Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1395 – What Did You Do To Me?!

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Chapter 1395: What Did You Do To Me?!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The golden palms that blotted out the heavens instantly enveloped the entire s.p.a.ce, cutting off all Lin Huang’s avenues of retreat like a cage.

 This move by the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son finally made Lin Huang thoroughly aware of the actual gap between himself and true G.o.d-level at its peak.

 “Is this the ability of a peak-level True G.o.d?!”

 The Demonic Buddhist Holy Son’s attack seemed to be just a simple push of the palm, but Lin Huang knew that in reality there were at least twenty G.o.d Rule Powers and Elemental Enlightenments compounded within that one move.

 The G.o.d Rules and Elemental Enlightenments that he had currently mastered totaled to less than twenty kinds—this was the gap.

 In addition to compounding Rule Bending Powers, the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son’s move had almost reached the ideal state of equilibrium in all aspects, such as power and speed. The way he used and matched the various Rule Bending Powers had reached the point of perfection.

 With just this one attack, Lin Huang could roughly gauge that the ability of the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son in front of him was already at heavenly G.o.d-level, and it was more than just a bit stronger than his current self.

 Originally he had a.s.sumed that once he had elevated to Virtual G.o.d rank-6, his ability would be comparable to a Virtual G.o.d rank-9, so he should be able to deal with his opponent. Now it appeared that he entirely underestimated the other’s ability and overestimated his own.

 Lin Huang frowned as he watched the giant golden palms completely enclose the entire area.

 “A very wide range of attack with no blind spots at all; the entire area is a prison with nowhere to escape…” He frantically ran through countermeasures in his head. “However, an attack like this with an extensive range usually has a flaw in terms of partial energy dispersion… …”

 The next instant, the sword in his hand turned into thousands of blood-red thunderbolts, and the ends of the thunderbolts repeatedly bombarded the same point—the gap between the two golden palms.

 In just the blink of an eye, the blood-red sword point repeatedly a.s.saulted the same spot thousands of times.

 Cobweb-like hairline fissures soon began to appear in the gap. As the number of Lin Huang’s attacks increased, the number of fissures also increased, the fissures themselves becoming larger and larger.

 Just when the golden palms filling the sky were about to press down on Lin Huang, the point that he had been repeatedly attacking finally gave way.

 In an instant, a hole seemed to appear in the golden dome of the sky; the countless golden palms that blotted out the heavens crumbled like an avalanche.

 Before the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son could complete his attack, Lin Huang burst out from the hole in a flash.

 “Breaking the surface with points—you’ve played a very good hand,” the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son smiled and praised Lin Huang, “I originally thought that one move would settle you, but it seems like I’ve underestimated you.”

 “I’ve also slightly underestimated you. I thought that most Demonic Buddhist Holy Sons were four and a half-ranked Pseudo-supreme G.o.ds, but I didn’t expect to be lucky enough to run into a fifth-rank Supreme G.o.d.” Lin Huang remained incomparably calm. An extra card quietly appeared in his hand as they spoke.

 “I admire your self-deprecating spirit very much.” The Demonic Buddhist Holy Son looked condescendingly at Lin Huang.

 “I’m not laughing at myself.” Lin Huang smiled and shook his head. “I said I was lucky because I could finally have a Supreme G.o.d-level imperial monster…”

 He had barely finished speaking when he crushed the card in his hand.

 The card turned into little invisible points of starlight and surged towards the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son.

 The Demonic Buddhist Holy Son had not sensed the starlight a.s.sault. As he was wondering what Lin Huang meant by these words, the points of starlight had already penetrated directly between his brows.

 The next instant, the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son suddenly realized that he could no longer move his body. At the same time, his body, strong as that of a Heavenly G.o.d, began to disintegrate into a golden glow at a speed visible to the naked eye.

 “What did you do to me?!” Seeing this extraordinary scenario unfolding, the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son finally panicked.

 No matter how hard he struggled, he could not move his body at all. He could only watch his body disintegrate inch by inch.

 “I didn’t do anything; I just used a little trick to make you my imperial monster.” By the time Lin Huang finished speaking, the body of the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son had disintegrated to almost nothing.

 A moment later, the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son disintegrated completely, turning into little golden points of light, and condensing into a golden card in Lin Huang’s palm.

 The Seal Card had taken effect!

 After Lin Huang had elevated to virtual G.o.d-level, the upper limit of Xiao Hei’s card pool was also automatically elevated to four stars. As long as he hunted True G.o.ds, he would get a four-star card draw chance. He had just quietly exchanged this for a four-star Seal Card.

 The four-star Seal Card could seal monsters whose rarity was Supreme G.o.d-level and below. Although there was a definite chance of the seal failing, this time the seal was successful.

 In fact, after only one exchange in combat, Lin Huang knew very well that he could not battle the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son. His opponent would crush him whether it was in terms of combat level or Rule Bending Powers.

 It was a miracle that he had escaped unscathed the first time they exchanged blows.

 If he continued to fight, Lin Huang did not think that he would be able to sustain that kind of luck. Given the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son’s IQ, he would not have made the mistake of underestimating his opponent a second time.

 So, Lin Huang decisively dismissed the idea of continuing to battle him and had quietly crushed the Seal Card.

 Seeing that the golden card in his hand had completely formed, Lin Huang could not help checking its detailed information.

 “Monster Card: Unnamed”

 “Rarity: Supreme G.o.d”

 “Monster Name: Demonic Buddhist Holy Son”

 “Type of Monster: Evil Spirit Type/Multi-faced Tribe”

 “Combat Level: Third-rank True G.o.d (Ninth-rank True G.o.d)]

 “Major: Buddhism”

 “Major Skills: Two-Faced Demonic Buddhist, Demonic Buddhists in One…”

 “Minor Skill: Vajrapani Buddha Body…”

 “G.o.d Rule: Unlimited Buddha Light, Devil’s Bite…”

 “Elemental Enlightenment: Sky Flash, Vajra…”

 “Summon Authority: Activated”

 “Card Remarks: Cultivate with full force!”

 Seeing the hundreds of skills densely packed in the skill slot of the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son, and that he was proficient in more than 30 kinds of Rule Bending Power, Lin Huang was a little dazzled. Just a cursory glance and he was envious of the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son’s many skills.

 However, Lin Huang did not look at the card in detail; he just glanced over it in general then stored it back into his inner world and contacted the two Sword Servants.

 Sword301 and Sword302 had noticed that the battle on Lin Huang’s side had halted suddenly, but the two of them had no idea what had happened.

 Amid their worries about Lin Huang’s safety, Lin Huang’s message came through and the two of them immediately returned to the entrance and exit of the ruins.

 When she realized that the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son had vanished without a trace, Sword302 could not help asking, “Where did that fellow from just now go?”

 “I’ve dealt with him already,” Lin Huang had no intention of explaining any further than that.

 Although he gave no specific explanation, when the two Sword Servants heard his words, their brains filled in a great many of the gaps and their gaze toward Lin Huang became even more full of respect.

 “Let’s go. If we don’t leave, there will be Abyssal creatures coming to block our path.” As soon as Lin Huang finished speaking, he took the lead and stepped out from the ruins.

 The two Sword Servants immediately followed him and exited the ruins together.

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