Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1440 – I Just Want To Ask You Something

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Chapter 1440: I Just Want To Ask You Something

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The instant he led the army over, Teng Ran immediately made a sweep with his Divine Telekinesis. He wanted to see for himself firsthand what kind of enemy he was dealing with.

After scanning his surroundings with Divine Telekinesis, he was able to see an enormous hive and a Bug Tribe army that numbered practically millions. Teng Ran could not help being slightly stunned.

“The Bug Tribe?!”

For a brief moment, the thought that perhaps the gravel world had been secretly occupied by the Bug Tribe even crossed his mind.

However, he quickly discarded this thought the next second when his Divine Telekinesis picked up that apart from the Bug Tribe, humans and other Protoss were attacking the spirit types and undying species too.

“What’s going on?!”

Teng Ran’s mind experienced a brief moment of confusion. Even after scanning his surroundings with Divine Telekinesis, he still could not make head or tail of what kind of site he was dealing with.

Was he up against the Bug Tribe, Protoss, or humans?!

Fortunately, what allowed him to breathe a slight sigh of relief was that he discovered the numbers on his side far exceeded those of his opponent.

Not only were there more Virtual G.o.ds on Teng Ran’s side but the number of True G.o.ds he had with him far exceeded those on the enemy’s side. In fact, the number of True G.o.ds in Teng Ran’s army was at least ten times greater than that of his enemy. Most importantly, he detected not a single hint of high-rank True G.o.d aura within his enemy’s site.

Just when Teng Ran thought victory was already at hand, he suddenly realized that the hundreds of high-rank true G.o.d-level undying species and spirit types that he had sent over previously were all holed up in a small, narrow area.

Fixing his eyes on that spot, he noticed red gleams that flickered like lightning as they entangled themselves with all of the high-rank True G.o.ds, rendering the True G.o.ds unable to escape.

“Are those… telekinetic flying daggers?!”

A good look at the telekinetic flying daggers and how they kept hundreds of high-rank True G.o.ds in check like puppets caused Teng Ran to feel a chill down his spine.

It was at this moment that he finally noticed an individual hovering in the air over the area where the high-rank True G.o.ds were imprisoned.

It was a young man who peered down at Teng Ran from above. A teasing curve played about the corners of the young man’s lips as he suddenly uttered casually, “Welcome on your arrival in our world!”

In that instant, Teng Ran understood—this was his enemy’s painstakingly calculated scenario.

Following Lin Huang’s booming voice, nearly all of the invaders mentally reached the same conclusion.

Suddenly, a voice broke the spell that paralyzed the army.

“This fellow’s just bluffing—he’s only a Virtual G.o.d!” Unexpectedly, the voice belonged to the young lady with long legs.

Hearing that, Teng Ran came to his senses and used his Divine Telekinesis on Lin Huang. The information that he obtained said that Lin Huang’s combat strength was only Virtual G.o.d rank-6.

‘Perhaps he’s not the person controlling the telekinetic flying daggers?!’ An idea occurred to Teng Ran.

As Teng Ran readied to make a large-scale sweep with his Divine Telekinesis in his search for the powerhouse who controlled the telekinetic flying daggers, he felt an aura locking down on him.

An instant later, a flicker of a blood-red gleam shot through the air at him like a flash of lightning.

Teng Ran hastily dodged the attack. Before forming a conclusive understanding of his enemy’s strength, he did not dare to be rash and allow himself to be hit.

While he twisted his body aside to dodge the attack, he noticed from the corner of his eyes that he was not the only person who had been attacked. The snake-headed man, the long-legged young lady, and some others were also forced to dodge and flee.

‘Is he targeting all the high-rank True G.o.ds?!’ A glance and Teng Ran understood what had happened.

All thirty-seven high-rank True G.o.ds were the only ones to be targeted while other medium and low-rank True G.o.ds, as well as Virtual G.o.ds, were spared from the attack.

Teng Ran had no time to mull over whether his enemy was disdainful of them or lacking in strength; he sent his Divine Telekinesis sweeping across the area to find the mastermind.

It only took his Divine Telekinesis a short while to sweep across the whole third layer of the Abyss Brink but it came up with nothing.

