Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1435 – The Hive Has Descended!

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Chapter 1435: The Hive has Descended!

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Lin Huang used Divine Telekinesis to sweep around, and the expression on his face suddenly changed to one of shock.

Almost five thousand true G.o.d-level monsters had arrived!

His prediction had been off by miles. It must be noted that previously, he had predicted that the number of True G.o.d invaders would be no more than a hundred, but the actual number was fifty times more than that—what a smack in the face.

Nevertheless, Lin Huang also noticed that most of these nearly five thousand True G.o.ds were undying species and spirit types, while a small number of them were Abyssal creatures. None of them were Protoss from the G.o.d Territory.

This further confirmed his previous guess—the invaders had captured a large number of monsters from the Undead Dimension to serve as vanguards; not only Virtual G.o.ds but also True G.o.ds.

Fortunately, among the nearly five thousand True G.o.ds, most of them were low and medium-rank. There were not many high-rank ones—only three hundred of them—and among those, only three were ninth-rank.

Seeing the Sword Servants unhesitatingly charging into the battlefield filled with True G.o.ds, Lin Huang activated his Divine Telekinesis, and over three hundred telekinetic flying daggers shot out from the cuffs of his sleeves. The blood-colored arcs, which were like lightning bolts, delineated boundary line after boundary line, heading off all the high-rank True G.o.ds among the arrivals.

In reality, with his current strength being close to the limit of a True G.o.d, it would not have been difficult for him to eliminate these high-rank True G.o.ds within seconds. The reason he only obstructed them and did not kill them outright was actually to avoid exposing his strength to the real enemies from the great world that had yet to arrive.

If he were to instantly kill these high-rank True G.o.ds, there would be a high chance that the real enemies from the great world would call for reinforcements.

Everyone from the gravel world also bore witness to the scenario of Lin Huang blocking off the numerous high-rank True G.o.ds entirely by his own abilities.

Although the vast majority of people could not gauge the specific combat level of the group of monsters that Lin Huang had blocked off, they could still sense the flagrantly terrifying aura emitted by each of those monsters.

Each aura was like a monstrous demonic flame in the eyes of Dongfang Bai and the others, and their hearts were beating wildly just seeing them from a distance. There was no doubt that if even just one of those beasts were to set foot here, it would be enough to annihilate the entire gravel world.

However, Lin Huang—relying solely on his telekinetic flying daggers—was able to block off these giant monsters from entering everyone else’s battlefields.

The people who previously might have made an extremely high estimation of Lin Huang’s strength suddenly found themselves re-evaluating.

“The three hundred-plus monsters cordoned off by Lin Huang are probably all high-rank True G.o.ds, but he stopped all of them on his own… I underestimated his strength once again,” Dongfang Bai murmured, “The gravel world really is too small for him.”

It was only then that Dongfang Bai was truly convinced by Jiang Shan’s words, “The gravel world is too small for Lin Huang.”

“At present, the situation still isn’t looking very good. The number of invaders—Virtual G.o.ds or True G.o.ds—far exceeds our own forces. Lin Huang alone can block off more than three hundred high-rank True G.o.ds, but he has less than three hundred Sword Servants, and only a few dozen summoning beasts. The number of True G.o.ds on the invaders’ side is ten times more than Lin Huang’s numbers.

“There’s also the number of Virtual G.o.ds. The enemy has more than two million of them, while we only have a little over two hundred. Before the True G.o.d invaders arrived, Lin Huang and the others were still able to help out, but now they’re too busy taking care of themselves, so all we can do is face the enemy as one against ten thousand…” Guan Zhong felt completely hopeless about the outcome of this battle.

However, at this moment, Lin Huang suddenly made a move again.

Within the Void, a gigantic galactic hive—its size comparable to that of the moon—suddenly descended onto the battlefield.

The shape of this hive was like a rugby ball-shaped ellipsoid, standing upright in the Void more than ten meters off the ground. There were untold numbers of bottomless holes on its surface, which gave everyone gooseb.u.mps just by looking at it from afar.

The main reason Lin Huang summoned the hive was that there was too great a disparity in the number of Virtual G.o.ds between them and the enemy, and the Sword Servants and summoning beasts were too busy dealing with their own true G.o.d-level opponents to help the Virtual G.o.ds of the gravel world. Moreover, with the previous foretaste of the bug beasts being summoned, coupled with the pressure brought on by the number of invaders, everyone’s aversion to the Bug Tribe army should have been greatly reduced. Lin Huang felt that this was the perfect time to summon the Bug Tribe army.

Even so, most people were taken aback when they saw a galactic hive suddenly appear in the Void.

“The Bug Tribe?!”

“Where did this hive come from?!”

Just as the people of the gravel world were utterly confused, countless bug beasts swarmed out of the hive like an ocean wave, then flocked towards the spirit types and undying species…

Only at this moment did Lin Huang speak again.

“Don’t panic, everyone. I bought this galactic hive from the great world in preparation for this war in the gravel world.”

Lin Huang’s lie, naturally, was to appease everyone.

If he told everyone that this hive had long since been in his possession and that he had been raising a Bug Tribe army, it would inevitably make people wonder if he was secretly plotting something.

It was easier for people to accept that the hive was an existing treasure, bought at a high price solely for this war.

The most important thing was that everyone did not think that this hive could have been obtained from the gravel world, and its value was certainly high, so there was not much to doubt about Lin Huang’s words.

Within this galactic hive, in addition to the six Queen Mothers (two of them were Spider Empresses), there were also ten mythical-level incubators.

Originally, the majority of the Bug Tribe army—which comprised hundreds of millions of bug beasts—were either at imperial-level purple gold-rank or were DemiG.o.ds. After returning to the gravel world, about three hundred thousand of them broke through to virtual G.o.d-level by evolving through mutual feeding within the hive. Furthermore, through Lin Huang’s hunting in the great world for the past year, he had obtained a large amount of Virtual G.o.d corpse materials, and the six Queen Mothers gave birth to a batch of virtual G.o.d-level Bug Tribe fighters. This led to the Bug Tribe army’s numbers reaching one million.

Within this Bug Tribe army of a million troops, most of them were beginner-stage Virtual G.o.ds, but there were also more than twenty True G.o.ds who were conceived by the six Queen Mothers, using True G.o.d corpses as the main material.

Lin Huang was not the slightest bit worried about the losses that the Bug Tribe might suffer in the war. As long as the bodies of the Bug Tribe fighters were not too damaged, they could still be reconstructed after death. At most, they would need to consume a bit more material and energy. For the Bug Tribe, almost all types of beast corpses could be used as incubation material. This was also one of the main reasons why the Bug Tribe was rampant in all the different great worlds.

After this battle, the number of Bug Tribe army members under Lin Huang’s command would only increase, not decrease.

As soon as the ma.s.sive Bug Tribe army joined the battle, everyone from the gravel world suddenly felt that a huge burden was lifted off their shoulders.

The partic.i.p.ation of more than twenty Bug Tribe True G.o.ds in the battle slightly reduced the pressure on Bai and the others, but just barely. After all, the disparity in the number of True G.o.ds between them and the enemy was still huge.

Fortunately, the True G.o.ds that had been sent over were all fighting on their own with no cooperation among each other, which gave the Sword Servants and summoning beasts a chance to catch their breath.

Despite that, the invaders still had a huge advantage due to their sheer numbers. Even though the battle this round was temporarily at a stalemate, if this were to continue, defeat would only be a matter of time for the gravel world.

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