Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1384 – Lin Huang’s Guess

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Chapter 1384: Lin Huang’s Guess

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Looking at the four flas.h.i.+ng yellow dots left on the map, Lin Huang’s expression was not relaxed at all.

 He still had no clue what the conditions for advancing his Life Palace might be.

 “Let’s go; we’ll head to the nearest dot first.”

 Although he had absolutely no clue, he still intended to continue with his line of thought, screening and excluding each of the possibilities.

 This time, his target was further away; it took Lin Huang and Warlord more than ten minutes before they finally reached its location.

 This third intended target was a humanoid Frost Zombie.

 This monster looked a little like a very hairy savage with a height of seven or eight meters. What it might have been in its previous life, Lin Huang could not tell. However, he was able to verify that this Frost Zombie was undead. To be exact, it was a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 undead.

 Sensing the intruder’s aura, the Frost Zombie lifted its head to stare in Lin Huang and Warlord’s direction. It roared furiously and its aura blazed up like ferocious flames. Its aura was obviously much more powerful than that of an ordinary Virtual G.o.d rank-9.

 “The strength of this aura… mythical-level?” Lin Huang could not help but raise his eyebrows upon sensing the Frost Zombie’s aura.

 He was barely surprised—after all, he had seen far too many mythical-level creatures.

 The blazing flames of the Frost Zombie’s aura quickly peaked; bending its knees slightly, it leaped high into the air toward Lin Huang.

 The next moment, however, Lin Huang shook the cuff of his sleeve slightly and another silver gleam flew toward the sky.

 The gleam shot toward the Frost Zombie’s forehead at an even higher speed, penetrating it without any observable resistance.

 The Frost Zombie did not have time to dodge at all as the telekinetic flying dagger pierced through its brain and out its skull again. Its leaping figure quickly smashed onto the ice, raising a cloud of mist.


 Lin Huang stared at the mist-obscured area, however, and frowned.

 “It’s not dead?”

 The vital points of some types of undead were not the same as those of ordinary monsters. Normally, the head was a vital organ for most monsters. However, despite its head having been shattered, the Frost Zombie in front of Lin Huang showed no signs of its aura weakening. Obviously, its head was not one of its vital points.

 From within the cloud of mist, the Frost Zombie howled in fury, sounding even more aggressive than before.

 Clearly, Lin Huang’s earlier attack had angered it.

 “It doesn’t seem to be very clever.” As soon as Lin Huang finished speaking, the Divine Telekinesis-controlled flying dagger that had penetrated through Frost Zombie’s head circled around, flew backward, and shot through the cloud of mist.

 Almost at the same time, the Frost Zombie’s roaring abruptly ceased.

 After a while, Lin Huang’s figure slowly descended to the ground.

 Within the mist-covered area, he quickly saw the corpse of the Frost Zombie where it had tumbled to the ground. There was a clear wound on the left side of its chest cavity where its heart was—this was the result of the second attack.

 The creature’s life force was rapidly fading.

 Lin Huang was expressionless. After he withdrew the flying dagger, he quickly retrieved the G.o.dhead from the Frost Zombie.

 As he tossed the G.o.dhead into his inner world, Lin Huang also sent his consciousness into his body simultaneously.

 This ice-blue G.o.dhead took a long time to melt within the flames of the Divine Fire.

 However, Lin Huang did not need to wait for it to be completely refined. He merely had to wait for a wisp of G.o.dhead energy to be extracted, which he then infused into his Life Palace.

 This time, the Life Palace did not reject the infusion of G.o.dhead energy, accepting it instead.

 Lin Huang, who had not expected anything to happen, was rather ecstatic after seeing this.

 However, he quickly calmed down.

 “So the Life Palace can only absorb rank-9 G.o.dheads—or is there something special about this particular one?”

 A few months ago when he had first elevated to grade-9 Imperial-level, he had felt that his imperial-level was not yet complete. At that time, he tried one by one with rank-1 to rank-9 G.o.dheads, but the Life Palace refused to absorb any of them.

 Right now the Life Palace was willing to absorb this rank-9 G.o.dhead. He was still uncertain what screening criteria the Life Palace used, however.

 After a moment of thought, Lin Huang returned his consciousness to his body.

 “Let’s go find the next one!”

 After he had stowed the Frost Zombie in his storage s.p.a.ce, Lin Huang and Warlord headed straight in the direction of the second Virtual G.o.d rank-9 monster.

 After about six or seven minutes, the two of them located their fourth target.

 This time, the object of their attention was a Snow Raven.

 This was a species of white Corvidae, diminutive in size and only slightly larger than the palm of an adult.

 Although it was not large, the combat strength of these creatures was by no means weak. Their speed was greater than 90% of monsters of the same rank. They were also proficient in psychic attack esoteric arts and were highly skilled at combined psychic attack techniques with Ice Elements. If they encountered weak opponents, they could even freeze their opponent’s souls directly with their gaze.

 Sensing Lin Huang and Warlord’s arrival, the Snow Raven immediately uttered a loud cry.

 A torrent of psychic shock waves rippled swiftly outward like an invisible wave of water, engulfing Lin Huang and Warlord.

 Both of them allowed the psychic shock waves to penetrate through their bodies as if nothing had happened.

 For Lin Huang, he was able to completely resist a move like this.

 His soul strength was comparable to that of a True G.o.d, and he was almost completely immune to all forms of psychic attacks at virtual G.o.d-level, not to mention this was only a Legendary-level Snow Raven.

 As for Warlord, he was a mechanical type. He did not even have a soul in the conventional sense, so he was naturally immune to all forms of psychic attacks.

 Lin Huang did not make any large gestures either; a silver gleam shot out from his cuff and into the open beak of the Snow Raven, exiting the creature’s skull with no obstacles at all.

 After killing the Snow Raven, Lin Huang quickly retrieved its G.o.dhead and tossed it into his inner world.

 After a while, he frowned again.

 “It’s not absorbing now?”

 The Snow Raven’s G.o.dhead was also a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dhead, but the Life Palace rejected it entirely.

 However, the energy from the Frost Zombie’s G.o.dhead was accepted by the Life Palace.

 “They are all rank-9 G.o.dheads—one was absorbed, but the other was not…” Lin Huang stood where he was and carefully a.n.a.lyzed the possible reasons. “Is it because the Frost Zombie G.o.dhead is cla.s.s-4, and the Snow Raven G.o.dhead is cla.s.s-3? ”

 He thought back carefully. After he had elevated to grade-9 Imperial-level, he had tried to continue refining G.o.dheads. In the end, he had tried G.o.dheads from rank-1 to rank-9 one by one, and the Life Palace had still refused to absorb the G.o.dhead energy. However, he seemed to recall that all the G.o.dheads he had used at that time were from cla.s.s-3 Legendary-level monsters—none of the G.o.dheads were from cla.s.s-4 Legendary-level monsters.

 “So the Life Palace didn’t accept the G.o.dhead energy previously because the cla.s.s of the G.o.dhead was insufficiently advanced?” Lin Huang’s eyes gradually brightened; he felt that he might have hit upon the truth.

 “Warlord, are there any cla.s.s-4 Legendary-level monsters in the remaining two hunting targets?” He immediately turned his head and asked Warlord.

 “There is a frost spirit that should be cla.s.s-4.”

 “Let’s go! We’ll hunt for that ice spirit right away!” Lin Huang could not wait to verify his guess.

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