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Chapter 138: Chain Mission

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was in his room for the entire day to plan his escape. When it was five in the evening, Xiao Mo returned with dinner. Although was wounded, he looked happy.

“Boss Lin, here’s your dinner.” He said loudly once he got into the room. Lin Huang did not know if Xiao Mo was younger or older than him. However, according to his age on earth, it was inappropriate for Xiao Mo to address him as uncle. He did not want to correct Xiao Mo.

Lin Huang got up from his bed and had his dinner. He then asked, “Do you know which room Li Li stays in?”

“He’s staying on the 18th floor, Room 1803.” Xiao Mo nodded, “Are you looking for him?”

“He has good sword skills, I thought of dropping by for a chat with him after dinner.” Lin Huang nodded, “How have you been today?”

“I chose my Life Seed and submitted it to the management. They said they would send my Life Seed monster in a couple of days and they also told me to prepare myself.” No wonder Xiao Mo was in a good mood, he was ready for his breakthrough.

“That’s great, which Life Seed did you choose?” Lin Huang was curious.

“Since I don’t have enough strength, I chose the robust Life Seed.” Xiao Mo scratched his head.

“It’s good to choose what suits you the best. Do not care about what others say.” Lin Huang nodded. With Xiao Mo’s ability, it was not easy for him to kill the Life Seed monster so it was not practical for him to get a Life Seed that was beyond his control.

After dinner, Lin Huang headed to the 18th floor. Li Li’s room was 1803 but 1801 and 1802 were vacant. Li Li was having dinner when Lin Huang arrived at his door, he was alone in the room. He was stunned to see Lin Huang, he then waved at him, “Come in.”

“Why did you decide to skip two rooms and stay in 1803 instead?” Lin Huang smiled and asked as he walked into his room.”

“I was the third one who moved into this floor when the other two left, I was too lazy to move.” Li Li explained in all seriousness.

“Is that so…”

“Is there anything that I can help you with?” Li Li put down his chopsticks.

“Nothing important, we can talk after you are done eating.” Lin Huang shook his head.

“I can eat anytime, do tell.” Li Li kept his bento box.

“I checked out the sword skill you gave me this afternoon and I have to admit it’s pretty good. I would like some advice as to how you obtained it?”

“I am glad to hear that. I was worried that you may not like it.” Li Li then began to tell the story of how he obtained the sword skill.

“I love this sword very much and I had trained with it for two to three years. Wildfire Sword was a gift from my father when I was 14. He said that if I could master the skill in half a year, I would be able to master all the sword skills. If I failed, it would mean that I am mediocre in my sword skills and I should not waste my time trying. Half a year later, I failed to master the skill. Knowing that I’m not gifted enough, I listened to what my father said and started to train in the gun skills of my family and that was the last time I ever used a sword…”

Lin Huang was shocked because it was obvious that Li Li was cheated by his father. After some research, Lin Huang noticed that Wildfire Sword  was as difficult than the first chapter of the Great Sword Scripture . Even if a person was gifted with the sword, it was quite impossible to master it within half a year. Li Li’s father must have known that but Li Li was too young to understand so he thought he really was not gifted with swords. However, Lin Huang did not want to interfere in their family affairs so he kept quiet.

“I see that the sword skill was created by a sword master 300 years ago by combining a variety of sword skills. Do you happen to know who the master is? I thought maybe I could speak to him on the techniques.” Lin Huang revealed why he asked the question.

“I have no idea but I could ask my father once I get out, he might know.” Li Li shook his head, he had no idea who was the founder of the sword skill as well.

“It’s okay if we can’t find out, I’ll just spend more time to master the skill.” Lin Huang laughed, “Oh yeah, how long until you get to the 100th day?”

“63 days more and I should rank on first three.” Li Li was confident with himself. He had acc.u.mulated more than 500,000 points than the person who ranked fourth. It would not be easy for the person to catch up.

