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Chapter 1458: Sky-high

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Lin Huang did not let Lin Xin know about his conversation with the Emperor’s Heart.

For the whole day after that, the two siblings basically strolled around Wulin Town, revisiting their childhood memories.

The two of them walked down the same paths that they used to walk. They even went to the Reserve College where they had studied, looking around the convenience store that was next to the college, and visiting the residence that had long since changed owners…

The siblings strolled around until the street lights by the roadside were turned on, before stopping at a noodle house near their home.

This noodle house was also a place that the two siblings used to patronize frequently.

The owner was still the same old man from five years ago. Compared to five years ago, however, his hair—which had already been thinning—was obviously even more spa.r.s.e now and had also become much whiter.

The small shop’s business was average, with only two tables occupied by customers. Lin Huang and Lin Xin found an empty table to sit at and quickly ordered their meals.

“Uncle Liu, two bowls of beef noodle soup with an extra portion of beef each, please.”

“Okay. Please have a seat, both of you, and you’ll be served soon,” the spa.r.s.e-haired old man greeted them and busied himself immediately, obviously not recognizing the pair.

After a bit, the noodles were ready. When Uncle Liu went up to their table to serve the noodles, he caught a clearer glimpse of their faces and could not help but scrutinize the two of them carefully.

A moment later, he could not resist asking Lin Huang, “Young man, why do you look so familiar to me?”

“Uncle Liu, I’m Lin Huang,” Lin Huang replied with a smile.

Only then did a look of sudden realization cross Uncle Liu’s face. “Ah… you’ve grown up so much in the blink of an eye? I still remember you used to be so thin and small, but now you’ve grown so tall?

“Oh, that’s right, I remember you had a younger sister called… Lin Xin?” Uncle Liu clearly did not recognize Lin Xin, who was now a young woman very different from the little girl she once was.

“She’s this girl here right next to me,” Lin Huang answered as he motioned with his head in Lin Xin’s direction.

“Lin Xin?!” Uncle Liu’s eyes widened, his face full of disbelief. “You were just a little pudding back then, but you’ve really matured so much. Now, you’ve grown into a young lady! How pretty you’ve grown up to be!”

Lin Xin blushed slightly, embarra.s.sed by the compliments.

“I haven’t seen both of you for so many years. Where did your family finally move to?” Uncle Liu asked warmly.

“We’re in Emperor City now,” Lin Huang responded with a smile, “We took the opportunity to come back and have a look around while on vacation.”

“Oh, Emperor City. Is it quite far?” Uncle Liu evidently did not know where Emperor City was.

Perhaps because of Lin Huang and Dynasty, there was not a single cultivator who did not know of Emperor City, but for regular citizens, it was normal to have never heard of it.

“It’s a little far.” Lin Huang smiled and nodded.

“Then you better have a good time during this trip back.” Uncle Liu patted Lin Huang on the shoulder. “Since it’s not easy for both of you to come back for a visit like this, today’s noodles are on the house!”

“Uncle Liu, you really don’t have to. If you do that, we won’t dare to come back here and eat again the next time we visit…” After demurring for a bit, Lin Huang quickly paid the bill before he had even taken a bite of his noodles.

Uncle Liu chatted with Lin Huang for a while, only getting up to leave when the next wave of customers arrived.

After finis.h.i.+ng their noodles, the siblings bid farewell to Uncle Liu before returning to the house where they used to live during their childhood.

“Do you want to stay here for the night? Or should we just head straight to our next destination?” When they reached the doorstep, Lin Huang turned to look at Lin Xin.

“Let’s tidy the place up a little and stay for the night.” Nostalgia flashed through Lin Xin’s eyes.

“We don’t need to go through all that trouble. Let’s just set up two tents and sleep in the small garden on the third floor,” Lin Huang suggested.

“Okay!” Lin Xin immediately agreed.

The two of them entered the house and headed for the third floor right away.

