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Chapter 147: The Scary Clown

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

700 years ago, during the new epoch, a transcendent had said this before, “Don’t ever underestimate an unknown monster, especially an unknown transcendent monster!”

Without a doubt, what he said came true here, today.

n.o.body knew what the Ghastly Clown actually was and the special abilities it possessed.

This caused Zhou Qian, who was one of the transcendent to become its puppet.

Everyone including Zhu Nian had never expected Zhou Qian to fall under the Ghastly Clown’s control.

Zhu Nian noticed it because of Zhou Qian’s abnormal behavior.

When Zhou Qian was about to strike a heavy blow on Zhu Nian, Zhu Nian lifted his spear and the shaft of his spear blocked the blow.

However, Zhou Qian’s attack caused Zhu Nian to retreat about 30 meters away.

“Oh, a little girl that’s good in close combat. I love it! Hehehe…” Zhou Qian said something strange.

“Zhou Qian, fight it! Get it out of your body. Don’t be controlled by it!” Zhu Nian yelled at Zhou Qian.

“It’s useless. As long as I have my mask on, she will not be able to get rid of me. Hehehe…” The Ghastly Clown smiled wryly and said.

Zhu Nian stepped one step forward in the air and pounced on the Ghastly Clown.

The Ghastly Clown immediately transformed its face into Zhou Qian’s face and smiled at Zhu Nian without moving.

The next moment, Zhou Qian flashed through the air and appeared in front of Zhu Nian, blocking his way.

Zhu Nian wanted to bypa.s.s her but he was. .h.i.t by her consecutive attacks. He did not want to hurt her so he could only dodge her attacks pa.s.sively.

On the other hand, Xie Yu and Liang Song were having a tough time too.

The Lava Giant had been attacking Xie Yu non-stop. It seemed like it was not afraid of any kind of attack. When Xie Yu stabbed its his body with a longsword relic, the effect was similar to cutting into an armor relic of a higher rank.

However, the Lava Giant had a terrifying amount of strength. Xie Yu could only defend against its attacks.

On the other hand, Liang Song was in a tangle with the Four-Winged Swordfiend.

The Four-Winged Swordfiend’s lightning-fast attacks were scary. The sharpness of six of its forelimbs was on par with a sword relic. It could easily chop off anyone who was not prepared for its attack.

Liang Song could not keep up with its speed at all. He was just trying to avoid the attack as the number of wounds on his body increased.

Lin Huang was nervous, seeing three transcendent totally incapacitated, unable to fight back at all.

On the ground, the Purple Crow staff and other influential members were all involved in the fight with the monster horde.

If this continued, the monsters would probably wipe out Daxi City.

“Eh, settle the woman first! Stop dodging her attacks.” Xie Yu saw that Zhu Nian was not giving his all against Zhou Qian so he yelled at him as he could not stand it anymore.

Zhu Nian frowned. He knew that what Xie Yu said was right. If he could not get rid of Zhou Qian, it would turn the battle into a four versus one when both of them were killed. Regardless of his abilities, it would be difficult to fight back.

“Zhou Qian, please forgive me.” Zhu Nian decided not to avoid her attacks anymore.

He pointed his gold spear at Zhou Qian.

Zhou Qian leaped towards Zhu Nian again.

Zhu Nian took one step forward, as if the whole world was within his control. He brushed across Zhou Qian instantly. His spear then pierced through Zhou Qian’s chest, coming out from her back.

Zhou Qian’s body was limp. Zhu Nian immediately reached out and held her in his arms.

At that moment, Zhou Qian did not care about her wounds and struck a blow to Zhu Nian’s chest.

Zhu Nian frowned. He pulled his spear out and chopped off both her arms.

Zhou Qian then gradually regained her consciousness. Looking at Zhu Nian who was holding her, she burst into tears and whispered, “I am sorry…”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault.” Zhu Nian patted her shoulder and carried her to the ground. “Get some rest.”

“Tsk tsk tsk… You are being so cruel to your female subordinate. Didn’t it hurt to hurt her?” He heard the voice of the Ghastly Clown again. Zhou Qian’s mask had disappeared and it had returned to its original look.

“I haven’t felt anger like this for years. You really are getting on my nerves.” Zhu Nian turned back to face the clown and lifted his spear again, pointing at the Ghastly Clown who was floating mid-air.

“Aww, I’m so scared… Hehehe…” A mask appeared in the Ghastly Clown’s hand again. “Who should I transform into? Give me some suggestion.”

“I would suggest that… you die now.” Zhu Nian’s spear thrust through the air and his body appeared in front of the Ghastly Clown in an instant. Zhu Nian stabbed the spear that resembled a dragon into its face.

“You’re so… Rude…” The Ghastly Clown’s body began blurring into the background, making it look like an illusion or a shadow. Even its voice sounded like a featherweight voice.

Zhu Nian was stunned and his face turned grave when he failed to kill the Ghastly Clown.

Soon, a sound was heard coming behind him, “Guess who I’ve transformed into?”

Zhu Nian did not turn his head around but threw his spear backward. However, he missed it.

The next moment, a shadow pounced on him suddenly. He made a wrong move and avoided the shadow. He took a look and realized that he was Liang Song, dressed in a Chinese tunic.

“Here is a multiple choice question. Do you prefer a female subordinate or a male subordinate? Hehehehe…” Apparently, it was the Ghastly Clown who said these words.

“Is this the only trick you have up your sleeve? You dare not fight me face to face and only rely on dirty tricks like these.” Zhu Nian roared. When he looked around, there were no traces of the Ghastly Clown.

“Hehehehe…You won’t get to me in this manner. It only works on human like you with low intelligence. It’s not going to work on me. Perhaps… I’ll give you a chance to fight me face to face when I’m in a good mood.” The next time the Ghastly Clown appeared, it was standing behind Liang Song. It looked exactly the same as Liang Song.

“Since you want to play a game, let’s get it on!” Zhu Nian shouted in a deep voice. He dashed forward once again. This time, he was running towards Liang Song.

Bullets rained from the gun in Liang Song’s hand. However, none of the fired bullets touched Zhu Nian’s body. He then threw his spear and it penetrated Liang Song’s chest but just as it penetrated Liang Song’s body, the gold spear changed direction and flew towards the back of the Ghastly Clown’s head.

Just as he was about to kill the Ghastly Clown, he could vaguely sense an unusual wave coming out its body. He immediately stopped his attack.

“It’s such a waste. Three centimeters more and your male subordinate would have burst into pieces.” Liang Song was originally standing on the left. Unexpectedly, they had switched positions. The one who was standing there was now the Ghastly Clown. The position where the Ghastly Clown initially stood at had was now where Liang Song was.

Zhu Nian broke into a cold sweat because he almost smashed Liang Song’s head into pieces.

“Hehehehe… I’ve already said this earlier. Play by my rules and such things won’t happen. Of course, if you enjoy the excitement, I don’t mind playing this game with you.” The Ghastly Clown seemed to have full control over the battle.

When Zhu Nian was staring at the Ghastly Clown with fear, the results of the battle his comrades were fighting became clear.

Being attacked by the Lava Giant and the Four-Winged Swordfiend, Xie Yu was unable to defend himself. His defensive relic was broken.

His brain was sliced in half by the Four-Winged Swordfiend while his body was crushed into minced meat. The Four-Winged Swordfiend then threw his crushed body into its mouth.

Liang Song had basically lost his combat abilities and Zhu Nian faced an undesirable situation he did not expect. What was initially a four versus three battle had become a one versus three battle…

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