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Chapter 144: Virtual Eye

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A strange noise came from the sky as a black sigil appeared in the air. The sigil looked like there was a black, ferocious scar that caused a crack in the sky. It extended both ways and stopped when it was more than 10 meters long. After it had stopped growing horizontally, it began to grow downwards and soon, a gigantic black eye opened. It looked like it was G.o.d’s eye looking down on the world.

“A Virtual Eye has opened…”

Although Lin Huang had never seen an actual Virtual Eye before, he knew immediately that it was a Virtual Eye when he witnessed it firsthand. The first ever Virtual Eye was opened 800 years ago and ever since then, it became something frequent that happened almost everyday almost everywhere. It could happen outside the safety zone, within the safety zone, places that are less populated or even those that are more densely populated.

This time, it happened less than 20 kilometers from Daxi City, it was considered a dangerous distance as it would take 10 minutes for the monsters that traveled on land to arrive in the city. There would be a bigger problem if there were many flying monsters. However, when the Virtual Eye appeared, the siren in the city went off and defensive s.h.i.+elds of footholds went up. Lin Huang would not know about all these as he was outside the foothold.

Now that the Virtual Eye was opened, he did not have the time to run away. He used a Specific Transformation Card instead and hid in the tree in his specter form. Many monsters were coming out of the Virtual Eye on invisible parachutes. Lin Huang’s jaw dropped as he watched helplessly. It almost looked like monsters were raining out of the sky.

“There are so many silver-level and gold-level monsters…” Lin Huang frowned, “At least the monster horde mostly consisted of nightmare-level and even disaster-level monsters… Hopefully, there won’t be many transcendent monsters..”

The monster horde grade was categorized into violent-grade, nightmare-grade, and disaster-grade…

The violent-grade monsters were mostly made up of iron-level and bronze-level monsters with a minimum of silver-level monsters. Most of the transcendent monsters would not be involved in a violent-grade horde. On the other hand, nightmare-grade hordes would see more silver-level and gold-level monsters with some of the transcendent monsters partic.i.p.ating. As for disaster-grade, most of the horde would be made up of gold-level monsters and there would be at least one transcendent monster.

From the amount of gold-level monsters, Lin Huang could tell that it was a disaster-grade monster horde. The only thing that he was not sure was how many transcendent monsters there would be.

“Please don’t do this to me, I’m only four days away from leaving this place through the dimensional portal.” Lin Huang was upset.

A disaster-grade monster horde would be difficult even for a B-grade, huge foothold. It was impossible for Daxi City which was a C-grade, mid-sized foothold to handle such a monster horde. Lin Huang could predict that the entire Daxi City would be completely destroyed in less than a day.

There would usually be one transcendent guarding the city in a C-grade foothold but there would be at least three transcendent monsters when it came to a disaster-grade monster horde. There were not many gold-level hunters residing in a C-grade foothold. The number of Gold Hunters were much lesser than the gold-level monsters that were descending from the sky. It was a sure-lose battle.

As soon as the city was attacked by monsters, the dimensional portal would remain closed and Lin Huang would not be able to leave the foothold like he planned to. He could use a Small Destruction Card to wipe out all monsters below transcendent-level but that would not stop the transcendent monsters from destroying the city. The fate of the city would remain the same but his fate would change; he would be targeted by transcendent monsters.

There was nothing he could do to help. It was chaotic in Daxi City. Ever since the warning for the Virtual Eye was broadcasted, everyone rushed home to seek refuge. Ordinary people could not join the battle with monsters and they were fearful of the monster horde. It was unfortunate because as soon as a person was diagnosed with a fear of monsters, they would be forced to go for a psychotherapy session to overcome their fears afterward.

Staff from the Purple Crow did their best to calm the situation down and within minutes, the streets were empty. Most of the Purple Crow staff headed to the west of the foothold while a small part of them guarded the east gate. Fortunately, there were only two gates in the foothold so the hunters could gather and focus on these two gates instead of being scattered everywhere.

