Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1398 – The Return

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Chapter 1398: The Return

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After he came out of the dimensional gateway, Lin Huang clearly felt the difference between the gravel world and the great world.

 Perhaps it was because his own world’s rules were incomplete. The sense of restraint of the various rules of the gravel world was much weaker than that of the great world. It gave Lin Huang a faint sense of illusion that he was invincible there.

 He could clearly sense that the gravel world’s s.p.a.ce was more fragile. He even had a feeling that he could easily tear the s.p.a.ce of this world as soon as he swung his sword.

After he took a little time to feel the changes in the environment, he extended his Divine Telekinesis and probed the surrounding environment.

 Lin Huang could not help but raise his brows after a simple sweep of Divine Telekinesis.

 “This is the third floor of the Abyss Brink?!”

 He had been to the third floor of the Abyss Brink more than once before and had collected information such as maps and monster distribution from this floor. Now that he had returned after a year, he immediately recognized what place it was after a simple probe of Divine Telekinesis.

 Just as Lin Huang recognized that this was the third floor of the Abyss Brink, suddenly, there was a wave of spatial fluctuation behind him.

 He turned his head and looked behind him. An arm was stretched out of the dimensional gateway, the one that he had just pa.s.sed through.

 After a while, the owner of the arm poked out half of its head strenuously.

 It was a huge human-like undead. When it saw Lin Huang, it opened its mouth wide and showed his mouth that was full of yellow and black teeth.

 Its mouth was large enough to swallow Lin Huang in one bite.

 However, Lin Huang did not have the slightest expression of fear on his face. He turned around and looked at the monster. He did not make a move but patiently waited for it to get out of the gateway.

 Based on its aura, this monster’s strength was at the level of a first-rank True G.o.d.

 Due to the hindrance of the world will of the gravel world, the process of getting out of the dimensional gateway was relatively difficult.

 In fact, if this gateway had not just been opened by Lin Huang, this monster would not be able to get through. It would not even realize the existence of this dimensional gateway.

 Lin Huang had not made a move to kill the monster, but rather, he was waiting patiently for the opponent to come out of the gateway completely.

 To him, a complete corpse of a True G.o.d was more valuable than an arm and half of his head.

 However, what Lin Huang did not know was that the barrier that he broke when he went through the dimensional gateway had already alarmed the Union Government.

 The undead that was trying to get through the dimensional gateway further caused the Union Government’s alarm to ring loudly.

 At the Agency EA headquarters of the Union Government, the head of agency, Guan Zhong was sweating profusely.

 He just got the news from Mr. Fu, who set up the barrier, that there was a problem with one of the barriers on the third floor of the Abyss Brink. A powerful existence had pa.s.sed through the dimensional gateway and more living ent.i.ties were now trying to pa.s.s through.

 “Notify the guardians of the Abyss Brink that crack barrier No. 018 is completely destroyed. It is suspected that a powerful existence has pa.s.sed the s.p.a.ce dimensional gateway. Let them notify all the partic.i.p.ants in the Abyss Brink at once and ask them to evacuate!

 “Issue a gold emergency mission to all members of the Union Government on the third floor of the Abyss Brink. Notify them to head to the crack barrier area No. 018, check on the specifics of the situation, and report on the information that they’ve found! However, you must explain the situation to them. This mission is very likely to be life-threatening, so it is not compulsory, it’s voluntarily-based. If they cannot bear the consequences of death, tell them to not take the mission.

 “Also, notify the Hunter a.s.sociation, Dynasty, and other cooperative forces. Inform them of the destruction of crack barrier No. 018. Ask them to send people to a.s.sist in the investigation…”

 Lin Huang sat close to the s.p.a.ce crack and patiently waited for the huge undead to come out.

 When the big guy was almost halfway out, Lin Huang suddenly turned his head and looked in another direction. He sensed that there was an aura approaching extremely quickly.

 He swept through with Divine Telekinesis. The other party was a young man who had just been advanced to the imperial-level. He recognized that the other party was a member of the Union Government because he was wearing the uniform of the Union Government military department. He was dressed upright as if he had just changed into the clothes.

 “Is he coming toward my direction at this time because the barrier was destroyed?” Lin Huang immediately realized that he had destroyed the barrier set by Mr. Fu and other Virtual G.o.ds when he pa.s.sed through the dimensional gateway. This might have made the Union Government mistakenly think that a monster of the great world had pa.s.sed through the dimensional gateway.

 “I should say h.e.l.lo to the teacher…” Lin Huang reluctantly shook his head. “Forget it, since someone from the Union Government is coming over, I’ll just explain it.”

 About seven or eight minutes later, the young man in military uniform finally arrived at the scene.

