Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1442 – Lin Huang Vs Teng Ran

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Chapter 1442: Lin Huang VS Teng Ran

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Teng Ran brandished the spear in his hands to counter not only those blood-red flying daggers with their strange trajectories but also the undying species and spirit types that pounced on him from all directions.

While this group of undying species and spirit types were not highly intelligent, they were still able to recognize that this Protos—who charged in all of a sudden right before their eyes—was the culprit who had sent them to the gravel world here.

These monsters were unable to find any catharsis for their initial ire, as they were suppressed by Lin Huang’s telekinetic flying daggers. Without a doubt, Teng Ran’s appearance gave them all a common outlet to vent their frustration.

In the midst of being hara.s.sed by hundreds of undying species and spirit types, as well as Lin Huang’s blood-red flying daggers, Teng Ran suddenly sensed Teng Qing’s life force rapidly vanis.h.i.+ng from somewhere close by. He froze in disbelief before reacting instantaneously, letting out a heartbroken howl of grief in the direction of Teng Qing’s fast-dissipating aura.

“Teng Qing!!!”

Before Teng Ran could even complete his sentence, he felt Teng Qing’s aura disperse completely.

His own sister was truly dead…

The girl who was only a few years younger than him yet always enjoyed acting youthful and dressing up like a high school student.

The girl he had witnessed growing up, whose personality was still as naïve and gauche as that of a young la.s.s.

The girl who had always competed with him, but who had always stood by him during crucial moments.

That girl who was always verbally defiant, but who in reality was always silently following in his footsteps…

In a way, Teng Ran was not a sentimental person when it came to affection, and he had never been close to his parents or elders from the time he was a child.

As for Teng Qing, whom he had grown up with, he was not particularly close to her either. The most he could say was that he cared for her in a detached fas.h.i.+on.

He had always thought that if the day came when Teng Qing were to die, he probably would not be overly upset, just like when his own parents had pa.s.sed away.

The worst that could happen would be that he brooded for a day, but he would then get on with his life by the second day without pining or harboring any other unusual emotions.

However, now that he actually sensed Teng Qing’s life force dissipating, Teng Ran involuntarily discovered a myriad of unusual emotions bubbling up uncontrollably—grief, fury, hatred…

He never thought that Teng Qing’s death would stir up so much emotional turmoil within him.

His golden spear swept forward in an attack, slicing through the two spirit types in front of him and reducing them to pulp. Only after clearing the obstacles blocking his line of sight did Teng Ran finally see Teng Qing’s fallen body on the ground as it gradually transformed into a G.o.d’s Figurine.

After staring blankly at his sister’s dead body for a moment, he finally s.h.i.+fted his gaze upward and saw Lin Huang hovering above the ground not too far from the corpse. Eyes burning with fury, he snarled at Lin Huang, “I’m going to kill you!”

Lin Huang turned to look at Teng Ran, expression bland. “If I don’t mistake my guess, you should be Teng Ran, the sect leader of the Thousand Snake Sect, yes?”

Lin Huang made this deduction based on the other party’s reaction after Teng Qing’s death. Not only that, the Rule Bending Power fluctuations from Teng Ran were the strongest among all the invaders.

Watching Lin Huang eyeing him indifferently and inquiring about his ident.i.ty as though nothing had just happened, Teng Ran’s fury escalated to full-blown rage.

He no longer had any doubts whatsoever about Lin Huang’s capabilities. Whatever rank this individual had demonstrated his combat level to be, he still was the man who had killed Teng Qing within seconds. His abilities could not be underestimated.

The golden Divine Power within Teng Ran’s body surged wildly. He imbued the spear in his hands with layer upon layer of the Rule Bending Powers in which he was most adept.

The numerous undying species and spirit types that had been hara.s.sing him sensed the strength of his Rule Bending Power fluctuations and began retreating warily in the face of a superior enemy.

Teng Ran ignored these monsters completely. At this moment, he had eyes only for Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was also staring at Teng Ran with great interest. He could not help raising his brows slightly at the way Teng Ran utilized his Rule Bending Powers.

“Interesting; I’ll play along with you.”

