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Chapter 1409: A Game

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What happened? Did he do that?!”

When he saw the six true G.o.d-level monsters being killed within seconds, the Crow G.o.d was thunderstruck. With his Virtual G.o.d rank-2’s combat strength, his vision was not fast enough to keep up with Lin Huang’s movements.

‘He’s just a Virtual G.o.d rank-3, no matter how much of a genius he is, he can’t have the ability to kill a True G.o.d…So, there is only one possibility—someone must have made a move surrept.i.tiously just now. The person who did it must be extremely proficient in to be able to instantly kill two third-rank True G.o.ds in a second. Whoever that is must be at least a fourth-rank True G.o.d, or even stronger…’

Lin Huang’s combat strength under the guise of Thousand Face was still Virtual G.o.d rank-3, so the Crow G.o.d and Xiao Mo naturally thought that he was just a Virtual G.o.d rank-3.

However, in the Crow G.o.d’s mind, he knew it was impossible to kill a True G.o.d within seconds, especially a third-rank True G.o.d. Therefore, he made a snap conclusion—Lin Huang had a true G.o.d-level powerhouse behind him, and the person was at least a middle-rank True G.o.d.

After thinking about it carefully for some time, the expression on Crow G.o.d’s face became uglier and uglier.

“The first batch of six True G.o.ds sent here to explore the path died. Could it be caused by the instability of the s.p.a.ce gateway?”

The six small potatoes that were supposed to explore the path were killed instantly. The Crow G.o.d, who was in the great world, could sense that they had died, but he had no way to know what caused it.

In the current situation, an unstable s.p.a.ce gateway was the most reasonable explanation for the death of the six.

The Crow G.o.d had carried out a thorough investigation and concluded that there was no True G.o.d in the gravel world.

If he had only sent a first-rank True G.o.d to explore the path who was subsequently killed by the virtual G.o.d-level prodigies in the gravel world or was ambushed and done in by a group of Virtual G.o.ds, the possibility of this situation was not impossible.

However, he had sent over six True G.o.ds this time, and those with the highest combat strength even included two third-rank True G.o.ds. There should be no gravel world that could cultivate any virtual G.o.d-level geniuses that could kill a third-rank True G.o.d. And even if they were besieged and ambushed by a group of virtual G.o.d-levels, six True G.o.ds were unlikely to be killed instantly.

Therefore, the only reasonable explanation for the death of the six True G.o.ds was an accident caused by the unstable s.p.a.ce gateway.

A Dimensional Storm might have struck and shattered the six; it was also possible that there was a Dimensional Whirlpool in the pa.s.sage which swallowed everyone in it; he also could not rule out a Dimensional Tide happening which swept them all away…

However, these most logical inferences were not the truth.

Lin Huang naturally thought of the same things that the Crow G.o.d will projection thought of. The reason why he killed the six small potatoes that were sent to explore the path in seconds was to make the Crow G.o.d doubt himself.

If the Crow G.o.d was certain that there was no problem with the s.p.a.ce gateway, he might a.s.semble a large army and descend, which was not an ideal situation for Lin Huang.

The major organizations in the gravel world already had their hands full with the upcoming invasion that was about to descend on the Abyss Brink.

If a wave of invaders from the Crow G.o.d came in advance, it would greatly deplete the number of virtual G.o.d-level powerhouses in the gravel world. At that time, once the war of the Abyss Brink breaks out, things will fall into greater chaos.

To avoid this disaster, Lin Huang hoped that he could resolve the matter of the Crow G.o.d on his own.

Different from the s.p.a.ce gateway that the invaders were already familiar with in the Abyss Brink, this s.p.a.ce gateway on the Peaceful Ocean seabed was obviously just completed in the past few days, and had not even been operated at all.

The six True G.o.ds that were just transported over were the first trial run by the Crow G.o.d to confirm the safety of the gateway.

