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Chapter 1378: G.o.d Weapon

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Before the official transaction, please take a look at this information on G.o.d Weapons. If you find it acceptable, we will trade. If it’s unacceptable to you, I will see if there are any other suitable items for the transaction.”

 Solid Ebony projected a set of complete information about G.o.d Weapons which described in detail their advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to activate them and the skills required to use them.

 Lin Huang used Divine Telekinesis and scanned the information. He read through it quickly and finally obtained a general understanding of G.o.d Weapons.

 Theoretically, as Solid Ebony had mentioned, a G.o.d Weapon could indeed be upgraded to a Dao Weapon or an even higher level.

 However, this item had a considerable flaw. If it was nurtured under normal circ.u.mstances, it would develop very slowly.

 However, it had a characteristic that could make up for this defect to some extent.

 This was its symbiotic nature.

 A G.o.d Weapon’s symbiotic nature allowed it to develop with its host as if it were part of the host’s body. An increase in the host’s combat strength would cause the G.o.d Weapon to synchronously transform as well.

 Therefore, the best time to activate a G.o.d Weapon was at virtual G.o.d-level. Any earlier would be no use anyway because only Divine Power could activate it.

 However, if the host elevated to higher than virtual G.o.d-level, then the G.o.d Weapon would stay in a restricted state after being activated, losing its ability to synchronously transform. It could only be slowly nurtured within the body until it had fully adapted to the host. Only then would it be fully activated and have its symbiotic nature restored.

 The higher the combat strength, the longer the nurturing period for the G.o.d Weapon. That was why this sort of item was completely useless for powerhouses at heavenly G.o.d-level or lord-level. It was better to earn more money to buy equipment rather than taking the time to nurture a G.o.d Weapon.

 As for the G.o.d Weapon’s two advantages—its development potential and the ability to sustain energy within the body without loss—most people ignored them after seeing how long the nurturing period was.

 Another reason why many people gave up on G.o.d Weapons was that the development of the G.o.d Weapon depended entirely on the development of the host.

 If the host could not elevate to the level of a Lord, then the G.o.d Weapon within them could only be used at heavenly G.o.d-level as a G.o.d sequence relic. If the host could not even break through to heavenly G.o.d-level, then the G.o.d Weapon could only be used at true G.o.d-level as a G.o.d rule relic.

 Although the market price for G.o.d Weapons was not as high as the Dao Weapons used by Lords, it was still comparable to the most expensive G.o.d sequence relics.

 Not many people could afford to spend that kind of money, and even if they could, they would still weigh the options on whether it was worth spending such an amount on their juniors at home.

 Aside from that, the symbiotic nature of the G.o.d Weapon also had a small flaw—bonding.

 Once the G.o.d Weapon was activated, only the host could use it. It could not be traded or inherited.

 Even if one wanted to sell it for resources, unfortunately, it could not be done.

 The G.o.d Weapon would neither recognize an owner nor accept any energy input other than that of the host. Moreover, it could be recalled by the host anytime, anywhere. Even if the host did not actively recall it, beyond a certain distance, the G.o.d Weapon would automatically return to the host’s body.

 In a nutsh.e.l.l, if one had spent money to buy a G.o.d Weapon, it was equivalent to throwing water away. The money spent would never come back.

 Even if the host wanted to pa.s.s the G.o.d Weapon down to their own flesh-and-blood heir after death, that would be impossible because after the host died, the G.o.d Weapon would automatically die as well.

 After reading through all the advantages and disadvantages, Lin Huang bowed his head and thought about it for only three to five seconds before he made a decision. “Let’s trade!”

 In his view, the G.o.d Weapon’s shortcomings would not affect him.

 He was very certain that as someone who owned a Goldfinger, it was only a matter of time before he elevated to lord-level.

 Therefore, this was the equivalent of pre-ordering several lord-level Dao Weapons in advance.

 Moreover, he could activate the G.o.d Weapons perfectly on his own without having to spend much time to nurture it. His combat strength had yet to reach virtual G.o.d-level, but he had Divine Power within him and could directly activate the G.o.d Weapons at any time.

 As for the bonding, Lin Huang had no intention of selling equipment with development potential like this. He merely felt some slight regret that it could not be inherited.

