Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1385 – : Grade–10 Imperial Level!

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Chapter 1385: Grade-10 Imperial Level!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Frost Giants were a race of frost spirits birthed from ice and snow.

 As newborns, they were already at virtual G.o.d-level with white crystalline bodies. When they reached maturity, they could reach over a hundred meters in height and would be elevated to true G.o.d-level; their bodies also would turn ice-blue in color.

 This type of monster was an innate cla.s.s-4 mythical-level elemental demon. Its defensive capabilities were extremely powerful; if placed among mythical-level creatures of the same cla.s.s, it would still manage to be in the top ranks. Strength-wise it was not weak either—among the same cla.s.s of mythical-level beings it was considered to be of a superior level. Apart from this, it also possessed extremely strong healing abilities and was able to draw moisture from the air to regenerate its own body.

 Another difficult issue was that this particular creature did not have any vital parts. To be precise, its vital part was an object called the Heart of Ice, concealed deep within its body. However, this object was not an actual heart, nor was it hidden within the chest cavity like a human heart.

 A Frost Giant’s Heart of Ice could be located in any part of their bodies, and every Frost Giant might have a different location for it. The Heart of Ice might grow on the sole of the foot, or even at the back of the head.

 Lin Huang’s hunting target this time around was a Frost Giant on the cusp of maturity whose combat strength was only at the level of a Virtual G.o.d rank-9.

 Once he was close to the vicinity of his intended target, Lin Huang could already see the monster from a distance; it was almost a hundred meters tall.

 The Frost Giant’s torso seemed to be forged from chunks of rock that were clear as ice crystals.

 One look at the creature’s head and the state of its physical body, and Lin Huang already knew that virtual G.o.d-level cultivators of the same level as this monster would not dare to provoke it.

 If one did not have a G.o.d rule relic to hand, it might be difficult to breach the monster’s defenses, what more when it possessed such extremely strong regenerative powers.

 However, for Lin Huang, hunting this fellow was not a difficult task.

 Before the Frost Giant could cause trouble, Lin Huang had already initiated his attack from far away

 This time, he was a little more careful.

 Around a hundred telekinetic flying daggers shot forth from his sleeve, each of them boosted with the Fire Elemental G.o.d Rule Power—Tattooed Demon.

 Tattooed Demon’s black flame enveloped every single one of the flying daggers; they looked like comets blazing black fire across the heavens.

 In just one second, these daggers practically turned the mythical-level Frost Giant’s ma.s.sive, nigh-indestructible body into a sieve.

 Blazing with black fire, each of the flying daggers cut easily through the monster’s defenses as if slicing through a thin sheet of paper. They pierced through its front, exiting from its back as if its indestructible protective measures were mere decoration.

 It seemed easy enough for Lin Huang to penetrate the Frost Giant’s defenses, but only he knew that if this previous attack had not been boosted by G.o.d Rule Power, there would be practically no way for him to pierce through this Frost Giant’s body.

 However, even though Lin Huang’s attack had punctured the Frost Giant into what amounted to a sieve, it still showed no signs of giving up the ghost—in fact, its life force did not weaken in the slightest.

 “The attack didn’t hit the Heart of Ice…” Lin Huang did a quick Divine Telekinesis sweep and discovered the problem immediately.

 The next instant, the hundred telekinetic flying daggers circled back for a return attack, once more piercing straight through the Frost Giant’s body.

 Without giving the creature a chance to regenerate, the daggers stabbed through it yet again and the puncture wounds on its body doubled in the blink of an eye.

 “I still haven’t managed to hit its vital part yet?” Lin Huang’s brow lofted as he sensed that the Frost Giant’s aura was still not weakening.

 Once more, the hundred daggers shot forth and penetrated the Frost Giant’s body…

 Only on this third round did Lin Huang sense that one of the flying daggers had hit something. Seizing the advantage, he used a thread of Divine Telekinesis to tug the object out from within the Frost Giant.

 The minute the object detached itself from the Frost Giant’s body, Lin Huang very clearly sensed that the monster’s aura was rapidly getting weaker.

 It was only after Lin Huang had used Divine Telekinesis to drag the object in front of him that he realized that it was a white crystal about the size of a normal person’s fist.

