Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1403 – Old Friends

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Chapter 1403: Old Friends

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The formation of the Sword Alliance was not simply a whim that had suddenly occurred to Lin Huang.

 The long-term plan that b.l.o.o.d.y had drawn up included cultivating talented young geniuses as an inherent part of it.

 However, the suggestion that b.l.o.o.d.y had put forward at the time was to let Dynasty and Misery recruit more young blood.

 Lin Huang had also not yet become heir to the Great Heaven inheritance.

 Now that he had obtained the Great Heaven inheritance along with the support of several hundred Sword Servants, he saw this as an opportunity to do something for sword cultivation and train up even more excellent Sword Dao cultivators.

 This was how the idea of imitating Great Heaven and forming a pure sword cultivator organization had emerged.

 However, unlike Great Heaven who directly recruited powerful sword cultivators as his subordinates, Lin Huang hoped that he could do more. He aimed to train more sword cultivators from the gra.s.sroots, and discover more sword cultivator talents and geniuses.

 Of course, he had not given up the idea of training up other non-sword cultivator novices. Neither Dynasty nor Misery had stopped recruiting newcomers.

 In all honesty, when they heard that Lin Huang was about to form a Sword Alliance, almost all the Sword Servants’ eyes lit up. They had not expected Lin Huang and Great Heaven to have similar visions; in fact, the new swordmaster cast his sights even further.

 After he had arranged Xiao Mo’s affairs and where all the Sword Servants would go, Lin Huang contacted Huang Tianfu again to tell him about the Sword Servants taking up residence, and then asked for a portal.

 Although Huang Tianfu was rather astonished by the Sword Servants settling in, he did not raise any objections.

 After receiving the portal from Huang Tianfu, Lin Huang immediately led a team of ten Sword Servants across the portal threshold and appeared at the Misery headquarters.

 Over on Misery’s side, Zhi Ji and the others had known about the news of Lin Huang’s return from very early on.

 They were not surprised that Lin Huang had appeared. It was only that the ten Sword Servants were all unfamiliar faces and each of them had an astonis.h.i.+ng aura, which made it difficult for everyone in Misery to ignore their existence.

 “Zhi Ji, summon all the Red Robes for a meeting in conference room No. 1!”

 Lin Huang finished speaking and walked toward the meeting room right away with the ten Sword Servants.

 Zhi Ji let the other Red Robes hurry to catch up while he began contacting the other Red Robes one by one.

 Ten minutes later, all fifteen Red Robes from Misery had arrived.

 However, when the Red Robes saw that there were ten unfamiliar faces in the conference room, they vaguely antic.i.p.ated that Lin Huang might be making a big move this time.

 “From today onward, these ten individuals will be official guests of Misery, enjoying the same privileges and authority of the Red Robes.” Lin Huang gestured to the ten Sword Servants standing behind him.

 It was not hard for Zhi Ji and the others to sense that these ten individuals were all Virtual G.o.d rank-9s. With fellows at this level of combat strength joining Misery, the organization’s overall abilities would naturally be greatly improved. However, the Red Robes also harbored a great many worries within their hearts. They were afraid that Lin Huang was planting these ten people within the organization to remove the current Red Robes from power.

 “You don’t need to arrange positions for them. If the ten of them need anything, do cooperate as much as possible on Misery’s side,” Lin Huang finished speaking, turned his head, and said to the ten Sword Servants, “The formal meeting will begin next. The ten of you can stay if you want to sit in. If you don’t want to, you’re free to do whatever you want.”

 After hearing Lin Huang’s latter comment, many b.l.o.o.d.y Robes, including Zhi Ji, were secretly relieved.

 They had originally a.s.sumed that Lin Huang had brought these ten individuals along to take the place of the existing b.l.o.o.d.y Robes and slowly remove the current upper levels from power.

 However, not only had he not arrange for any positions for the newcomers, but they also had the choice to listen in on the meeting or not, which proved that Lin Huang really did not intend for these ten people to take over Misery.

 As several Sword Servants got up and left, the initially weighty atmosphere in the meeting room lightened up considerably.

 “Zhi Ji, tell me about Misery’s expansion over the last year…”

 Lin Huang very quickly brought up the main topic of the meeting.

