Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1383 – What’s The Condition For Advancement?

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Chapter 1383: What’s The Condition For Advancement?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After he pa.s.sed through the dimensional portal, Lin Huang was briefly dazzled but his senses quickly returned to normal.

 Lifting his eyes to look around, all he could see was a pure white world.

 An endless field of snow stretched as far as the eye could see. No one knew how many years this place had been covered with frost.

 The sky above was gray and misty. A light snow drifted toward the ground.

 With a cold wind blowing at him directly, Lin Huang felt chilly even though he possessed Divine Fire within him.

 “The temperature in this place is already close to absolute zero…”

 Looking around, Lin Huang did not notice other partic.i.p.ants. It was clear that he was the only one who had been teleported to this area.

 Using Divine Telekinesis to probe his surroundings, Lin Huang frowned slightly after a while.

 This particular set of ruins severely limited the probing abilities of Divine Telekinesis. Even though the power of his Divine Telekinesis was comparable to that of a True G.o.d, the probing radius had been restricted to about 100 kilometers.

 “Since my Divine Telekinesis perception has been restricted, it looks like I’ll have to employ other methods to find prey.” As he thought about it, Lin Huang had already retrieved a Monster Card.

 Once the card had been crumbled, a bald humanoid robotic man more than three meters tall quickly materialized in front of Lin Huang.

 This time, the object of Lin Huang’s summons was the mechanical-type Warlord.

 “First, check if there are any high-rank virtual G.o.d-level monsters nearby.”

 After b.l.o.o.d.y’s departure, Lin Huang had handed over any exploration work to Warlord. As it turned out, Warlord was very competent at these jobs.

 Warlord received the command and quickly released many snowflake-like mechanical bugs that mingled with the real snow and drifted away in all directions.

 The mechanical bugs that Warlord released could disguise themselves in any form necessary and did not give off any life fluctuations. They could easily deceive most cultivators in the great world who were one level higher.

 At Warlord’s current Virtual G.o.d rank-8 combat strength, the mechanical bugs could escape being detected by the Divine Telekinesis of most individuals below eighth-rank True G.o.d-level.

 Of course, it was still possible for a small number of cultivators with remarkable Divine Telekinesis abilities or extraordinary perception in other areas to uncover these mechanical bugs.

 Almost an hour later, the mechanical bugs sent feedback on the preliminary results of the exploration. Warlord automatically generated a small-scale map and projected it.

 This map covered almost three thousand kilometers of the surrounding area.

 “The white dots are beginner-stage and intermediate-stage virtual G.o.d-level monsters. The yellow dots are high-level Virtual G.o.ds, and the Virtual G.o.d rank-9s are the blinking yellow dots. The red dots are true G.o.d-level monsters; the darker the color, the stronger the aura.”

 “What about these green dots?” Lin Huang asked as he pointed at a green dot on the map.

 “These are the partic.i.p.ants.”

 “Alright, plan the best hunting route then.”

 Lin Huang had barely finished speaking before a white line quickly connected a large number of yellow dots on the map.

 “If we take this route, we can kill 76% of the high-level Virtual G.o.ds on this map without doubling back,” Warlord explained.

 “Then let’s follow this route.” Lin Huang nodded slightly.

 After they had determined the hunting route, the two of them set off without any hesitation, hurrying in the direction of the first target.

 After about three minutes, the two found the first target—a Frost Fox.

 The Frost Fox looked like a snow-white fox, but it was much larger than the foxes on Earth. Not including its three long furry tails, it was usually about three meters in length.

 This kind of mutated monster cultivated Frost Element divine abilities; cold places were their favorite habitat.

 Not only did they possess terrifying speed, but the strength of their claws and fangs was no less than that of a G.o.d relic. They could also form ice armor over their bodies and had amazing defensive abilities.

 In addition to using melee strategies, they also utilized Frost Element techniques that allowed them to engage in long-range attacks and a.s.sist in combat.

