Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1433 – The True God Crasher

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Chapter 1433: The True G.o.d Crasher

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“So many undying species and spirit-types?!”

Lin Huang’s brows furrowed upon clearly detecting the invaders’ auras, but it did not take him long to realize what had happened.

“Could those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have captured these creatures from the Undead Dimension?!”

A sudden epiphany hit Lin Huang. He now understood why the number of invaders that arrived this time had exceeded his estimation by so much.

The one thing the Undead Dimension had an excess of was undying species and spirit-types. In the past six days, the invaders from the great world had obviously captured ma.s.sive numbers of native monsters and Abyssal trial partic.i.p.ants from the Undead Dimension to front their army.

This also explained the monsters’ extreme fury after they were teleported here.

Anyone who was kidnapped and then forced onto the battlefield would feel the same way as well.

Lin Huang was considerably satisfied with how Bai and the rest of his summoning beasts were performing. However, he chose to sit on the sidelines and watch this time, without making any moves.

Since the curtain had already risen as far as war was concerned, there was no longer any reason to keep pursuing instant kills.

The fact that there was no problem with the dimensional gateways would be discovered by their enemies sooner or later.

During moments like this, he preferred to cut some slack accordingly so that the invaders would be misled into underestimating the gravel world’s strength. A brief show of weakness would prompt the enemy True G.o.ds to join in the fray sooner.

If the gravel world started the fight in too overpowering a manner, it might trigger the invaders to be much warier. The act of hunting down Abyssal creatures to be sent to the front lines was a result of the gravel world displaying too much force in the enemies’ exploration stages. Lin Huang did not wish to see any more such surprises.

Although the summoning beasts had yet to utilize their full abilities and the Sword Servants were preserving their energy, the ma.s.sive crowd of Virtual G.o.ds in the gravel world had nearly reached their limits.

They had utilized an a.s.sortment of ranged attacks, both middle-ranged and long-ranged.

As for the Union Government, they utilized the True G.o.d Crasher immediately.

Differing from the G.o.d Crasher Lin Huang obtained that could only cause damage to demiG.o.ds, the Union Government’s True G.o.d Crasher had an alloy barrel that was made using Divine Stones as the main component. The weapon utilized Divine Crystals as its power source and Virtual G.o.ds had to infuse it with Divine Power to activate it.

If a Virtual G.o.d rank-4 were to activate the True G.o.d Crasher, its power would be sufficient to annihilate a Virtual G.o.d rank-6. Additionally, the True G.o.d Crasher had areof-effect attacks. This made it unnecessary for the attacks to completely land on the target. As long as the target was within range of the attack, they would be overwhelmed even if they did not die.

However, weapons such as this had a more severe flaw as well. The higher the combat level of its user, the greater the power unleashed by the Crasher. However, the number of Divine Crystals expended would also be higher.

Divine Crystals, in themselves, were considered an extremely rare commodity in the gravel world. If not for the Union Government obtaining plenty of Divine Crystals over the past year via Royalty’s duplication, the Union Government’s existing Divine Crystal store would only have allowed them to use the True G.o.d Crasher a few times.

Other than the Union Government, other top organizations also played their trump cards.

Nearly every Virtual G.o.d hunter in the Hunter a.s.sociation had brought along two or three beast spirits of nearly the same combat strength.

Beast spirits shared some similarities with summoning beasts, but beast spirits had no physical bodies. Therefore, they were immune to most physical attacks but the duration of their summoning was limited.

After summoning hundreds of beast spirits—which even a.s.sembled into a gigantic battle formation taking the shape of a humanoid monster holding a gigantic sword—the battle formation shadow possessed abilities beyond that of a Virtual G.o.d rank-9.

With every slash delivered by the formation, wherever its Sword Energy pa.s.sed through, monster piled up.

On Misery’s side, more than thirty Virtual G.o.ds a.s.sembled in a battle formation that took the shape of a Great Golden Buddha.

The Great Golden Buddha was over ten thousand zhang tall, and from its mouth came recitations of religious scriptures.

As the sound resonated, the bodies of the monsters began self-combusting in strange red fire.

