Club and the Raiders?” Lin Huang asked directly.

 After this message was sent, it took about three or four seconds before the other party replied.

 “In a nutsh.e.l.l, it can be considered a hostile relations.h.i.+p.”

 At this reply, Lin Huang finally breathed a sigh of relief.

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