Seeing the vines and vegetation that covered the whole floor, Lin Huang reached a hand out and pressed it against the wall. All the plants instantly started moving like living animals, leaving the entire central area of the garden clear.

Seeing this, Lin Xin was amazed and promptly asked, “What kind of ability is this?”

“Plant Soul Law. In a nutsh.e.l.l, it’s a Law Bending Power that can control plant life.” What Lin Huang did not tell her was that there was a definite possibility that this type of Law Bending Power would cause an effect that would awaken the souls of ordinary plants, allowing them to gain spiritual intellect.

“Can I learn it?” Lin Xin seemed very interested.

“You can. I’ll teach you when I have time,” Lin Huang responded readily.

The two quickly set up their capsule tents, sat outside them, and lit a bonfire, watching the starry sky and chatting.

The night was far advanced and almost all the lights in the town were out before the two of them got into their tents to sleep.

The next morning, only after Lin Xin had gone to the second floor to freshen up did Lin Huang get out of his tent and walk straight toward a corner of the garden.

In that corner, there was a cracked flower pot with a small tree growing in it.

When it realized Lin Huang had come over, the little tree’s leaves and branches started trembling.

After Lin Huang’s use of Plant Soul Law yesterday, he had immediately noticed that this little tree’s soul had been successfully awakened, and it had gained spiritual intellect.

Walking to the small tree, Lin Huang reached for its trunk and grasped it, imbuing it with a small trace of Divine Power.

The little tree began to grow rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye. In an instant, it went from the thickness of two fingers to the thickness of a water bucket, causing the flowerpot to shatter.

“That’s good enough. Restrain yourself a bit; you can slowly grow after I leave.” Lin Huang lightly patted the tree trunk.

The tree, which was now twenty to thirty meters tall, shook its trunk slightly, and the momentum of its growth instantly slowed down.

“Since your soul has been successfully awakened, that’s your good fortune,” Lin Huang said, then continued, “I don’t have any other requests; you protecting this town will be enough.”

After Lin Huang finished speaking, he extended a finger and transmitted a visualization image called Sky-high from the True Spirit Guide into the tree’s spiritual dimension.

The tree trembled slightly, then immediately bowed to Lin Huang, bright green leaves fluttering to the ground.

Lin Huang did not bother saying anything more. He turned around and packed up the tents, put out the bonfire, and walked downstairs.

After he had gone downstairs, the size of the tree immediately increased again, but the speed of its growth was much slower than before.

“Where would you like to go for our second stop?” When he went down to the second floor, Lin Huang asked Lin Xin this after seeing that she was done freshening up.

“Let’s go to the White Capital.” Lin Xin thought about it for a while, then gave an answer that did not surprise Lin Huang. “I want to go back to the Martial Hunter College for a look around.”

In fact, when Lin Xin had wanted to come to Wulin Town for their first stop, Lin Huang had already guessed that the White Capital would undoubtedly be her choice.

Wulin Town held memories of both their childhoods, while the White Capital was the place where they had grown up.

Lin Huang had become a teacher to other people for the first time in the Martial Hunter College while Lin Xin had officially embarked on the path of cultivation as a student in the Martial Hunter College. She had even lived in the White Capital for over two years.

“Okay,” Lin Huang immediately agreed. “We can stay in the White Capital for a while. Aside from the Martial Hunter College, there are many other places to visit in the White Capital, and there’s also a lot of good food and fun places to enjoy. If any of your cla.s.smates are still in the White Capital, you can also ask them out for a meal or something.”

“Alright, then we’ll stay there for a few more days.” When she heard Lin Huang mention her cla.s.smates, conversely, Lin Xin’s mood dropped even more.

She had chosen such a nostalgic route because she knew that Lin Huang would take her with him when he left the gravel world. She did not know when she would come back the next time. There was even a chance that she would return here ever again.

‘Perhaps this will be the last time we can gather,’ Lin Xin silently said in her heart.

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