Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1407 – Advancing To Virtual God Rank–6!

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Chapter 1407: Advancing to Virtual G.o.d rank-6!

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As more time pa.s.sed in the Emperor Palace, Lin Huang fully completed the refining and fusion of the Divine Fire.

As he had no idea when the invasion would happen, he could only race against the clock to improve his combat strength as soon as possible.

In the blink of an eye, two more months pa.s.sed.

Lin Huang completed the refining and fusion of ten sixth-rank Divine Fire tinders. With the tempering of Divine Fire, the G.o.dhead finally advanced to sixth-rank.

It took him almost three months to increase his combat strength from Virtual G.o.d third-rank to the Virtual G.o.d sixth-rank.

Since he had not obtained any higher-rank Divine Fire, he could proceed no further in his cultivation to improve his combat strength.

It took more than half an hour for him to adapt to his newly heightened combat strength. Finally, Lin Huang opened the door of the Emperor Palace and officially exited!

After three months of closed-door cultivation, he made his grand return, and his power had made another qualitative leap.

The moment he threw open the gate of the Emperor Palace, Sword101 and Sword102, who had been guarding the door for the past three months, immediately turned around and bowed to him.

Although they did not pry into Lin Huang’s cultivation status in the Emperor Palace, as Sword Servants they could naturally sense it every time the swordmaster’s combat strength was advanced. After all, every advancement led to their combat strength being unsealed.

Both of them were certain that Lin Huang had raised another three small levels in the short span of three months.

“Thank you for your hard work. I probably won’t enter closed-door cultivation again any time soon. You can move around freely now.”

Lin Huang gave the two a small nod.

However, the two did not leave. Instead, they walked to Lin Huang’s side, a short distance behind, and silently a.s.sumed the roles of bodyguards.

This had been mentioned by Sword1. The swordmaster must have a minimum of two bodyguards with him at all times.

Lin Huang noted the development but said nothing.

As his Divine Telekinesis unfolded, he found Huang Tianfu and the others, and Lin Huang appeared in his office in a flash.

“Your Majesty!”

Lin Huang’s silent appearance startled Huang Tianfu for a moment, but he quickly regained his composure.

“Did anything happen during my three months of closed-door cultivation?”

“Nothing significant.”

Huang Tianfu sorted out his thoughts before he spoke again.

“We have followed your instructions and shared the information of the great world with the Union Government and other top organizations. After that, the news leaked further. Now, more than 80% of the transcendent cultivators have obtained the relevant information and knowledge about the kind of enemy that they will be facing. Therefore, in the past few months, everyone has been vigorously acquiring resources and improving their ability in all aspects.

“The major organizations have also relaxed their standards and began to accept more newcomers. A new wave of expansion and development has commenced. Many people who were originally scattered have also joined the organizations.

“Someone has been keeping watch at the Abyss Brink—nothing much has changed. But for us, no news is good news.”l

“There is one more thing related to you, Your Majesty.”

“What is it?” Lin Huang asked, a little surprised.

“The news of your return from the great world was leaked and it became a trending topic. Basically, all cultivators know about it now.” Huang Tianfu snuck a peek at Lin Huang but did not see any change in his expression.

“If it’s leaked, so be it. People will know sooner or later anyway. It doesn’t affect me.” Lin Huang really did not care about this kind of thing.

“The rest are small matters. Now, nearly all the organizations are busy scrambling for resources, and those that are in conflict have agreed to cooperate under the influence of external pressure. No one is doing anything at all. I would go so far as to say that it has been the calmest few months in the past 100 years.”

“How has Dynasty been these past few months?” Lin Huang asked.

“As we were the first to get the news and therefore were the most prepared, we currently occupy the most wastelands and ruins among all of the organizations. In terms of expanding, our recruitment of newcomers is inferior only to the Hunter a.s.sociation and the Union Government. We are ranked third. Some casuals with fair ability have also joined us.”

