Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1443 – : I’ve Found You!

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Chapter 1443: I’ve Found You!

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In the Void, thousands of blood-crimson lightning bolts blasted out one after another and surrounded a lone figure. The figure was holding a spear in their hand which emitted sparks of golden light as it collided with the lightning bolts.

Every impact was like the rumble of a thunderstorm; it changed the color of the sky and made the earth tremble.

The scene was comparable to the fantastical stories of cultivation and overcoming ordeals that were described in cultivation novels.

However, in reality the blood-colored arcs of electricity were just the afterimages that trailed behind the countless telekinetic flying daggers due to their immense speed.

The so-called spectacle of cultivation and overcoming ordeals was in fact just a battle scene where Lin Huang was controlling thousands of flying daggers to crush Teng Ran.

The battle between the two had lasted for more than ten minutes, and Teng Ran had been forced to use up all his trump cards.

He had used eleven types of Control-level Rule Bending Powers, but his opponent’s strength was far beyond what he had imagined.

Each of Lin Huang’s telekinetic flying daggers was similarly boosted by eleven types of Rule Bending Powers, but his utilization and synergy of the rules types were far superior to Teng Ran’s, which forced Teng Ran to drain a hundred and twenty percent of his strength to withstand every wild blow.

Although Lin Huang did not continue to superimpose his Rule Bending Powers, he was mounting increasing pressure on Teng Ran by increasing the number of telekinetic flying daggers with every minute that pa.s.sed.

In the beginning, there were only a hundred flying daggers, which then doubled to two hundred, four hundred, eight hundred…

Currently, the number of daggers had surged to three thousand and two hundred.

Teng Ran was beginning to get worn out by the relentless onslaught.

He felt like his opponent was merely toying with him, that his adversary was just testing the performance of his toy. This sort of test was usually destructive in nature, and often ended with—as one would expect—the toy being broken into pieces.

Despite his fear and anxiety, Teng Ran still felt his rage rising.

“This guy is either at True G.o.d Limit or a Heavenly G.o.d. And he’s pretending to be a Virtual G.o.d so he won’t be rejected by the will of the gravel world! This is so G.o.dd.a.m.n unfair!”

It seemed to slip his mind that he was the leader of a grade-4 top organization from the great world who brought a group of True G.o.ds to attack a gravel world with rules that were not even complete. How was any of that fair?

Lin Huang was indeed fighting Teng Ran with the purpose of gauging his strength, but he never intended to belittle his opponent.

He increased the number of telekinetic flying daggers time and time again to evaluate exactly how much strength he needed to expand to deal with a top powerhouse in the second echelon of True G.o.d such as his current opponent.

This way, the next time he encountered an enemy of similar strength, he would know how much power he would need to expend.

“Three thousand two hundred daggers, and he’s almost at his limit…” Lin Huang had been observing Teng Ran’s reactions. “If I increase it to four thousand, I should be able to finish him off.”

A second after making this deduction, another eight hundred blood-colored lightning bolts shot out from Lin Huang’s sleeve cuffs, once again darting toward Teng Ran.

Naturally, Teng Ran immediately noticed Lin Huang’s fresh attack. After scanning once with his Divine Telekinesis, he determined the number of new daggers.

“It only increased by eight hundred. He’s not going to double them this time?” Teng Ran was slightly caught off guard, but then he laughed to himself and muttered, “Looks like this b.a.s.t.a.r.d thinks he doesn’t even need six thousand and four hundred flying daggers to finish me off…”

In the next instant, eight hundred blood-colored electric arcs struck from different directions and angles, and the original rhythm of the battle was disrupted.

Teng Ran, who was already reaching his limit, continuously brandished the spear in his hand, trying his best to parry the eight hundred newly-added telekinetic flying daggers, but ultimately he could no longer hold out.

The countless crimson rays searched for any gaps to enter, like a poisonous snake prying on the weakness of its prey, and finally penetrated Teng Ran’s body.

The spear in Teng Ran’s hand slowed down fractionally due to the inflicted damage, and more blood rays seized this opportunity to swarm down on him.

In an instant, thousands of telekinetic flying daggers tore Teng Ran into pieces like a pack of ravenous wild beasts.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, almost everyone had been distracted by the fierce battle between the two.

They all saw Teng Ran being completely swallowed up by countless blood-colored lightning bolts.

Practically everyone’s gazes were focused on the scene.

After a while, the lightning bolts dissipated into the wind, and there was not a trace of Teng Ran left behind…

Seeing this, everyone in the gravel world was overjoyed. The strongest enemy was finished off by Lin Huang, which meant that the war was practically half over.

On the other hand, the people from the Thousand Snake Sect fell into despair.

They never thought that Teng Ran would lose. They were well aware of Teng Ran’s strength—his name was ranked twelfth among all the True G.o.ds in the G.o.d Territory.

Among the True G.o.ds, only a handful of them could kill Teng Ran, and those individuals were all top powerhouses at True G.o.d Limit.

Despite that, Teng Ran was obliterated by the other party right before everyone’s eyes.

The only reasonable explanation would be that this young man who killed Teng Ran possessed strength that was at least equivalent to True G.o.d Limit, or that he may even be a Heavenly G.o.d!

However, as his allies rode their wave of high spirits, Lin Huang could not help but raise an eyebrow.

“He’s not dead yet?”

He was quite sure that his opponent’s physical body had been torn to pieces by the telekinetic flying daggers. Moreover, in order to avoid any mishaps, he deliberately added G.o.d-slaying Power when superimposing the eleven rule powers. Logically speaking, both the soul and physical body of a person killed with G.o.d-slaying Power should have perished together.

However, Xiao Hei did not send him any fatality notifications, which made Lin Huang certain that his adversary was definitely not dead.

Lin Huang’s Divine Telekinesis swept around at full strength in search of Teng Ran’s aura, but he found nothing even after a round of searching.

He pondered for a moment, still not giving up.

His pupils suddenly turned an inky-black color, and he immediately activated Truth Vision G.o.d Rule.

After a while, the corners of Lin Huang’s lips twitched up slightly.

“I’ve found you!”

In the next moment, Lin Huang took a step forward and vanished from his original spot, then appeared in front of a Virtual G.o.d member of the Thousand Snake Sect with a snake tail.

The snake-tailed Virtual G.o.d looked at Lin Huang, frozen in place.

Everyone else was also in a daze, puzzled as to why Lin Huang had singled out a Virtual G.o.d.

“Stop hiding and come on out.”

Lin Huang directed his words toward the snake-tailed Virtual G.o.d.

“W…what?” The snake-tailed Virtual G.o.d’s face was scrunched with confusion.

“If you won’t come out by yourself, shall I do it for you?” Ignoring the snake-tailed Virtual G.o.d’s reaction, Lin Huang continued, “You better make your decision fast. If I attack first, you won’t have a chance to make a move yourself.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the body of the snake-tailed Virtual G.o.d suddenly started convulsing. The features on his face contorted into a hideous and terrifying sight, and in an instant, the bones in his face were distorted to the point that he did not look human anymore. His mouth, which was originally regular-sized, was stretched out to the extreme to match his twisted bones.

A moment later, he opened his blood-filled mouth which had been completely dislocated and torn, and the golden-colored head of a snake slowly crept out from his mouth.

Not long after, the body of the snake-tailed Virtual G.o.d slowly went limp, not unlike the skin of a snake after shedding, and a giant golden-colored python with black markings slithered out of his torn and bleeding mouth, inch by inch…

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