 The entire crystal was translucent; its surface looked as if it were wreathed in a ring of white mist that gave off an icy aura.

 This object was clearly the Frost Giant’s Heart of Ice.

 Once the Heart of Ice had been detached, the Frost Giant’s life force was completely extinguished in a matter of seconds. Its body thudded onto the ground, transforming into a small ice hill.

 Lin Huang merely gave the Heart of Ice in front of him a cursory glance before stowing it away in his storage s.p.a.ce. After that, one stride brought him to the “ice hill”, where he retrieved the G.o.dhead from the Frost Giant’s corpse.

 After tossing the G.o.dhead into the Divine Fire of his inner world, Lin Huang waited, full of antic.i.p.ation, for the results of this round’s experiment.

 The minute the Divine Fire had refined a small thread of G.o.dhead energy, Lin Huang impatiently maneuvered this wisp to the Life Palace and infused it in.

 The pale white G.o.dhead with its icy aura drifted in front of the Life Palace, then flowed easily into it without encountering any resistance.

 At the sight of this, Lin Huang’s eyes shone.

 “The Life Palace absorbed it! My guess was right after all!”

 The Life Palace had accepted the energy from the G.o.dhead a second time, allowing Lin Huang to confirm his previous theory—the Life Palace would only absorb energy from cla.s.s-4 G.o.dheads!

 After months without a clue about a method of advancement, Lin Huang had finally found the way to go about it.

 He was utterly ecstatic.

 “Warlord, there’s no need to target any of the other virtual G.o.d-level monsters anymore. Just hone in on Legendary-level Virtual G.o.d rank-9s and that will do.”

 Upon receiving his orders, Warlord immediately directed his mechanical bugs to begin a new round of selection.

 In the blink of an eye, four days pa.s.sed by.

 Lin Huang used four full days but was only able to hunt down nine Legendary-level Virtual G.o.d rank-9 creatures.

 In actual fact, the total amount of combat time added up to less than three minutes; he and Warlord did not spend that long hurrying on the road either. The majority of their time was taken up by waiting.

 Although the number of Virtual G.o.ds in these ruins was not small, there were not that many Virtual G.o.d rank-9s. As for Legendary-level ones, there were even fewer of them.

 Within those four days, Warlord’s several hundred thousand mechanical bugs could only find nine Legendary-level Virtual G.o.d rank-9 monsters.

 However, Lin Huang was not idle either while waiting; he was constantly stoking the Divine Fire to expedite the refining of the G.o.dheads.

 After four days, the first rank-9 G.o.dhead was fully refined at last.

 Once the Life Palace had completely absorbed the energy from the first G.o.dhead, Lin Huang sensed a slight boost in his combat strength, which had been stagnant for months.

 Seeing that waiting for Warlord’s reports every day was really too boring, Lin Huang went into complete seclusion and invested himself body and soul into the refining of the G.o.dheads.

 Warlord remained by Lin Huang, guarding him while still directing the mechanical bugs to continue searching for Legendary-level Virtual G.o.d rank-9 monsters.

 Twenty-four days pa.s.sed by just like that.

 On the last two days that the ruins were pen, Lin Huang gradually opened his eyes.

 In these twenty-four days, he had refined eight G.o.dheads. After using all of his might to expedite the Divine Fire’s progress, it took only around three days or so to refine a single G.o.dhead. So far all nine G.o.dheads within his body had been completely refined.

 Lin Huang could also finally sense very clearly that his Life Palace was now satiated. Not only that, but his own combat strength had once more been boosted up a rank. His original grade-9 Imperial level was now elevated to an unheard-of grade-10 Imperial level.

 “Finally it’s complete! After this, I’ll elevate to virtual G.o.d-level!” Lin Huang’s eyes sparkled.

 He already knew how to go about facilitating his breakthrough to virtual G.o.d-level.

 “Warlord, you can stop searching for Virtual G.o.d rank-9s now; it’s not necessary anymore. The ruins will be accessible for two more days—within these two days, concentrate entirely on locating coordinates for beginner-stage True G.o.ds. We’ll go on a final round of hunting!”

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