Xie Yu was the guardian of Daxi City, he was an old man with white hair. He chose a secluded location because he wanted to enjoy his life in peace. He never expected for such things to happen within two years from the time he took up this position. With his vision, he could see the monsters coming out of the Virtual Eye clearly. He knew very well that it was a disaster-grade horde. It was impossible for him to fight the transcendent monsters on his own.

“Should I fight or should I run?” Xie Yu hesitated and finally made his decision.

“Gah, since I am only left with few years of Life Light, I’d rather die here with dignity instead of dying shame in a couple of years to come.”

After he made up his mind, he flew towards the sky and headed to the west gate.

Two men and a lady were enjoying their drinks at a restaurant without a roof.

“The guardian from the Purple Crow has headed out. I have always thought that members of the Purple Crow would run away to save themselves in such situations.” It was the lady who spoke.

Her hair was red with two braids and she wore a short denim skirt that revealed her legs. From the length of her legs, anyone could tell that she was tall. It was just that she happened to be sitting down so n.o.body could tell exactly how tall she was.

“Purple Crow has their own law. If he ran away like that, I don’t think they’ll just let him go like that.” The man in said. He wore a chinese suit with neatly combed hair.

“Boss, this is Purple Crow’s territory. Don’t you think they would handle this?” The lady with red hair said to the middle-aged man on her right.

“Although this is Purple Crow’s territory, the people are innocent. If we don’t do anything about this disaster-grade horde, millions of people will die because none of them would dare leave.” The man in disagreed with what the lady said.

“But if we intervene, our ident.i.ties will be revealed and we’ll fail our mission. Liang Song, don’t forget what we’re here for.” The lady with red hair looked at the man in

“If the city gets destroyed, our mission would fail as well. If we’re going to fail our mission anyway, we might as well save the people.” Liang Song pushed his up as he spoke calmly.

“Alright, stop arguing. The safety of the people is our priority.” The middle-aged man who sat at one corner finally spoke. He then looked at the lady with long legs, “Zhou Qian, when you get back, I want you to write down the Hunter Code a hundred times!”

“Boss, please don’t be ruthless…”

“200 times!” The middle-aged man stared at her. He had big eyes and thick eyebrows with a four centimeters scar on his lip. His kind face turned ferocious.

“Leader, should we fight now or should we start fighting only when the guardian is dead?” Liang Song asked.

“The transcendent monsters have not arrived yet, let’s wait.” The middle-aged man waved his hand.

Meanwhile, Xie Yu arrived at the west gate. Before the monsters landed on the ground, he started killing them. A purple sword appeared, he pointed his sword in the air, countless aero blades were formed and sliced towards the monsters. Countless monsters were cut in half by the aero blades, they were like pieces of papers.

Lin Huang was watching from far.

“A sword skill combined with the wind element. The area of attack is amazing!”

Lin Huang was not the only one looking, the three people at the roofless restaurant saw him in action as well.

“The area of attack isn’t that bad but the strength of a sword skill such as this is nothing to shout about.” Zhou Qian comment negatively.

“If you compare your advantage to someone else’s disadvantage, n.o.body would ever be better than you.” Liang Song criticized her, “Why didn’t you say that his area of attack is much wider than yours, which is more suitable to handle such a monster attack?”

“Liang Song, why are you finding fault with me?” Zhou Qian stared at him.

“I’m just telling the truth.” Liang Song said in all seriousness.

“Alright, shut up the both of you. Before we partic.i.p.ate in the battle, n.o.body talks! Whoever speaks first will have to write down the Hunter Code a hundred times. The second time you speak will get you two hundred times!” Once the middle-aged man said that, the both of them no longer dared to speak a word.

In mid-air, Xie Yu had been killing the monsters on his own for more than an hour. He had no idea how many monsters he had already killed. It was Lin Huang’s first time seeing a transcendent fight at such a close distance, he looked like a weapon that would never run out of ammo.

Suddenly, the monsters that were coming out of the Virtual Eye slowed down. Lin Huang could hear a strange roar from within the Virtual Eye. Soon, gigantic claws with scales were seen on the edge of the Virtual Eye. Lin Huang knew that the transcendent monster was coming…

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