Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1402 – Two Hundred And Sixty–Eight Sword Servants

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Chapter 1402: Two Hundred And Sixty-Eight Sword Servants

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After the meeting, Lin Huang was seen on his way back to the Emperor Palace, so the news of Emperor Lin’s return spread like wildfire. Even secretly taken photos were posted on the Dynasty internal forum, becoming the hottest news of the day.

 Just as Lin Huang arrived at the entrance of the Emperor Palace, he found that a figure was already waiting at the gates.

 “Xiao Mo? How come you’re here?”

 “I’ve just received the news so I knew that you’re back. I figured you would definitely return to the Emperor Palace, so I just waited here.” Immediately after Xiao Mo saw the news on the forum, he had gone to wait at the gates of the Emperor Palace at once.

 “Come on, we’ll chat inside,” Lin Huang said as he pushed open the doors of the Palace and walked into the depths of the main hall with Xiao Mo.

 “You’ve changed quite a lot within this one year. Your combat strength is already at Virtual G.o.d rank-3 level and your aura is also a lot more stable. You’ve probably done a fair bit of actual combat training, right?” Lin Huang commented by way of greeting as they walked.

 “This year I spent more than half the time in the deep sea area of the Peaceful Ocean.” Xiao Mo nodded slightly. “But it’s been a bit difficult to advance after rank-3; there are too few monsters above rank-3 in the gravel world.”

 “When this crisis is resolved, you can go to the great world with me. Over there, virtual G.o.d-level is just the starting point.”

 “That’s what I planned.” Xiao Mo nodded.

 The two went into the depths of the main hall. After they sat down, Lin Huang looked at Xiao Mo with a serious expression. “Is there any particular reason why you came looking for me?”

 Xiao Mo was silent for a moment. It seemed as if he was sorting out what he wanted to say; only after that did he speak.

 “Ever since I advanced to virtual G.o.d-level eleven months ago, all I have to do is fall asleep and I’ll have strange dreams,” Xiao Mo said and paused. He glanced at Lin Huang before continuing, “The contents of my dreams are all related to the Crow G.o.d.”

 Lin Huang frowned slightly. “Do you remember any concrete specifics of your dreams?”

 “The scenes in the dreams are very fragmented and messy. But I saw the Crow G.o.d’s will projection on the Peaceful Ocean. He appears to be planning something.”

 “Are you certain it’s the Crow G.o.d’s will projection?” Lin Huang had his doubts about this because he had personally seen the Crow G.o.d’s will projection disappear during battle.

 “I’m pretty sure it is. Although he occupies a human body, his aura is far too familiar to me.” Xiao Mo, who had once existed as a Crow Spirit, was naturally familiar with the aura of the Crow G.o.d.

 “I did actually see the Crow G.o.d’s will projection vanish with my own eyes at the time, but I can’t completely rule out that he played a hand with Golden Cicada Molting.” After Lin Huang considered things for a while, he felt there might be a possibility that the Crow G.o.d’s will was still alive. “So you spent the better part of the year in the Peaceful Ocean to try and find him?”

 “Yes. For one thing, it’s to verify whether or not my dreams were true. For another, I also want to dispose of him in case he causes even more problems. I’ve also considered the fact that I’ve advanced to virtual G.o.d-level and resources are limited in the gravel world. Even if his combat level is higher than mine, it can’t be that much higher. If I can’t beat him, I can always escape. Also, I only have to ascertain that he really is alive; there’s no need for me to face him head-on alone. I can absolutely ask Huang Tianfu for some virtual G.o.d-level helpers and join forces to kill him!”

 Xiao Mo was afraid that if his dreams were just dreams and had nothing to do with reality, hastily asking for backup from Huang Tianfu would be rather awkward. Therefore he thought that he would first locate the Crow G.o.d’s will projection, confirm that he still existed, and then obtain reinforcements.

 “You probably didn’t find him, did you?” Lin Huang guessed.

 “No…” Xiao Mo shook his head, “I suspect that he might be able to spy on my movements in reverse. In the past six months I’ve located at least seven or eight sea areas in the Peaceful Ocean that are extremely similar to my dreams—but after searching according to what I saw in them, I never once managed to find him.”

 “If you can see him, it’s very likely that he can see you too. After all, you used to be a Crow Spirit. For some reason, it is possible to have this kind of spiritual two-way connection with the Crow G.o.d.”