Lin Huang’s strategy was very simple. As long as he created the illusion that the trial operation had failed several times and coaxed the Crow G.o.d into believing that there was a problem with the s.p.a.ce gateway, he will be in no hurry to gather an army to come down.

Once it was confirmed that the s.p.a.ce gateway was faulty, the Crow G.o.d will undoubtedly postpone the invasion plan and find a way to fix the issue.

This delay would be enough for Lin Huang to destroy the transmission anchor point of the s.p.a.ce gateway on the Peaceful Ocean seabed.

After that, as long as the will projection of the Crow G.o.d and his other subordinates were taken care of, cutting off any possibility of them setting up a s.p.a.ce anchor point again, the invasion plan of the Crow G.o.d was basically nipped in the bud.

Just when the Crow G.o.d’s will projection showed his worry about whether or not to give up on this invasion, the s.p.a.ce gateway suddenly fluctuated again.

“Here they come again!” Xiao Mo stared at the s.p.a.ce gateway, more anxious than ever.

Only Lin Huang remained calm.

Crow G.o.d making a second attempt was completely within his expectations.

The white gleams of the s.p.a.ce gateway were prosperous and there was only one aura that teleported over this time.

The Crow G.o.d and Xiao Mo could not clearly tell who was teleporting over or what combat level it was.

Then, the head of the figure spun in a high arc and a huge headless corpse fell to the ground…

The Crow G.o.d dispatched only one person this time, a fourth-rank True G.o.d, and it was an Ankylosaurus with amazing defenses.

Seeing the Ankylosaurus that was teleported over had its head cut off by a single wave of the sword, the Crow G.o.d was even more shocked.

There was still an aura that remained on the corpse of the Ankylosaurus. He could clearly sense that it was a fourth-rank True G.o.d. In terms of defense power alone, this monster was stronger than most fifth-rank monsters. Even a sixth-rank True G.o.d was unlikely to easily kill it within seconds.

However, the reality was right in front of his eyes—the Ankylosaurus was beheaded easily.

The Crow G.o.d was beginning to become frightened. “Is it possible that the person behind Lin Huang is a high-rank True G.o.d?! But in this gravel world with incomplete rules, how can a high-rank True G.o.d survive for such a long time?!”

Crow G.o.d’s back was dripping with cold sweat, and starting to feel that the situation in this gravel world might be more complicated than he ever expected.

At this moment, Xiao Mo’s nervousness was turning into confusion.

He turned to look at Lin Huang but instantly dispelled the thought that had just flashed in his mind. Even if he was confident in Lin Huang’s ability, he still could not believe that Lin Huang did this. Both he and the Crow G.o.d came to the same conclusion—someone made a move from behind the scenes!

Only Lin Huang maintained an expressionless front.

However, he knew in his heart that by killing the second wave of explorers, the job was already more than half done.

The Crow G.o.d replaced the six explorers with only one explorer in the second wave in order to test the stability of the s.p.a.ce gateway. Previously, when he sent six of them, there was a possibility that the number of transfers affected the stability of the dimensional gateway. If even one explorer could not be transported successfully, it could only mean that there was a huge problem with the transmission channel.

Moreover, he deliberately chose an Ankylosaurus with strong defenses to eliminate the possibility of the first wave of pathfinders being beheaded. Even though the Ankylosaurus was only at fourth-rank in combat strength, its defense was comparable to that of the sixth-rank monster. Even if it really met a sixth-rank True G.o.d, it could easily hold its ground for half an hour.

For it to be killed within seconds, there were only two possibilities.

One was that this gravel world had a powerful high-rank True G.o.d.

The other was that there was a major problem with the s.p.a.ce gateway, and the Ankylosaurus was torn apart by the s.p.a.ce rules.

The Crow G.o.d, who was far away in the great world, obviously thought that the latter was far more likely.

“Will he give up or send a third wave…” Lin Huang stared at the dimensional gateway and patiently waited for the result of this round of the game…

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