“Did any of you see where the telekinetic flying daggers came from just now?”

Teng Ran asked the other thirty-six True G.o.ds simultaneously through voice transmission.

Most of the replies were, “It was too fast, I couldn’t see clearly.”

However, a small number of people replied, “It seemed to have originated from that area where the high-rank True G.o.ds are.”

Only the long-legged lady hesitated for a while before answering. “I think it came from that Virtual G.o.d, but I’m not so sure.”

In reality, she had briefly observed the flash of a red gleam from Lin Huang’s sleeves. She was just in denial of the fact.

“Did you see it clearly?” Teng Ran asked urgently.

“I’m not very sure. I think I saw a flash of a red gleam from his sleeves just now, but I could be wrong,” said the long-legged lady while shaking her head.

“Forget it. No matter if he’s the culprit behind it or not; we’ll take care of him first before we pursue this matter!” Teng Ran immediately fixed his gaze on Lin Huang who stood quite some distance away.

Teng Ran temporarily abandoned his attempts to discover the wielder of those flying daggers and locked on his new target—Lin Huang. Although Lin Huang was not even a True G.o.d, he had given Teng Ran a sense of unease since the beginning.

‘Pretty quick reaction.’ The instant Lin Huang felt Teng Ran locking onto him with his aura, he also sensed that the strength of this man’s aura was the highest among all the invaders. Yet, Lin Huang felt not the slightest hint of panic.

However, Lin Huang’s gaze quickly pa.s.sed over Teng Ran and landed on the long-legged young lady standing not far from Teng Ran.

Teng Ran failed to notice this. His legs exerted tremendous force as he used the void as a stepping stone and abruptly began skyrocketing upward, charging toward Lin Huang.

Lin Huang did nothing to block this attack. He merely gave Teng Ran an indifferent glance and allowed Teng Ran to charge forward.

Teng Ran whirled the spear he held; like a descending meteor shower, the spearhead struck out to attack.

Yet, Lin Huang merely took a single step forward and his figure vanished on the spot.

Right in the midst of his astonishment, Teng Ran suddenly found himself falling into the center of the ama.s.sed high-rank true G.o.d-level undying species and spirit types.

Everyone who witnessed this scene was flabbergasted.

This was because, from their viewpoint, they only saw Teng Ran, spear in his hand, ignoring Lin Huang who hovered above him. Then, Teng Ran plunged straight into the area below, where all the high-rank True G.o.ds were gathered.

Only a small number of individuals began observing Lin Huang with a weightier gaze. They roughly guessed that Teng Ran must have fallen prey to an illusion-type rule power.

The fact that Teng Ran’s opponent was able to so subtly cause Teng Ran to fall prey to an illusion was proof enough that the enemy had reached a terrifying level of rule power.

“What kind of existing being have we offended now…?”

The long-legged young lady could not help feeling a sudden chill.

Initially, when she noticed that Lin Huang was merely a Virtual G.o.d rank-6, she thought that he was just bluffing. Now, it appeared that he must have faked his combat strength.

Whether it was his telekinetic daggers or his control over Teng Ran just now, it was more than enough proof that his real power was close to that of a Heavenly G.o.d.

Lin Huang was either the creme de la creme among the True G.o.d monsters or a Heavenly G.o.d who had entered the gravel world through some special method.

There was no third possibility!

‘Why would there be someone like this in this part of the gravel world?!’

After discovering Lin Huang’s true strength, a mult.i.tude of thoughts began churning inside the long-legged young lady’s head.

Amid her convoluted thoughts, while she was still trying to get a handle on the situation, she abruptly discovered that a figure had suddenly appeared in front of her.

As she raised her head and looked straight at the other’s face, her body froze instantly. All thoughts of escape died completely!

“Don’t panic, I just want to ask you something.”

Lin Huang’s magnetic voice drifted into the young lady’s ears like a lullaby. His eyes, deep as a fathomless lake, drew the young lady in. She sank further and further down into their depths…

The long-legged young lady stood immobile with her guard down, staring blankly at Lin Huang as if she had lost her soul…

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