 The meeting with Misery ended after more than half an hour.

 Unlike the people of Dynasty, the people of Misery were also curious about Lin Huang’s trip to the great world but no one ventured to ask about it.

 Lin Huang only spoke briefly about what he had seen and heard in the great world, emphasizing that “virtual G.o.d-level is only the starting point of cultivation”.

 After setting down the next stage of development for Misery, Lin Huang left the ten Sword Servants behind and returned to Emperor City on his own.

 As soon as he returned to Emperor City, his communicator suddenly began vibrating.

 When he pulled up the communication web page, it was a group message from a social media platform. The sender was Yi Zheng and he had tagged Lin Huang.

 This group was a small one established by Lin Huang before he left the gravel world. Basically, all his friends were in it.

 Not only were Fatty, Yi Zheng, and Leng Yuexin in it, but Chan Dou, Liu Ming, Xiao Mo, and the rest were part of the group as well.

 As soon as he clicked on the message to read it, Yizheng sent one sentence, “Are you back?!”

 After that, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang immediately followed up with a question mark emoji.

 “What’s the situation? Brother Zheng, what news did you get?” Chubby Yin Hangyi asked in a text message.

 After some thought, Lin Huang guessed that Yi Zheng must have received the news from the Union Government. After all, his family was in the upper levels of the Union Government’s military department.

 Since this sort of thing would come out sooner or later, Lin Huang did not bother covering it up and directly replied to the message in the group.

 “I’m back.”

 As soon as his message was sent, the group immediately bubbled over with questions.

 “Are there many powerhouses in the great world?”

 “How have you been in the great world this past year?”

 Many of their questions were about the great world.

 When Lin Huang saw the situation, he simply clicked on the video chat.

 Everyone there also joined in the group video chat.

 “I haven’t seen all of you in a year, I hope everyone is doing well,” Lin Huang greeted everyone first.

 “You’re also aware you haven’t seen us in a year and you won’t even say h.e.l.lo to us when you come back,” Li Lang laughed and teased Lin Huang.

 “I was busy. I haven’t been back for a year and there’s a ton of stuff to take care of on Dynasty’s side. I’ve been busy all day and I’ve only just stopped to rest,” Lin Huang explained with a smile.

 “If everyone is free in the next two days, let’s find a time to meet up. However, I may only be able to spare a day or two. After the next couple of days, I’ll be preparing to go into closed-door cultivation. I won’t be able to come out for at least three months.”

 “Let’s fix it for the next two days then; I’m preparing to go into closed-door cultivation too.” The speaker was Chan Dou, who hardly ever sent a message in the group.

 “More and more I’m beginning to feel that I won’t be able to catch up with both of you in my lifetime. I’ll just wait for a good reincarnation in my next life at this rate.” Seeing that Lin Huang and Chan Dou could not go 3 sentences without talking about cultivation, Li Lang almost wanted to give up on his efforts.

 The most terrifying kind of person in this world was—a hard-working prodigy.

 Lin Huang and Zen Dou were undoubtedly such individuals.

 “Reincarnation is also a skill. Just because you want to reincarnate into a good person doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to do so,” Fatty said with a smile.

 “Fatty, how’s your store’s business coming along?” Lin Huang immediately asked when he saw Fatty speaking.

 “Fatty’s business is doing extremely well. It’s almost becoming a Dynasty cafeteria; we can’t even get a place in the queue when we come to eat,” Yi Yeyu joked with a smile.

 “Didn’t I reserve seats for all of you? When did I ever let you all queue up?” Fatty demanded, aggrieved.

At this point, Leng Yuexin’s video feed finally connected.

 “It’s good that you’re back. Let me know when you’ve fixed when to meet. I can’t chat much today, I have training later.”

 “Alright, go do what you need to do. We’ll let you know later on,” Lin Huang greeted.

 Leng Yuexin nodded and disconnected the call after that.

 Everyone continued idly chatting with each other for a while before Yi Zheng finally set the time of the gathering.

 “We’ll set the meeting for tomorrow then. See you at Fatty’s restaurant in Emperor City at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.”

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