“How about Misery?” Lin Huang pressed.

“The wastelands and ruins occupied by Misery rank second, but their expansion is slightly slower than ours. I don’t know much about the specifics, so you may still have to ask Zhi Ji.”

Lin Huang gave a small nod, then his Divine Telekinesis swept the area. He found that the building where Lin Xin lived was still open, and she was not outside.

“Xin Er is still in closed-door cultivation?”

“Yes, she has yet to come out.” Huang Tianfu nodded.

“This girl, would she get to Virtual G.o.d rank-9 in one go…” Lin Huang thought about it inside his head.

“Xiao Mo is also not back?”

“No.” Huang Tianfu shook his head.

Lin Huang frowned slightly…

The Peaceful Ocean was so vast that it occupied more than 70% of the entire gravel world. It was also connected to eight of the twelve Safe Zones.

The environment under the sea was more complicated and constantly changing, especially in the deep sea area.

Xiao Mo and the twelve sword servants dispersed and searched for three months without any results.

During this time, he also gradually developed a way to control his dreams under the guidance of a Sword Servant.

He saw more and more images about the will projection of the Crow G.o.d.

However, he had no doubt that the Crow G.o.d could also spy on him.

That was why every time that he found its hiding place, when he rushed over he was always a step too late.

Even Xiao Mo himself began to wonder if the scenes he saw in his dream were just illusions and had nothing to do with reality.

After three months, he was exhausted both physically and mentally.

Suddenly, a tyrannical Divine Telekinesis swept through the area without the slightest bit of subtlety. A sense of horror gripped Xiao Mo’s heart and the hair on his body stood on end.

“What a strong Divine Telekinesis!” The Divine Telekinesis was so powerful that it was suffocating and he knew the person it belonged to must be at least a true G.o.d-level powerhouse.

As soon as he felt it, he noticed that a ray of Divine Telekinesis was suddenly locked onto him.

Before he had time to react, a figure appeared a short distance away.

Just when his scalp started to go numb and he got ready to flee, he got a clear view of the figure.

“Your Majesty?!”

Lin Huang appeared directly in front of Xiao Mo.

“I finally found you.”

“You… why are you here?” Xiao Mo reacted after a stunned pause.

“I just came out of closed-door cultivation today. After I found out that you haven’t been back in three months, I came to have a look. After all, there is no communication signal in most of the Peaceful Ocean, so I have no choice but to find you myself.” Lin Huang explained exasperatedly. If the communicator had been able to reach Xiao Mo, he would not have bothered to make this trip.

“Have you not found that guy after three months?” He did not beat around the bush.

“No. I suspect that he spied on me much more than I spied on him. He might know what we said, what we did, where we went, and what we communicated about. As such, we were always a step too late, we couldn’t even catch his shadow. I’m starting to wonder if the dream fragments I saw were real or if they were just hallucinations created under the influence of the Crow G.o.d.”

“If that’s the case…” Lin Huang touched his chin and went deep in thought for a moment, then raised his head to look at Xiao Mo. “Are there any items with the aura of the Crow G.o.d on you?”

Xiao Mo considered the question. “My Divine Power is of the same origin as the Crow G.o.d and there should be a certain degree of similarity in aura. Is that sufficient?”

“We can try.” Lin Huang nodded.

Xiao Mo immediately stretched out his finger and exerted a ray of Divine Power.

The ink-black Divine Power curled like a small snake, clung to Lin Huang’s fingers, and finally stopped in Lin Huang’s palm.

After Lin Huang’s Divine Telekinesis was released, he nodded after giving the ray of Divine Power a thorough scan.

“Let’s try it first. If it doesn’t work then we’ll think of something else.”

As he spoke, the invincible Divine Telekinesis swept out again. It swept across the entire Peaceful Ocean almost instantly.

After a while, the corners of Lin Huang’s mouth twitched upward. “Found him!”

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