 When he saw Lin Huang, he was obviously taken aback because he had not sensed Lin Huang’s presence.

 However, after seeing Lin Huang’s face, he clearly recognized this man to be Lin Huang.

 “Lin Renhuang?!”

 “Hmm.” Lin Huang nodded slightly.

 After confirming Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty, the young man in uniform then looked at the s.p.a.ce crack and saw that the undead had more than half of its body out of the gateway. He had cold sweat all over his body.

 “This undead… is a True G.o.d?!”

 If it was not a true G.o.d-level powerhouse, transmitting over would not be such a laborious process.

 “First-rank True G.o.d.” Lin Huang nodded.

 After he received Lin Huang’s confirmation, the young man in uniform was unable to calm down. “Your Majesty, before it gets out, let’s quickly notify the Virtual G.o.ds of the major organizations to come and attack it from all sides!”

 “It doesn’t need to be so troublesome.” Lin Huang shook his head.

 “Do you have another way?” the young man in uniform asked quickly.

 “Yes.” Lin Huang nodded calmly.

  “What is the solution?”

 “When he comes out completely, I will kill him.” Lin Huang’s method was simple and violent.

 “Uh…” The young man in uniform was completely speechless.

 He naturally did not think that Lin Huang’s ability was enough to kill a True G.o.d. Seeing that Lin Huang was indifferent to calling for reinforcements, he took out a communicator and dialed a number.

 It took about ten seconds before the number was connected.

 Lin Huang saw that the video projection turned out to be an acquaintance.

 “Sir head of agency, I am now in the s.p.a.ce crack No. 018. The s.p.a.ce crack barrier has been destroyed, and there is a true G.o.d-level undead that is trying to pa.s.s through. Please inform the virtual G.o.d-levels of all major organizations to encircle and attack it from all sides…”

 “It doesn’t need to be so troublesome.” Lin Huang stood in front of the camera. “Guan Zhong, long time no see. I didn’t expect that the first acquaintance that I see upon returning to the gravel world would be you.”

 “Lin… Lin Renhuang?” Guan Zhong was taken aback when Lin Huang suddenly appeared in the camera.

 “This dimensional gateway was opened when I returned just now. I will solve the problems that arise, so no need to trouble others.” Lin Huang explained with a smile.

 “But isn’t that undead a True G.o.d? Your Majesty, are you sure you can deal with it?” Guan Zhong asked with some uncertainty. If someone else had said this, he might think that the other person was crazy. However, it was Lin Huang who had said this, so he was just a little uncertain.

 After all, he knew that Lin Huang had the power to kill a Virtual G.o.d more than a year ago. Now that he had gone to the great world, his ability was not without the possibility of skyrocketing.

 “It’s only a first-rank True G.o.d. I have killed no fewer than ten.” Lin Huang nodded calmly.

 This sentence caused an internal uproar for Guan Zhongxin. He did not think that Lin Huang was exaggerating.

 ‘How far has his ability grown? He has killed more than ten True G.o.ds…”

 After he hung up the call, Guan Zhong reported the news of Lin Huang’s return and the invasion of the True G.o.d without any hesitation.

In the Abyss Brink, the young man in uniform looked at the black screen and was speechless for a while.

 He did not expect that his plan to call for reinforcements would be terminated by Lin Huang.

 “Your Majesty, have you really killed a True G.o.d?” He still had doubts about Lin Huang’s ability.

 “In total, I’ve killed around hundreds of them.” Lin Huang nodded.

 From the first to the sixth-rank, the number of True G.o.ds that he had killed did indeed exceed one hundred.

 However, in the eyes of the young man in uniform, those words seemed more like bragging. What made him even more depressed was that Guan Zhong had believed in Lin Huang’s bragging.

 “Then why not make a move now before he gets out?” The young man in uniform desperately wanted to see if Lin Huang really had the ability to kill a True G.o.d.

 “A complete corpse is more valuable.” Lin Huang gave his explanation.

 “Let’s stop talking about this. Let’s talk about something else.” To prevent the other party from continuing to entangle this topic, Lin Huang took the initiative to change the topic. “The communicator that you just used can communicate outside the Abyss Brink. How does that work?”

 “This new communicator is used for cross-border transmission through a mid-end information storage and transmission equipment. It only needs a transfer device to be set up at the entrance and exit of the secret zone or the ruins. I don’t understand the specific principles to it.”

 “Second question, why do you have to wear a military uniform when you are partic.i.p.ating in a trial? You are dressed so modestly?”

 “Agency EA issued a mission to investigate, saying that the danger is extremely high, and it is very likely to lead to death, so I specially put on a military uniform before coming. If it really comes to death, I would rather die in this uniform!”

“The third question, single or married…?”

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