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Chapter 146: Ghastly Clown

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At a roofless restaurant in Daxi City, Zhou Qian was shocked at what she just saw.

“I saw the attack hit it, what happened? How did the monster disappear?”

Zhou Qian and another two men were watching Xie Yu fighting the transcendent monster outside the west gate.

Liang Song was frowning too, he could not figure out what just happened.

“The dragon was not its real body, it was an illusion.” Zhu Nian explained.

“Illusion, how could it be?” Zhou Qian could not believe it.

“It was an illusion ever since it appeared, am I right?” Liang Song seemed to notice something.

Zhu Nian nodded, “This is one incredible monster. It casted an illusion that covered such a wide area that even we were deceived.”

“No wonder. When the first transcendent monster appeared, it seemed like nothing was happening at the Virtual Eye. It appears that all the transcendent monsters used the illusion as cover to come out at once.” Liang Song finally figured it out.

“They came out when the dragon created the illusion of it coming out of the Virtual Eye.” Zhu Nian nodded his head.

Suddenly, the defensive s.h.i.+eld on top of the city was continuous attacked. The entire foothold was shaking.

“It’s attacking the defensive s.h.i.+eld!” Zhu Nian spoke the obvious.

The strength of a C-grade foothold was limited. There were cracks appearing in three different locations because of continuous blows by the transcendent monsters.

Everyone in the city was scared. Many ordinary people were s.h.i.+vering, some were even crying.

“Leader, should we fight now?” Liang Song could not wait anymore.

“Can you see the monsters?” Zhu Nian asked him back.

“No, I can’t.” Liang Song shook his head.

“So what are you going to fight then?” Zhu Nian asked again.

“But… Once the defensive s.h.i.+elds are broken, they would attack the citizens.” Liang Song tried to reason with him.

“It’s about being strategic.” Zhu Nian shook his head. Liang Song was influenced by the adrenaline rush.

“What’s the rush, the old man is still alive.” Zhou Qian pointed towards Xie Yu’s direction.

The two heard a loud crash and looked in the direction the sound was coming from. Xie Yu was. .h.i.t and came cras.h.i.+ng down to the ground. A white glow emerged and countless white droplets were seen 10 kilometers away. Lin Huang dove underground immediately. Just when he found a hiding place, countless white droplets similar to raindrops shot up the sky. It looked like white raindrops that defied gravity, returning to the sky.

Xie Yu had combined elemental power with his sword skill, Lin Huang watched in admiration. Xie Yu noticed that the dragon was not the actual body of the transcendent monster so he began attacking in a wide area to figure out exactly where the transcendent monsters were.

Under such pressure, the bodies of the transcendent monsters were marked by the white droplets. Although they did not reveal their true selves, it was good enough to locate them.

There were a total of four transcendent monsters. Just as Xie Yu was getting ready to attack, there was a fiery explosion that came from Daxi City. The flame almost shot through one of the transcendent’s body and the transcendent monster fell to the ground as it groaned. Soon, a gigantic carca.s.s appeared on the ground. It was a Spectral Three-Headed Boa that was almost 1,000 meters long. It was the mastermind behind the illusion.

Once the Spectral Three-Headed Boa was dead, the illusion was broken. The three remaining transcendents revealed themselves before everyone. There was a Lava Giant, a Four-Winged Swordfiend and a Ghastly Clown that looked like a human but n.o.body could make out what monster that was. The sudden death of the Spectral Three-Headed Boa stunned the three transcendent monsters. The transcendent monsters were not the only ones who were shocked; Xie Yu who just got up from the ground was stunned as well. He did not realize that there were other transcendent humans in the city.

At first, he thought they were his partners from the Purple Crow. However, he was surprised when he saw them descending from the air. The three of them were not dressed in the Purple Crow’s coat.

“Boss you’re brilliant to have recognized that it was a Spectral Three-Headed Boa.” Zhou Qian looked at Zhu Nian in admiration.

She finally showed how tall she was when she stood up. Although she was wearing a pair of flats, she was over 1.9 meters in height.

Hearing Zhou Qian groveling, Zhu Nian rubbed his nose, “I… actually had no idea which of them casted the illusion. I just attacked one of them. It was just a coincidence…”

Liang Song and Zhou Qian looked at each other. Zhu Nian pretended like he did not see their expression as he recalled the golden spear he used to kill the Spectral Three-Headed Boa.

“I didn’t expect that there would be three more transcendent humans in this small area that I’m in charge of.” Xie Yu knew that the three of them concealed their aura when they entered the city, it was obvious that they did not want him to know about their existence. Now that they revealed themselves to help, they could be from the Hunter a.s.sociation or Adventurer Paradise.

“Guardian, if you have anything to say, we shall talk about it after we have killed these transcendent monsters and the rest beneath them.” Zhu Nian pointed to the direction of the three transcendent monsters. Xie Yu hesitated before he nodded, he did not want Daxi City to be destroyed by the monsters. Since there were people who were willing to help, he should welcome them with open arms.

“Sly humans… How dare they hide four holy fire-level humans in such a small C-grade foothold. However, it will be useless because all of you will die, today! Hehehe…” The Ghastly Clown did not seem to fear them as it laughed eerily.

“Hey ugly! Don’t you know how to count? There are four of us here and only three of you there.” Zhou Qian shouted at the Ghastly Clown.

“Lady, you have such a pretty face…” Just after it said those words, a mask appeared in the hand of the Ghastly Clown. It then placed the mask on its face and transformed its face to look exactly like Zhou Qian.

“From now on, this face belongs to me…”

Zhou Qian was shocked. Suddenly, she spoke the exact words that were coming out of the Ghastly Clown’s mouth, “It was three against four, isn’t it four against three now? Hehehe…”

Just as Zhou Qian uttered those words, she attacked Zhu Nian who was standing next to her…

At the same time, the other two transcendent monsters rushed towards Xie Yu and Liang Song.

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