Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1429 – Rather Too Brief A Time

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Chapter 1429: Rather Too Brief A Time

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After returning to the Emperor Palace, Lin Huang patiently waited for Wu Mo’s aura within the blood of the True G.o.d to gradually strengthen.

After about two or three minutes, Wu Mo’s aura finally rose to its peak, and she woke up from her deep sleep that had lasted for nearly two years.

“Sister Momo!” Lin Huang immediately greeted Wu Mo after sensing that she had awakened.

“Lin Huang…” Wu Mo quickly consolidated her translucent body, and immediately checked on her state of being. “My spiritual energy has been completely replenished!”

Lin Huang smiled and nodded. When he was killing True G.o.ds in the great world, apart from the ten G.o.d’s Figurine’s Combat Souls being imbued with spiritual energy, any excess spiritual energy had been infused into Wu Mo’s body. Her peak state was only that of a third-rank True G.o.d, so her spiritual energy had been replenished a long time ago.

“Did you go to the great world?” Wu Mo’s reaction was immediate, because the gravel world simply did not have enough resources to fully replenish her spiritual energy.

“I did, and now I’ve come back.” Lin Huang nodded. “How do you feel?”

 “Pretty good. My soul has almost been restored to its peak state, and I feel better than I did two years ago,” Wu Mo said with a smile. “I just lack a physical body.”

“I’ve already prepared one for you. It’s the body of a Protoss,” Lin Huang said, retrieving a body from out of his s.p.a.ce storage—a female clad in a black dress

“She was a sorcerer-type, and her combat level before her demise was fifth-rank True G.o.d. When I first killed her, I thought that her physical body would be highly compatible with you. I’ve preserved this body all this time because I wasn’t sure when you’d wake up.”

As Lin Huang spoke, he summoned the drop of blood of the True G.o.d that was leeching off of Wu Mo’s body, bringing it out of her.

“The residual aura of the corpse is very powerful. Were you really the one who killed her?” Wu Mo had a slightly surprised expression on her face.

“Yes, I killed her.” Lin Huang nodded.

Wu Mo’s illusory silhouette floated in the air, her feet not touching the ground. Staring intently at Lin Huang, she scrutinized him carefully and soon discovered an anomaly. “Your combat level is only Virtual G.o.d rank-3, but it seems like you’ve already mastered Rule Bending Power. It wouldn’t be impossible for you to kill a True G.o.d, but this body did belong to a medium-rank True G.o.d who was at fifth-rank after all—she was even a Protoss…”

Since they were in the gravel world, the Thousand Face mask on Lin Huang’s face simply disguised his combat level. It did not disguise his appearance, nor did it conceal the fluctuations of the Rule Bending Power in his body.

“My combat level is disguised. It’s actually at Virtual G.o.d rank-6,” Lin Huang explained his combat power but did not extrapolate.

“Alright, we’ll a.s.sume you killed her then,” Wu Mo said as she pursed her lips.

Lin Huang could not help smiling; however, he gave no further explanation.

“Try the body out to see if it’s good or not. If it isn’t suitable, we can change it to another one.”

Wu Mo nodded. Her illusory silhouette entered the blood of the True G.o.d and took control of it. The drop of blood turned into a stream of flowing purple-gold light and flowed into the sorcerer-type corpse from between its eyebrows.

A moment later, life force gradually began filling the sorcerer-type corpse.

After about five to six minutes, the life force in the body of the sorcerer-type finally reached its peak.

Wu Mo opened her eyes little by little, sat up slowly, and then looked down at her hands and body.

“This physical body feels really good! It’s even stronger than my original body, and our compatibility is over 85%. It should be even higher once I take some time to get used to it…”

Wu Mo was obviously very satisfied with this new body.

“As long as you think it’s suitable.” Lin Huang smiled and nodded.

After getting a sense of her new body for a few moments, Wu Mo quickly calmed her excitement and asked, “How’s the situation in the gravel world now? Has the invasion begun?”

“A few days ago, those over in the great world were testing the dimensional gateways, but fortunately, the tests failed. They’ve probably been trying to suppress the world will of the gravel world for the past few days. It’s estimated that after the suppression is successful, they’ll arrive directly with an army… “Lin Huang briefly described the situation of the gravel world.

Wu Mo asked a few more questions regarding the great world’s impending invasion of the gravel world, and Lin Huang answered them all one by one.

“According to the sense of rejection that I currently feel from the world will, I estimate that there’s still a few more days before the world will is completely suppressed. I’d like to take advantage of these few days to go back to the floating land and fetch something. After I retrieve what I want, I’ll rush back here as soon as I can.” Wu Mo felt a sense of rejection from the world will, and quietly sealed her combat level at virtual G.o.d-level rank-9.

“Go then.” Lin Huang did not have any objections.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll become a deserter?” Wu Mo smiled so widely her eyes crinkled up like crescent moons.

“I’m not afraid.” Lin Huang shook his head.

In reality, there was something else that he did not say out loud—’It doesn’t matter whether you become a deserter or not. As long as I’m here, this wave of invasion will be futile.’

“Don’t worry, I’ll come back before the world will is completely suppressed!” Wu Mo said and headed toward the gates of the Emperor Palace.

Lin Huang followed behind and sent her off.

Mr. Fu was obviously taken aback at seeing a woman suddenly walk out of the tent.

Many of the people around also turned their eyes in her direction, their gazes full of curiosity.

“Is it another summoning beast?”

“I don’t think that’s the case this time. She looks more like a secret mistress.”

“She came out less than ten minutes after Emperor Lin entered the tent. That’s rather too brief a time.”

The crowd started chattering.

Wu Mo glanced over her surroundings. Naturally, she heard everyone’s comments, but she paid them no heed and turned her head back to ask Lin Huang a question.

“Previously, didn’t you mention that there weren’t many Virtual G.o.ds in this era? This isn’t considered ‘not many’!”

“There are more than two hundred of them whom I brought back from the great world for reinforcements. More than half of the rest were transformed from DemiG.o.ds this year,” Lin Huang explained.

“Alright. I’ll return to the floating land first; I’ll be back in a few days.” Wu Mo did not enquire any further.

After saying that, her figure rose directly into the air, and she sped toward the exit of the Abyss Brink.

This scenario baffled everyone even more.

“That young lady just now…” Only after seeing Wu Mo’s figure disappear into the sky in a flash did Mr. Fu come back to his senses and question Lin Huang.

“That’s Wu Mo, the Sorcerer G.o.ddess I told you about before—the one from the Sorcerer Dao Epoch.”

“Oh, I remember, the one from the floating land.” Mr. Fu recalled that Lin Huang had brought up this True G.o.d member of the Wu Tribe in one of their past conversations. “I remember you said that she was leeching off of your body and had fallen into a deep sleep. So, she’s woken up?”

“She’s woken up, yes.”

“Why did she fly away? Did you two have a fight?” Mr. Fu inquired, sensing gossip.

“I don’t have that kind of relations.h.i.+p with her…” Lin Huang immediately caught what Mr. Fu was implying, and said with a helpless expression on his face, “She left because she wanted to go back to the floating land and retrieve something.”

“Oh.” Mr. Fu’s expression said ‘I understand’.

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