Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1422 – The God’s Figurine’s Combat Souls Have Appeared!

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Chapter 1422: The G.o.d’s Figurine’s Combat Souls Have Appeared!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ku Rong stood in front of a s.p.a.ce rift with his eyes half-lidded, as if he were completely ignoring the spatial fluctuations in front of him that kept on coming continuously. He was dressed in a white monk’s robe, his clothes fluttering in the wind caused by the spatial fluctuations, making him look like a celestial being.

The moment the invaders arrived, he suddenly opened his eyes.

Even without physically making a move, the bodies of the ten virtual G.o.d-level rank-5 monsters began to disintegrate inch by inch as soon as they were teleported over—not only their bodies but even their souls were rapidly being disintegrated in the same way.

In an instant, the ten explorers had been reduced to nothingness—not even a drop of blood remained.

Not far from Ku Rong, Bai was dressed in all black, his white hair wafting slightly in the wind.

He stared at the s.p.a.ce rift, face devoid of emotion, expression unreadable.

After a moment, the spatial fluctuation quickly reached its peak, and ten silhouettes gradually revealed themselves

At this moment, Bai stretched a finger out to point in the air, and ten blood-colored electric arcs shot forth like living creatures. The next instant, the arcs plunged directly into the bodies of the newly-arrived ten monsters.

A second later, the bodies of the ten monsters began to shrivel up, and in just a few moments they became completely desiccated corpses. That was not all, though. After another half-second or so, the dried corpses began to disintegrate on their own, turning into dust in the sky.

Tyrant was much more direct than the others in his attacks.

As soon as the ten explorers were teleported over, he leaped forward and punched them one by one, pummeling all the monsters into a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp.

Charcoal, on the other hand, opened his wide mouth and spewed out his Dragon Flame, burning all the invaders into ashes that blew away in the wind.

Meanwhile, Warlord made no moves whatsoever. Before the explorers were teleported over, he placed a row of small artillery batteries in front of himself.

The moment the explorers arrived, blasts from about a dozen artillery batteries simultaneously sounded, and the blaze engulfed the ten invaders.

By the time the batteries ceased fire, the ten monsters were nothing more than ten lumps of pulverized meat, and it was impossible to tell what they had originally looked like.

Seeing that these few did not even have so much as their corpses remaining, Lin Huang could not help crying out in his heart, ‘What a waste!’

Lancelot, Killer, and the others were certainly far more conventional and used equally conventional killing methods. The only thing was that the speed of their kills was just a little faster and they eliminated their enemies within seconds.

That is, all but Grimace, who was the most ostentatious one of all in his methods.

The moment the ten invaders arrived, Grimace instantly took control of their bodies and steered them to walk into his own G.o.d Territory.

What happened after that, no one knew.

The twenty-one imperial monsters annihilated their enemies almost instantly.

However, it did not go so smoothly for the battle troops.

Even if they had the upper hand, only the three teams with Virtual G.o.d rank-4s as their cores were able to complete their kills. However, they were only able to kill two or three of the invaders.

Upon seeing this, Mr. Fu immediately took action.

However, at this moment, hundreds of scarlet electric arcs shot out almost simultaneously. Before Mr. Fu’s own attack could land, the arcs instantly penetrated the bodies of the remaining one hundred and twelve monsters.

Impressively enough, the person who attacked was Bai, who had already completed his mission.

Before this, when Lin Huang had asked them to help in bolstering attacks, Bai had already taken it upon himself to make this his second mission.

Therefore, after completing his first mission, he turned around, immediately locked onto all the remaining explorers, and brazenly made a move!

The scarlet arcs pierced into the bodies of the monsters in front of him like lightning bolts, and the creatures quickly shriveled into desiccated corpses at a speed visible to the naked eye, before finally disintegrating into fine dust all over the ground.

Seeing this, Mr. Fu withdrew from the attack in some embarra.s.sment. He knew very well that his own move would definitely not have been as effective.

The numerous Virtual G.o.ds who made up the battle formations were also dumbfounded when they saw the scene that unfolded before their eyes.

Such an attack really shocked them.

Just like that, the monsters which could not be defeated even by the battle formations that they had formed had all been summarily disposed of. This also gave everyone a new understanding of the strength of Lin Huang’s summoning beasts.

“That was likely more than a hundred Virtual G.o.d rank-5s, and they were all killed instantly! What kind of ability is this?!”

“I’ve said it before—that white-haired imperial monster looks exactly like a human, so he must be a Protoss! Do you all still have any doubts now?!”

“Say, could that white-haired individual be the strongest imperial monster under Lin Huang’s command? Or could there be an even stronger fellow?”

Just as everyone was debating hotly among themselves, another wave of reinforcements arrived.

This wave of reinforcements consisted of twenty or more people. Lin Huang saw a few familiar faces; those were the Sword Servants under his command.

The reason the Sword Servants were late was that most of them had never been to the Abyss Brink before, let alone pinpointed its coordinates.

They had no choice but to teleport themselves to the nearest location with a portal, and then either teleport again and again through a fixed dimensional portal or fly over here.

A few who were proficient in s.p.a.ce Rule could use it to rush over, but such individuals were few and far in between. This was why the Sword Servants had arrived later than the other reinforcements from the other major forces.

At this point, including the twenty or more Sword Servants that were present, more than two hundred and sixty Virtual G.o.ds from the gravel world had been despatched.

Almost eighty percent of the Virtual G.o.ds from the gravel world were now a.s.sembled on the entire third layer of the Abyss Brink.

Judging from the situation earlier, the initial small contingents of battle troops comprising seven or eight people were obviously not enough to cope with the next invasion.

Dongfang Bai had already begun discussions about the establishment of a stronger battle formation with the upper levels of various forces.

As the head of Dynasty, Lin Huang had naturally partic.i.p.ated in the discussion, but he had not expressed any opinions throughout the entire process.

He was still deliberating whether or not he should summon the bug beasts or reveal the Sword Servants’ strength.

Dongfang Bai naturally noticed that Lin Huang seemed to be considering something, and could not help asking, “Emperor Lin, if you have any ideas, please do tell us.”

“I…” Just as Lin Huang was at a loss for words, a sudden stirring came from within his body. It was the Eternity Fire (Qi Muxiong’s Goldfinger) sending him a message—’I can provide spiritual energy to the G.o.d’s Figurines.’

The reason Lin Huang had not considered using the G.o.d’s Figurine’s Combat Souls before was that there were only ten of them within his body that he could use, while there were twelve s.p.a.ce rifts. Although there were still many unused figurines, there was no way for him to use them, and others would not be able to unleash their power even if they used them.

However, now that the Eternity Fire had said so, he could summon two more G.o.d’s Figurines and completely block all the dimensional gateways.

“Leave the remaining twelve dimensional gateways to me. You can hone the battle formations and begin preparations for the start of the official war,” Lin Huang considered this for a while before deciding to say it openly.

Everyone was stunned by what they heard.

Mr. Fu was slightly worried. “Is it really okay?”

“It’s all good, I can handle it.” Lin Huang nodded, then summoned the ten G.o.d’s Figurine’s Combat Souls, including the Ninetails Lynx, as well as two other G.o.d’s Figurine that had been imbued with the spiritual energy of the Eternity Fire.

Under Lin Huang’s instructions, the twelve G.o.d’s Figurine’s Combat Souls quickly occupied the remaining twelve s.p.a.ce rifts and became the new guardians.

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