“I still have more than 70 days before someone comes for me…” Lin Huang revealed his situation.

“You have a good background so you don’t have to worry about your ranking. It’s a different story for us because we have to follow the rule.” Li Li laughed.

“I’m just thinking that the person who is coming for me would take a couple of days to arrive here from the headquarters so I might need to wait another 80 days…” Lin Huang silently thought to himself.

“That won’t happen. They have a designated person in each division, they will arrive within seconds. Even if there’s a delay from the division to the training camp, it would only take a couple of minutes.” Li Li smiled as he explained.

Lin Huang smirked, this was what he wanted to hear from Li Li. He beat around the bush just to find out how long Hong Zhuang would take to arrive at the training camp from the headquarters. Now that he got what he wanted, he proceeded to make some small talk with Li Li before leaving. He felt his plan was getting more and more concrete.

“If I fake my death, Scarface would definitely inform Hong Zhuang. If Hong Zhuang was not busy at the moment, she would be here within minutes. Since the traffic isn’t too bad from the headquarter to Division7, she would still take a couple of minutes to come here. So, the possibility of her picking up my dead body on the day itself is pretty high… If that came true, I would not have to worry about the time limit of the Deception Card.”

Lin Huang had checked with Xiao Hei earlier and found out that the time limit for the Deception Card was one month. That was the reason why he visited Li Li to ask how long it would take from the headquarter to the training camp. If the journey took one month, when Hong Zhuang arrives, the effect of the Deception CArd would disappear. After he got a rough idea of the escape plan, Lin Huang planned to make it more concrete by adding more details to his ultimate plan. He spent most of his time ‘sleeping’.

However, his behavior upset Scarface. Finally, one fine afternoon, the man spoke from the loudspeaker.

“Lin Huang, come to my office now!”

Lin Huang thought that it was ridiculous that the man requested to see him. Everyone in the training camp thought it was strange too, it was the first time the manager requested for someone to see him.

“He really does have an outstanding background…” Many of the partic.i.p.ants thought.

Lin Huang then headed to the training tower, a man in black uniform had been waiting for him at the bottom of the tower.

“Follow me.” Lin Huang followed him into the elevator and arrived at the top floor of the training tower. Arriving at the huge office, the man had his feet on the table with a cigar in his mouth. Lin Huang walked towards him.

“Master, are you looking for me?”

“You slept for the entire day? Your ranking dropped to third, you are now behind Li Li.” The man put down his cigar and stared at Lin Huang with crossed arms.

“The points are useless, I would rather let someone rank higher.” Lin Huang said.

“Why can’t you change your mindset to get to the top instead? Hong Zhuang would be proud of you if that happens.” The man advised him.

Just when Lin Huang wanted to say ‘Hong Zhuang would not mind the ranking’, a notification box popped up before him.

“Chain Mission activated due to special circ.u.mstances.”

“Chain Mission 1: Rank #1 on the Purple Crow training camp leaderboard and maintain for three days. Mission Time Limit: 7 days.”

“Chain Mission 2: After the first mission is completed, escape the training camp without anyone noticing. Mission Time Limit: 3 days.”

“Mission Reward: Advance Card x2”

“If you fail the mission, one Skill Card and one Monster Card will be taken away.”

“The mission will fail if you only manage to complete one mission. There would not be a reward but a punishment instead.”

“Alright then, I shall get to the top.”

“That’s right, young people should have that att.i.tude! You know that you have the ability but you don’t do it, wouldn’t it be a shame to let your talent go to waste?” The man was happy to hear what Lin Huang said.

“Is there anything else, master?” Lin Huang asked.

“That would be all, you can leave now. It’s just that you have been sleeping these few days, I didn’t want you to get left behind, that’s why I called you here. Now that you understand what I want for you, you can leave.” The man continued smoking his cigar as he gestured for Lin Huang to leave.

“I shall make a move then.” Lin Huang then turned around and headed to the elevator…

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