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Chapter 1465: Imperial Sword Killer

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Lin Huang did not expect to receive that many benefits just from killing a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 monster.

Not only did his Sword Dao advance to True Self Level and his abilities upgraded once again, but Killer also advanced to cla.s.s-5 and became the second Supreme G.o.d-level monster card he possessed.

“Monster Card: Killer”

“Rarity: Supreme G.o.d-level”

“Name of Monster: Imperial Sword Killer”

“Type of Monster: Protoss”

“Combat Level: Sixth-rank True G.o.d”

“Major: Sword Dao”

“Major Skills: Killer, other sword skills, Sword Realm…”

“Minor Skills: True Illusion…”

“Sword Dao True Meaning: True Meaning ‘First Glimpse’”

“G.o.d Rule: Water Snap…”

“Elemental Enlightenment: Sea of Illusion…”

“Summon Authority: Activated”

“Card Remarks: Train with maximum effort!”


Lin Huang immediately summoned the Killer card for inspection. Its rarity has changed from its initial Mythical level to Supreme G.o.d-level, and the name of the monster had also changed from the original “Regal Sword Killer” to “Imperial Sword Killer”.

Additionally, Killer’s Sword Dao True Meaning was only at True Martial Level originally and has now been upgraded to True Meaning Level. G.o.d Rule and Elemental Enlightenment also increased by three functions, clearly inheriting One-Eyed Monster’s G.o.d Rule Power. To cap it off, a lot of sword skills have been added to the information page of the skill slot.

After examining the card information on Killer, Lin Huang kept the card quickly.

Once again, he immersed part of his consciousness into his body in order to look over the details of the ma.s.sacre of the small teams from the Union Government by the One-Eyed Monster. The culprit had been dealt with, but since he promised Jiang Shan to fully resolve this problem, he still needed to find the corpses of the victims.

Following the scenes he saw in his memory, Lin Huang soon found the location where One-Eyed Monster was hiding the dead bodies.

There was a bright flash and, a second later, he showed up at the corpses’ hiding place that was not far away. At the nearby depths of the ocean trench, numerous corpses lay suspended underwater, bound together by a kind of seaweed and spiraling round and round in a helical fas.h.i.+on.

After moving closer, Lin Huang noticed that the rattan-like seaweed was wrapped around the corpses’ necks.

There was nothing unusual with the seaweed; clearly it was just being used by One-Eyed Monster as a rope replacement.

Lin Huang examined the corpses. There were a total of 99 people. Three troops and four small teams, not a single one spared. However, all the G.o.dheads within the corpses had been taken away, undoubtedly by One-Eyed Monster for refinement. Thankfully, all the Emperor Heart Rings and other belongings of the deceased were left untouched.

After examining the state of the corpses, Lin Huang quickly stored the corpses into a storage ring one at a time.

After sweeping one wave of Divine Telekinesis to ensure that he had not missed anything, Lin Huang left the place with a flash.

The moment he departed from the Peaceful Ocean, Lin Huang immediately activated the Dimensional Whirlpool and reappeared instantly at No. 1 City before hurrying toward the Union Government Headquarters not too far away.

A moment later, when Jiang Shan, the chairman of the Union Government, saw Lin Huang in the living hall, he was rather astonished.

“Emperor Lin, why didn’t you let me know in advance that you were coming?” Jiang Shan quickly masked his misgivings, proceeding to exchange pleasantries with Lin Huang cheerfully while secretly trying to guess his intentions.

“The matter has been resolved, hence I came straight here.” With that, Lin Huang produced the storage ring containing all the corpses and placed it directly on top of the coffee table.

“The matter has been resolved?” Jiang Shan appeared flabbergasted when he saw Lin Huang reveal the storage ring. He stared blankly for a moment, his reaction rather delayed.

“Your three small squads were attacked by a monster. That monster’s combat level was at the peak of Virtual G.o.d rank-9 and was adept with an Illusion-type Elemental Enlightenment. Its abilities were comparable to an ordinary First-rank True G.o.d…”

“All the victims’ bodies should be inside this ring. If the number of people you previously reported to me is accurate, then not a single one of them was spared. The bodies are virtually unscathed, and their personal belongings are more or less intact. The only thing is that their G.o.dheads have all been dug out by that monster, most likely for refinement…”

Jiang Shan hastily picked up the ring and used Divine Telekinesis to explore its contents. Almost instantly, his expression fell.

“Ninety-nine Virtual G.o.ds, all dead…”

The worst-case scenario he had dreaded still ended up happening.

Truthfully, before he saw the corpses, he had been holding onto a flicker of hope that there would be survivors. He did not dare to optimistically believe that the group was just trapped somewhere, all alive.

Although this outcome was foreseeable from the very beginning, in the moment of seeing the corpses first-hand, Jiang Shan’s expression cracked.

“What about the murderer? Is it still alive?” After regaining his composure a moment later, Jiang Shan raised his head and asked Lin Huang.

“I killed it,” Lin Huang replied mildly.

“Can you hand over the body for us to deal with? We can purchase it for ten times the market price.” Jiang Shan pressed.

“It’s not that I don’t want to give you the body. After I killed that monster, its body disintegrated on its own.” Lin Huang’s tone was somewhat resigned. Before heading over, he had predicted that the Union Government would want him to present the murderer, but he could neither produce the body, nor could he tell them the truth. His only option was to fabricate a lie. “I think that the monster was possibly just a clone.”

Jiang Shan did not probe further and readily believed this explanation.

It was abnormal for such a formidable monster to suddenly show up in the gravel world itself. If it were a clone of some formidable being from the great world, then that explained everything perfectly.

“If it’s just a clone, is it possible for its primordial form to be hidden in the gravel world?” Jiang Shan asked somewhat worriedly.

“Unlikely.” Lin Huang shook his head. “For its clone to grow to this stage, there isn’t much reason for its primordial form to remain in the gravel world. It would only be able to seal itself, and its abilities would not be much stronger than its clone.”

“Before I leave the gravel world, I will do another round of careful examination. If its primordial form actually is hidden in the gravel world, it cannot escape undetected by me.

“Also, bury the people in the ring well…”

“I will make the arrangements.”

Jiang Shan nodded with a grim expression. Really, there was no need for Lin Huang to mention this. Any fallen Virtual G.o.ds of the Union Government would be buried properly and with great dignity.

Just as Lin Huang was preparing to leave, Jiang Shan suddenly asked a question.

“Is it possible that the sudden appearance of that monster has something to do with the dimensional gateway at the bottom of Peaceful Ocean?” He still believed in what Lin Huang had said previously about a gateway at the bottom of the Peaceful Ocean.

Lin Huang paused for a moment before shaking his head. “I’m not sure. I didn’t find that gateway when I went into the ocean this time.”

Since it was his lie to start with, he had to see it through all the way.

He had personally announced that there was a dimensional gateway at the bottom of the Peaceful Ocean. Therefore, despite knowing everything about the One-Eyed Monster, at this moment he could only play dumb in front of Jiang Shan.

“Don’t waste your time and effort on looking for that gateway. I’ll definitely be able to find it before I leave. I’ll send you guys the coordinates then.”

In order to prevent the Union Government from wasting their time and resources, Lin Huang followed up with this statement.

Jiang Shan merely gave a small nod and smile and did not say anything, silently watching Lin Huang leave.

After ensuring that Lin Huang had left, he opened the communication page of his Emperor’s Heart Ring and dialed a number.

“Get someone to do an autopsy…”


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