Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1457 – The Emperor’s Heart’s Host

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Chapter 1457: The Emperor’s Heart’s Host

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After strolling around the house, Lin Xin remained in the bedroom on the second floor, while Lin Huang returned to the first floor.

Suddenly, a misty human-like form appeared in front of him again.

‘The world will?’ Lin Huang was about to inquire why it had appeared.

Before he could do that, however, the world will suddenly lifted its misty arm and touched a finger to the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows.

The next instant, a series of unfamiliar scenes suddenly appeared in Lin Huang’s mind.

Initially, everything was pitch black, and all he could hear was someone in the room talking.

“This child was born with a broken Life Wheel; he won’t live long.” This voice sounded familiar to Lin Huang. After racking his brain, he finally realized who the voice belonged to—the Emperor’s Heart!

“That’s not a big issue. I can heal it for him.” This voice sounded a bit like Lin Xin, but the vibe it exuded was not quite the same.

“Or maybe… We can use him as your… no, as your reincarnation’s protector,” the Emperor’s Heart continued, “Didn’t you obtain a traveler summoning formation from the Club once? This little fellow’s body just so happens to be a good host…”

“But he’s Lin Xin’s older brother,” the voice that sounded like Lin Xin’s was obviously hesitant. “Moreover, the summoning formation has a success rate of less than 10%. If it fails, there’s a very high chance of him dying immediately.”

“With the current speed at which his Life Light is fading away, he only has three months left to live. Besides, as your older brother, there’s no one more suitable than him to be your protector.”

As soon as the voice of the Emperor’s Heart finished speaking, a moment of silence fell over the room.

“Don’t hesitate anymore. You only have a limited awakening period for your remaining consciousness. Once Lin Xin wakes up, you’ll lose this opportunity entirely. Besides, you don’t know when you’ll awaken the next time. Who knows—this boy’s Life Light would probably have already completely dispersed by then.”

“Alright then…” Lin Xin’s voice agreed, albeit begrudgingly.

After a long while, Lin Huang felt as if his body had been moved, then placed on the floor.

A soft sound drifted to his ears from not too far off, but he did not know what was happening.

Quite sometime later, Lin Huang suddenly felt that his body seemed to be floating.

At that moment, he suddenly regained his senses. However, he now had a bird’s-eye view of the entire room.

Lin Huang’s body had been placed in the center of a blood-red formation on the floor of the living room, currently completely enveloped in an all-encompa.s.sing golden light. His unconscious body even began to float up slowly.

Not far from the formation stood a woman with purple hair and golden eyes, who was ninety percent similar to Lin Xin in appearance.

Next to the woman was a translucent head floating in the air. This was the Emperor’s Heart whom Lin Huang had just met not so long ago.

However, he only caught a brief glimpse of this scenario before the purple-haired, golden-eyed woman seemed to sense something and suddenly looked right up at him. An instant later, everything before him dissolved into pitch darkness, and his consciousness retreated immediately from the scene within his mind.

Once his consciousness had returned to his body, Lin Huang frowned slightly, recalling the scene from just now.

“So… the reincarnation of the Emperor’s Heart’s host is Lin Xin? It wasn’t a coincidence that I traveled to this world; it was because I was summoned by that purple-haired woman?!” Lin Huang roughly guessed what had transpired.

After a moment of silence, Lin Huang searched for the number that the Emperor’s Heart had previously used to call him, and sent a message.

“Your host’s reincarnation is Lin Xin?”

He wanted confirmation from the Emperor’s Heart regarding the truth of what he had just seen.

Sure enough, less than a second after he sent his message, he received a communication request from the Emperor’s Heart.

After connecting, the Emperor’s Heart asked immediately,

“What do you know?”

“I’m in Wulin Town now, and I’ve recovered that part of my memory,” Lin Huang said and glanced at the spot where the world will—now vanished—had previously appeared. “I know that Lin Xin is the reincarnation of your host, and I also know that my traveling to this world was due to both of you. Is there anything else I need to add?”

On the other side, the Emperor’s Heart was silent for a while. “I knew that your memories would be restored sooner or later, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Actually, I never intended to keep concealing this matter. If you had asked me about my host’s reincarnation the last time we met, I would have given you an honest answer. However, you didn’t ask, so I continued to keep it from you.”

“Lin Huang is an exceptionally good host. He’s Lin Xin’s older brother, so as a traveler, I would definitely protect my younger sister from this world. Both of you planned things out extremely well.” It was a little hard for Lin Huang to let this matter go. It had never occurred to him that his traveling might actually have been set up by someone—in a calculated move at that.

“Lin Huang, we don’t harbor any ill-will toward you,” the Emperor’s Heart explained, “Your traveling to this gravel world was indeed due to our influence. However, if we hadn’t summoned you at the time, the you in that different world (Earth) would have traveled to another world anyway; this is destiny. The destiny line you had in your previous world was broken long ago.

“If you want to talk about owing anything to anyone, then we do owe a debt to the original Lin Huang. After all, he lived three months less. I admit that it was selfish of me to do so, and I am willing to bear any consequences. I also admit that I neglected the lives of others, but the truth is that to a Goldfinger, the life of everyone else other than our host means nothing to us.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong. In that particular situation, the decision I made was the best one for the protection of my host’s reincarnation.”

The Emperor’s Heart’s explanation caused Lin Huang to fall silent again.

He fully understood the Emperor’s Heart’s behavior of wanting to protect its host. Although the method used was not the most desirable, it was indeed the best decision for Lin Xin. After pondering for a moment, he asked a question that he felt was more pressing.

“What did you mean when you said earlier that even without your summons, my destiny line in my original world had been broken?”

“The summoning formation randomly selects travelers. We were not the ones who chose you, therefore we also had no way of knowing what kind of person the traveler would be. The fact that you were teleported means that at the time, you had already been selected by destiny to become a traveler. Even without our summoning formation, you would have traveled to another world.

“I said that your destiny line was broken because a traveler only has one complete consciousness. If you travel to any other world, your consciousness in your original world will be removed. You can only exist in one world at any given time. Therefore, when you are chosen by destiny to become a traveler, your destiny in your original world has already ended.

“For ordinary people, destiny is a continuous line. Even if there are ups and downs, it will not break. On the other hand, the destiny line of a traveler is interrupted and skips around.”

Lin Huang had a better understanding of the matter now, and he felt a little more at ease. After all, he had been selected as a traveler before being summoned to the gravel world. Without the Emperor’s Heart’s summons, he would have still ended up traveling to another world regardless.

At least, looking at it now, traveling to the gravel world had been a good thing in the end. After all, he was doing well in this world.

“I have another question. What will you do if I take Lin Xin to the great world with me?”

“I will leave with my host’s reincarnation,” the Emperor’s Heart gave its answer without hesitation, “As for the gravel world, I will leave a doppelganger here to handle daily affairs.”

“How are you going to explain all this to Lin Xin?” Lin Huang asked again.

“I don’t intend to explain anything for the time being.” The Emperor’s Heart had obviously already figured out how to deal with this. “Informing her of her previous incarnation won’t do her any good; it may even cause that individual from the Abyss to covet her instead.”

“Regarding my circ.u.mstances… you don’t need to tell her, and you don’t have to mention it in the future either.” Lin Huang made this decision because he did not want Lin Xin to be mentally burdened by it in the future. After all, he had been summoned by her previous incarnation, and with Lin Xin’s temperament, she would inevitably feel guilty about it.

“Very well,” the Emperor’s Heart readily agreed.

Just as the two of them finished talking, Lin Huang sensed that Lin Xin was about to come downstairs and immediately closed the communication page.

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