 It could be said that Frost Foxes were very well-rounded opponents.

 The combat strength of this particular Frost Fox was only at Virtual G.o.d rank-7, but in terms of overall ability, it would take a lot of effort even if an ordinary Virtual G.o.d rank-9 wanted to hunt it.

 However, the Frost Fox was unfortunate enough to encounter Lin Huang.

 The creature had barely growled a warning before its head was instantly penetrated by a silver gleam.

 Almost in the next second, the silver gleam shot backward, circled Lin Huang, and fell into his palm.

 It was a silver flying dagger thick as two fingers.

 Lin Huang played with the weapon in his hand for a moment and nodded in satisfaction. “This was unexpectedly handy!”

 The flying dagger was one of the telekinetic weapons that Lin Huang had formed from his G.o.d Weapons.

 This was the first time he had tried it out in actual combat; it was much easier to use than he had expected.

 Lin Huang walked over to the corpse of the Frost Fox, skillfully retrieved an ice crystal-like white G.o.dhead, and easily stored the beast’s corpse into his s.p.a.ce storage.

 After tossing the G.o.dhead into the Divine Fire of his inner world, Lin Huang frowned.

 “It’s still unable to absorb anything…”

 Just like on previous occasions, the Life Palace refused to absorb the energy from the G.o.dhead.

 In the beginning, Lin Huang had thought that this refusal to absorb energy was because his combat strength had improved too rapidly and he lacked a solid foundation. However, it had been a few months since he had advanced to grade-9 Imperial-level but his Life Palace was still in a saturated state, refusing to absorb the G.o.dhead’s energy.

 Although the Life Palace seemed to be completely saturated, Lin Huang could clearly sense that his Life Palace was not yet complete.

 Lin Huang had also considered that perhaps the Life Palace refused to absorb the G.o.dhead’s energy because there were special advancement conditions that had to be fulfilled before it could be fully completed.

 This time he had deliberately taken things into his own hands instead of directly purchasing the G.o.dhead refinement, just to see if the advancement condition was that he had to kill the monster himself and obtain the G.o.dhead. However, it seemed that this was not one of the conditions for advancement.

 He stood where he was for a while and thought about it before turning his head toward Warlord and saying, “Modify the route; Virtual G.o.d rank-7s can be removed from the hunting targets.”

 Although Warlord did not know what happened, he still immediately did as he was asked. The yellow dots on the map instantly reduced by more than half.

 The new route was also plotted in the next second.

 After five to six minutes, Lin Huang and Warlord arrived at the location of the second hunting target.

 This Virtual G.o.d rank-8 monster was an Ox Devil.

 With a height of more than five meters, it was covered with fur that was several times thicker than that of an ordinary Ox Devil. The four magmlike scarlet eyes on its head stared at Lin Huang who had intruded into its territory.

 A second later, however, a silver gleam flashed through the void. Before the Ox Devil could react, the silver gleam penetrated its forehead.

 The light in the four scarlet eyes of the Ox Devil faded quickly as if there was no electricity. Its huge body crashed to the ground.

 It was another instant kill!

 Lin Huang possessed Divine Telekinesis that was as powerful as that of a True G.o.d, plus a telekinetic flying dagger that was comparable to a G.o.d sequence relic. Even without the addition of G.o.d Rule Power and Elemental Enlightenment, this was enough for him to easily kill all cultivators below true G.o.d-level.

 After spending a few seconds to retrieve the G.o.dhead from the Ox Devil. Lin Huang once again tossed the new G.o.dhead into his inner world.

 After a while, he frowned once more.

  “It’s still not working…”

 “Warlord, modify the route again. Remove the Virtual G.o.d rank-8s and only keep the Virtual G.o.d rank-9s!”

 Warlord projected the map again a moment later.

 The route had changed again, but now, out of the initial several dozen yellow dots, only four were left…

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