 “If it were someone else, it would be hard to say, but this transaction is definitely profitable for you,” Solid Ebony laughed and said, “You can activate them immediately after bringing it home. You don’t need to spend time nurturing them at all. Just let the G.o.d Weapons follow you as you advance in combat strength.

 “Moreover, you’ve obtained the Great Heaven inheritance, which is enough to show that you have the qualifications to elevate to lord-level. By then all six G.o.d Weapons will have advanced to become Dao Weapons and their value will no longer less than that of a complete Goldfinger.”

 “Senior, you think too highly of me. Right now I just want to elevate to virtual G.o.d-level as soon as possible.” Lin Huang smiled modestly.

 Being praised by a possible lord-level senior who said that Lin Huang had the potential to advance to lord-level made Lin Huang very happy in his heart, although he also knew that the compliment from the other party was based on the desire to facilitate a transaction.

 The two chatted a little more and Solid Ebony finally took out the six G.o.d Weapons.

 The inactive G.o.d Weapons looked like silver liquid metal spheres about as big as a thumb.

 The six metal b.a.l.l.s were suspended above Solid Ebony’s palm, just like six silver drops of water, each quietly and slowly rotating without interfering with the others.

 Lin Huang did not waste time in any more niceties and immediately pa.s.sed the two blackened pieces of carbonized scabbard to Solid Ebony.

 Solid Ebony flicked his fingers and the six G.o.d Weapon metal spheres lined themselves up in orderly fas.h.i.+on as if they were alive, slowly floating until they were in front of Lin Huang. They formed a circle and began slowly rotating around, using the center point of the circle as an axis.

 When Lin Huang reached out to receive the silver metal spheres, both broken pieces of the charred, carbonized scabbard also flew up on their own and into Solid Ebony’s hands. He did not check them further but put them away.

 Lin Huang checked the G.o.d Weapons in his hand and confirmed that there was nothing wrong before putting them away. Solid Ebony waited patiently on one side and said nothing.

 After the transaction was completed, the two chatted for a while.

 Solid Ebony took the initiative to ask for Lin Huang’s contact information.

 “Leave me a way to get in touch with you. You can contact me in the future if you have any Goldfingers that you don’t want. Also, if you run into any trouble, I can help you if I have the time. It’s not free, however; you will have to pay for it.”

 Lin Huang did not refuse; acc.u.mulating more contacts was never a bad thing.

 After exchanging contact information, Solid Ebony did not linger on and disappeared immediately after saying goodbye.

 Just as Lin Huang watched him vanish, he sensed the auras of the two Sword Servants. Quickly, he looked toward Sword301 and Sword302.

 “Lord Swordmaster, what’s wrong? Is there something on my face?” Sword302 asked, baffled.

 “Just now after the man in the suit arrived, both of you felt nothing out of the ordinary?” Lin Huang asked.

 “What man in a suit?” Sword302 looked puzzled.

 Beside her, Sword301 also looked puzzled.

 “Just now a man in a black suit came over here…” Before Lin Huang finished speaking, he suddenly remembered something and quickly dived into his s.p.a.ce storage to check.

 After a moment, he breathed a sigh of relief.

 Six small silver spheres floated quietly within the s.p.a.ce storage.

 Fortunately, the G.o.d Weapons were not fake…

 “A man in a black suit? I didn’t see him.” Sword301 shook his head.

 “Forget about it.” Lin Huang waved his hand. Both the Sword Servants’ memories of Solid Ebony seemed to have been erased. There was no point in saying anything more.

 He glanced at the time, preparing to get up and leave, but he was stunned after seeing what time it was.

 “Nine o’clock sharp?!”

 He remembered very clearly that his transaction with Solid Ebony took at least 20 minutes, but it was still nine o’clock, fixed at the point in time when he had just met the other man.

 That was to say, during the twenty-plus minute transaction between the two of them, there had been no time flow in the outside world, at least for the twenty minutes that Lin Huang had been able to sense.

  “Is this the effect of s.p.a.ce-time isolation…” Lin Huang suddenly remembered the phrase Solid Ebony had used—”It’s just simple s.p.a.ce-time isolation… We are the ones who are isolated.”

 In other words, not only did the two Sword Servants not remember Solid Ebony’s arrival, they did not even realize that Lin Huang had been missing for more than twenty minutes.

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