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Chapter 140: Faking Death

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It felt like the time stopped in the training room. The Giant Horned Rhino who was stepping on Lin Huang’s body froze. Other monsters that were coming to Lin Huang froze too. The monitor bite that was not far away paused in the air. The entire room was frozen. It felt as if someone pushed a pause b.u.t.ton.

A body appeared nearby Lin Huang’s corpse, it was the body would be used to fake Lin Huang’s death.

“The Ruinshade Wolf came just in time. I thought I’d need to lure more monsters to attack me later on, but that one wolf surprised me. It had saved much of my time.” Lin Huang did not expect the Ruinshade Wolf to attack him. If he did not fake his death, he could have summoned Bai to save him when his neck was bitten and things would not go this way. However, since he was faking his death, Lin Huang just allowed things to happen. Seconds later, he was dead under the Giant Horned Rhino hoof.

“Please create the fake incident.”

“Now I need to create a fake corpse to replace my corpse and I’ll use the Deception Card to make everyone believe that it was my real corpse. I want everyone to know that I died in the training room and never regained consciousness.”

The replacement corpse will disappear within seconds so Lin Huang needed a prop for his corpse. The Deception Card would follow the story he created and come out with a variety of deceptive items.

“The corpse needs be an exact replica of mine. It must also have the same rings I have such as the Emperor’s Heart ring. The color and size must also be the same. If the Giant Horned Rhino proceeds to attack, let it attack me even more to cause even more damage to my body.”

“All the items created by the Deception Card would be exactly the same as the real thing until the time limit is exceeded and everything disappears.”

“It’s okay, in one month’s time, they will lose my equipment rings. With the way Scarface’s is, he will not allow other people to touch my stuff and Hong Zhuang would not want my stuff anyway. I emphasized this just to make sure everything goes well.” Lin Huang nodded.

“Please select the target to deceive.”

“That would be all the creatures that saw my corpse. The monitor bird, surveillance cameras, videos taken from the Emperor’s Heart Ring, mirrors and everything that has a trace of my corpse.”

“Faking death isn’t complicated; all I need is to let people think that I’m dead.” Lin Huang smirked, “As long as the Purple Crow things that I’m dead, they won’t look for me anymore.”

“Is there anything else?”

“I need to cover my tracks from the time I fake my death so that n.o.body can sense my presence; Hong Zhuang and other hunters included.” Lin Huang added.

“Items and effects in progress…”

“Items have been created…”

Lin Huang used a Provisional Transformation Card and transformed himself into the Specter. He dove underground. Now that his aura was wiped away, n.o.body would know that he was hiding under the corpse in the form of Specter. Soon, a notification popped up.

“Deception Card will be effective for one month.’

“Time will resume, inserting fake incident now…”

Frozen time returned to normal in the training room. The monitor bird flapped its wings and captured Lin Huang’s death.

Soon, Scarface saw the video clip. He was shocked because he had been watching Lin Huang these days and felt puzzled when he did not summon Bai on the seventh floor. He did not expect this to happen at all. The Ruinshade Wolf came out of nowhere and plunged onto Lin Huang. Lin Huang fell to the ground and it seemed like he broke his neck. Although he managed to kill the Ruinshade Wolf, a Giant Horned Rhino came and stomped on him.

Lin Huang did not die on the first stomp but he stopped moving completely after a few stomps and in the end, his body was deformed. The man rushed to the seventh floor and found the training room Lin Huang was in. He forced the door to open and found Lin Huang’s corpse in an instant. He clapped once and all the monsters that were present died on the spot.

Lin Huang saw him and immediately entered the corpse in his spectral form. He needed to follow the fake corpse or the room would still show that there were people in the training room. The man flipped Lin Huang around. His body was deformed by the stomping of the Giant Horned Rhino. All of his bones were crushed and his organs were destroyed.

“How did this happen?!” The man could not believe what he was seeing although Lin Huang’s body was right in front of him and he saw what exactly happened in the video clip. After some investigating, the man figured out how Lin Huang died. After some thought, he picked up Lin Huang’s body and ran out of the training room. He headed back to his office and placed Lin Huang’s body on the ground as he called someone.

Lin Huang left the body and dove into the ground while watching the story unfold.

“Get me a coffin and send it to my office.” The man said directly after the phone was picked up.

“Do you mean a coffin for a corpse?” The person who picked up the phone thought it was a mistake.

“If a coffin is not for a corpse, what would it be used for?!” The man was already angry and upon hearing the person asking something stupid, he shouted at the person.

“I… I understand, I’ll send it right away!” The staff dared not ask further.

The man took a deep breath and looked at Lin Huang’s corpse, he was frowning. Six minutes later, the man in who was responsible for public executions came into the office. He was shocked to see Lin Huang’s corpse.

“Put him in the coffin.” The man said.

The man in did not ask any further as he put Lin Huang’s corpse into the coffin carefully.

Just as he was attempting to cover the coffin, he was stopped by the man.

“It’s alright, you can leave now.” The man in nodded and left. The man then called another number. After two rings, the video call was connected.

“Why are you calling me? Did something happen?” It was the middle-aged transcendent Lu Xuan in the video call.

“Something happened to the kid that you sent.” The man looked at Lu Xuan in all seriousness.

“It’s alright if it’s something small as long as you don’t kill him.” Lu Xuan waved his hand. He thought Lin Huang broke the rules in the training camp.

“The kid is dead…” The man said helplessly.

“What?!” Lu Xuan’s eyes were opened wide, “What happened?”

The man then told him the story, “There’s nothing that I can do, everything happened too fast. When I went to him after seeing the video clip, he was already dead…”

“I already told you that you need to watch after him and now he’s dead under your watch… It’s not that you don’t know about Master Hong Zhuang’s temper, we’re in big trouble now.” Lu Xuan did not know what to do.

“What should we do, we can’t cheat our way out.” The man was in a pickle.

“We can’t hide this from her, we must let her know immediately. If she found out that we hid the truth from her, the consequences would be worse.” Lu Xuan said, “I’ll inform her now. You try to get someone who is more powerful than Lin Huang from the camp and recommend it to Master Hong Zhuang.”

“More powerful than Lin Huang? I don’t think there’s anyone in the entire Division7 training camp that could be more powerful than him.” The man said, “You didn’t know that the kid was an Imperial Censor, am I right? He even had a vampire that went through two mutations…”

“No wonder Master Hong Zhuang recommended him…” Lu Xuan finally got some context.

“Stop talking nonsense, what should we do now!” The man did not know what to do.

“We can only tell her the truth. I’ll inform her and get her to see the corpse. You get the video clip from the camera so that you can show her when she comes by.” Lu Xuan thought that was the only way.

“It’s our fault, after all… We’ll have to bear her temper…”

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