Once the fire had burned down completely, the monsters’ bodies suddenly blossomed into enchanting red lotus flowers. In a trice, the battlefield seemed to be transformed into a lotus pond.

On Shadow Killer’s side, the battle formation consolidated into a Black-robed Death G.o.d.

The Black-robed Death G.o.d’s methods were rather bizarre.

Beneath its billowing black robe, the shadows of the countless invading monsters came to life and twined around their hosts’ physical bodies, dragging them toward the darkness beneath the black robe.

However, whoever was dragged beneath the black robe lost all signs of life as though their physical bodies and souls had been submerged in a bottomless abyss.

Meanwhile, Mystic b.u.t.terfly consolidated into a purplish-red b.u.t.terfly-like monster.

The b.u.t.terfly monster had a wingspan of over a hundred meters. Although much smaller compared to other battle formation shadows, it was more intricate and surpa.s.singly beautiful.

As the b.u.t.terfly’s wings fluttered, sprinkles of starlight scattered all over.

Yet, the moment they came into contact with just a tiny bit of these starlight sprinkles, the monsters’ bodies began festering immediately, sprouting countless pustules until all that was left was a puddle of b.l.o.o.d.y pus.

Lin Huang scanned his surroundings and noted that each organization was performing quite well.

However, what he took notice of most was not the Union Government, the Hunter a.s.sociation, or Shadow Kill—it was Mystic b.u.t.terfly.

‘That starlight… It doesn’t seem like a toxin. It looks more like Abyssal pollution-type energy…’

Lin Huang had noticed that the invading monsters’ bodies festered and grew pustules after coming into contact with the starlight, not because of toxins; it was a mutation caused by energy pollution.

Despite camouflaging its move well, Mystic b.u.t.terfly failed to hide it from Lin Huang, who was proficient in rule power.

All along, Lin Huang had not bothered too much about this giant organization that had been created on the basis of intel-gathering. Yet, now it seemed like Mystic b.u.t.terfly had a definite connection to the Abyssal Tribe.

However, now was a time for war. Lin Huang had no plans to air Mystic b.u.t.terfly’s dirty laundry just yet.

Lin Huang had another reason for not wanting to burn this bridge. Just because Mystic b.u.t.terfly had Abyssal-related skills, it did not mean that they sided with the Abyssal camp. An example of that was Lin Huang himself. He commanded the Bug Tribe Queen Mother and the great Bug Tribe army as well as the galactic hive, but that did not mean he sided with the Bug Tribe.

‘I hope they’re only borrowing those abilities to use,’ mumbled Lin Huang internally while simultaneously adding Mystic b.u.t.terfly onto his personal watchlist.

Other than the several giant organizations, the other organizations seemed to be performing well too. Hardly any of them were deliberately slacking off.

Everyone understood that if they lost this fight, it would be equivalent to giving up the gravel world to the invaders. n.o.body wanted to be enslaved; neither did they want to see their homeland laid to waste. Thus, there was nothing to do but to go all out in this battle.

This time around, even Mr. Fu rolled up his sleeves and joined in the fight, and Lin Huang did not stop him.

Mr. Fu unleashed his full power with no reservations the moment he entered the battle. Clad in full-body armor, he charged directly into the swarm of monsters.

Lin Huang retained a strand of Divine Telekinesis on Mr. Fu that allowed him to watch over Mr. Fu’s movements, in order to lend a hand whenever necessary.

Of course, the battlefield was not completely devoid of people who were slacking off.

Other than the summoning beasts under Lin Huang’s command, the Sword Servants did not unleash their full power at all in their attacks. None of them unsealed their combat strength to True G.o.d-level.

There was also Wu Mo and Lin Xuan.

Both of them knew that the conclusion of the entire battle did not lie in the current fight. They were both preserving the Divine Power within them in preparation for the battle with the True G.o.ds later. To them, this fight was merely a warm-up and naturally did not require too much of their attention.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang himself did not make any moves. Even so, n.o.body complained.

Everyone had already witnessed his true abilities; they merely thought that he was conserving his energy for the later stages of battle.

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