Lin Huang could clearly sense that the five types of G.o.d Rule Power Teng Ran had imbued his spear with were already at Control-level. Lin Huang was finally starting to take Teng Ran more seriously as well; one should know that Rule Bending Power at this level was enough to inflict serious harm upon Lin Huang.

While Lin Huang was only starting to get down to business on his end, Teng Ran had already launched off the ground. A minuscule gesture with his spear and the telekinetic flying daggers which had been persistently tangling with Teng Ran were swept aside right away.

The spear point then transformed into a blazing golden star, reducing the distance between Teng Ran and Lin Huang at a terrifying speed.

Just when that blazing star-like spear point was about to close in on Lin Huang, bolts of blood-red lightning suddenly shot out from the cuffs of Lin Huang’s sleeves one after another.

Those rank-2 G.o.d Weapon flying daggers were already top-notch G.o.d rule relics at peak strength. Moreover, this time Lin Huang had imbued them with numerous types of Lightning, Fire, and Wind Elemental Enlightenment. With a total of five compounded layers of Elemental Enlightenment, the telekinetic flying daggers became even keener, swifter, and more mighty than before!

If Lin Huang’s opponent had not been a powerhouse who had mastered Rule Bending Power at Control-level, he might not have been able to withstand even a single blow.

However, Teng Ran was clearly no ordinary True G.o.d.

The spear that he wielded was also a top-notch G.o.d rule relic. Imbued with numerous types of Control-level Rule Bending Power, its force was unrivaled as well.

Upon seeing the blood-colored lightning coming at him, Teng Ran flicked his wrist slightly and the tip of his spear transformed into points of starlight which hurtled toward the blood-red rays.

He originally had a.s.sumed that it would be just as easy to sweep these flying daggers aside like he had done previously, clearing the obstacles in his way.

However, Teng Ran was unprepared for the fact that this first clash of blows would almost tear his spear from his grasp.

His own spear point felt as if it had struck an immovable mountain, wave after wave of terrifying aftershocks transmitting through the entire weapon. At the same time, frightening pulses of Rule Bending Power from the flying daggers a.s.saulted him, draining the rule power within him rapidly.

“This is…Elemental Enlightenment at Control-level?!” Just a single blow and Teng Ran was now certain that the other’s capabilities far outstripped what he had expected.

By imbuing many layers of Control-level Rule Bending Power on a telekinetic weapon, his opponent had proven that his use of Rule Bending Power was far superior to Teng Ran.

After verifying his opponent’s true capabilities at this initial stage, Teng Ran finally began gradually calming himself down.

The rule power on his spear also began increasing one layer at a time from the initial five layers. Each layer increase was an extra burden for him to bear.

However, he quickly realized that when he compounded his Rule Bending Power to six layers, his opponent also did the same; when he increased it to seven compounded layers, his opponent also matched him at seven compounded layers…

Against the flying daggers, the spear point could gain no clear advantage from start to finish.

Teng Ran immediately felt the blood rus.h.i.+ng to his head. Heedless of possibly burning out, he increased his powers layer by layer as if he were competing with Lin Huang.

Six layers!

Seven layers!

Eight layers!

Eleven layers!

The battle had not lasted more than ten minutes, but Teng Ran had already revealed his trump card. He had compounded eleven layers of Control-level Rule Bending Power all in one go, without considering the compatibility, coordination, and possible conflict between the different types of Rule Bending Power.

On his side, Lin Huang was calm and collected to the very end. The Control-level Rule Bending Power on his flying daggers was also compounded one layer at a time, all the way to eleven layers.

Although both parties had compounded their Control-level Rule Bending Power up to eleven layers, Lin Huang’s flying daggers were becoming more powerful. The blood-red lightning bolts were becoming swifter and stronger, almost crus.h.i.+ng Teng Ran toward the end of it.

The only reason for this was that Lin Huang had also carefully considered the combination of different types of Rule Bending Power before compounding them together. The ultimate compounded effects far outstripped that of his opponent by miles.

From beginning to end, Lin Huang had not moved an inch from where he was standing, but the blood-red flying daggers were forcing Teng Ran to retreat further and further away…

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