 Although Xiao Mo did not have concrete evidence to prove that whatever had happened in his dreams was real, Lin Huang still believed that the lad might have established a certain special connection with the Crow G.o.d.

 “How about this—I’ll get a few people to go with you to the Peaceful Ocean and they’ll help you solve this matter of the Crow G.o.d.” Lin Huang felt that it was time to release the Sword Servants.

 “But what if my dreams are just dreams and have nothing to do with reality—won’t they have gone all the way for nothing?” Xiao Mo was still a little embarra.s.sed.

 “It’s okay, if it ends up being nothing, they can consider it a holiday,” Lin Huang said and summoned all the two hundred and sixty-eight Sword Servants within the scope of his authorization.

 After elevating to virtual G.o.d-level, his control authorization over the Sword Servants had also increased—now he could summon all the Swords Servants ranked after the number one hundred.

 When he saw more than two hundred individuals appearing at the same time, Xiao Mo was taken aback at first. Once he sensed the terrifying aura of the group, however, the expression on his face instantly turned to one of shock.

 All of the two hundred and sixty-eight Swords Servants were affected in combat strength by Lin Huang; their actual combat abilities were now at third-rank true G.o.d-level. Even if their auras were not openly displayed, it was enough to shock all the virtual G.o.d-level powerhouses.

 “Lord Swordmaster!”

 Once all the Swords Servants had been summoned, they greeted Lin Huang in unison immediately.

 “This is the gravel world which has incomplete rules. The highest combat strength that can be accommodated here is only Virtual G.o.d rank-9. If you want to move around freely, you’ll have to temporarily seal your combat strength at Virtual G.o.d rank-9.

 “If you don’t want to stay in the gravel world, you can also return to the Great Heaven Territory first. Once I return to the great world, I’ll summon you again.”

 After Lin Huang finished speaking, not a single person mentioned returning to the Great Heaven Territory. They all sat down one by one and sealed their combat strength.

 These two hundred Swords Servants—Swords101 to 300—had just left the Great Heaven Territory for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years. Now that they had been released, naturally, they wanted to stay longer and take in more of what was outside the Great Heaven Territory.

 As for the other sixty-eight people—Sword301 and the rest—although they had been released in the G.o.d Territory previously, they had stayed for less than a month. They were also much more curious about the gravel world that they were about to explore.

 Since the gravel world had rule restrictions, even if their combat strength was sealed at Virtual G.o.d rank-9, they were still top-tier in terms of combat strength. So, without any hesitation, everyone sealed their abilities right away.

 “These people are…” Only after hearing that everyone was going to seal themselves at Virtual G.o.d rank-9 did Xiao Mo realize that these two hundred over people were True G.o.ds.

 “They are members of the organization that I established in the great world,” Lin Huang briefly explained, “Although the organization has not been officially established yet.”

 “They are all True G.o.ds?” Even though he was seeing it with his own eyes, Xiao Mo still felt slightly incredulous.

 “They are all True G.o.ds.” Lin Huang nodded.

 It did not take long for the Sword Servants to complete the sealing of their abilities, keeping their combat levels at Virtual G.o.d rank-9. The faint, ever-present sense of rejection from this world that they felt from before had finally faded.

 “Who among you is good at tracking and investigation?” Lin Huang asked the group of Sword Servants in front of him.

 As soon as he finished speaking, more than a dozen people raised their hands one after the other.

 “Alright then, it will be the twelve of you. Take a trip to the Peaceful Ocean with Xiao Mo and take care of this issue with the Crow G.o.d,” Lin Huang glanced at the others as he spoke, “In this gravel world, I have two organizations under my command. One is called Dynasty and the other is called Misery. I would like to have another twenty people remain here to temporarily join these two groups, ten per organization. Those who join will be treated as highest-level guest officials and they will also be able to voluntarily partic.i.p.ate in the high-level meetings of both organizations…”

 Before Lin Huang could even finish speaking, a large number of Swords Servants raised their hands immediately.

 He glanced over the a.s.sembly; at least more than 80% of Swords Servants had raised their hands at the first instance.

 “Sword101, Sword102, both of you select a team of ten people each. Pay attention to how their abilities match.”

 It took less than two minutes for the two Sword Servants to quickly form two teams.

 “The rest of you will be led by Sword 103 as the team leader. In this gravel world, form a Sword Alliance.

 “The mission that I entrust to all of you is this—to find people with a talent for Sword Dao in the gravel world. Get them to join the Sword Alliance and train them into powerful sword cultivators!”

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