Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1475 – The Battle Is Not Over Yet

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Chapter 1475: The Battle Is Not Over Yet

After experiencing the first wave of surprise attacks from the Earth Skeletons, Chan Dou and the other two quickly went into battle mode.

Chan Dou and Huang Wuji were the most outstanding of the gravel world’s younger generation. They had been through countless battles, both great and small. Therefore, after becoming familiar with the new environment of the battleground, their confidence quickly returned.

As for Xiao Mo, despite not having as much battle experience as the other two, his combat strength was still at virtual G.o.d-level rank-3 after all, and he had mastered Rule Bending Power. His overall abilities were only slightly inferior to Chan Dou, and it was hard to find someone who was his match among the beginner-stage Virtual G.o.ds. Seeing that Huang Wuji was so fearless despite only being a Virtual G.o.d rank-1, Xiao Mo quickly followed suit and went into battle mode as well.

As they continued on their way, the three of them were also becoming increasingly familiar with the hunting process.

Lin Huang followed behind them the entire time. He did not make any moves and rarely even spoke. He merely briefly pointed out their mistakes and areas for improvement every time the three of them finished a battle.

Chan Dou and the other two also improved rapidly in subsequent battles and rarely repeated the mistakes they had made.

After the group had advanced several thousand kilometers and were about to reach the boundary of the beginner-stage Virtual G.o.d area, Lin Huang glanced silently at Chan Dou and the other two, the corner of his lips quirking up slightly.

He had sensed early on that there was a group of Abyssal hunters not too far away, who were all intermediate-stage Virtual G.o.ds from rank-4 to rank-6—seven people in total.

However, he was not planning on giving hints to Chan Dou and the other two.

At this point, all three had gone through a few dozen battles, and their confidence was rapidly beginning to expand. Lin Huang felt that at this moment, it was essential that they experience some hard knocks in the world.

As Lin Huang and the other three continued their approach, the group of Abyssal hunters soon became aware of their presence. However, due to the disparity in their Divine Telekinesis coverage ranges, Chan Dou and the other two did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

With his Divine Telekinesis, Lin Huang could clearly see that the seven people from the other group were split into two teams, with one team making its way around from behind. They were evidently planning to attack Chan Dou and the other two from both sides.

As the distance between the two groups diminished, Chan Dou and Xiao Mo noticed something unusual almost simultaneously, but at this point, they were already less than three thousand meters from the hunters ahead of them.

“It’s the Abyssal hunters!”

As soon as Chan Dou finished speaking, the three abyssal monsters in front of them sprang out, appearing in front of Lin Huang and the other three from not too far off and blocking their way forward.

Upon sensing the strength of the three monsters’ auras, Chan Dou and the other two grimaced.

This was because their opponents were two Virtual G.o.d rank-5s and a Virtual G.o.d rank-6.

“Didn’t think we’d be lucky enough to into a bunch of human kids.” The leader, a Virtual G.o.d rank-6 monster, had a human-like upper torso with a bald head and knotted muscles, except that it had eight gla.s.s bead-like eyes on its face, which made it seem incredibly like a deity. However, the biggest difference between itself and a human was that it did not have legs below its waist—instead, it had dozens of scarlet tentacles.

“Three Virtual G.o.d rank-3s, and a Virtual G.o.d rank-1. I don’t know where you found the courage to enter the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss.” The monster off to one side stood upright on both legs; just by looking at its silhouette, one might have thought that it was a tall, thin male human. However, its body was covered by thick blue-black scales, and even the two eyes in its head were fish eyes.

“I actually hope guys like them come here more often—then we’ll get to eat fresh, tender meat every day. Humans are a lot more delicious than the monsters in this battleground.” The monster that spoke looked slightly deformed, its head taking up a good half of its body. It had a bird beast-like body which was covered in feathers, except for its head.

Chan Dou glanced surrept.i.tiously at Lin Huang, saw that he was clearly not planning on taking action, and knew that he could only rely on the other two to fight this battle.

He started rapidly turning over countertactics in his head.

Their opponents were two Virtual G.o.d rank-5s and a Virtual G.o.d rank-6, whereas, for his own group, Huang Wuji was only at virtual G.o.d-level rank-1—which also meant that he could only rely on himself and Xiao Mo.

Although he and Xiao Mo had both mastered Rule Bending Power, every time they used their Virtual G.o.d combat strength to activate their Rule Bending Powers, it put extreme stress on their bodies and depleted their Divine Power immensely.

The more pressing issue was that even with Rule Bending Power, it did not mean that one would be able to run rampant among Virtual G.o.ds. It was true that Rule Bending Power was able to kill Virtual G.o.d rank-9s, but Xiao Mo and Chan Dou were only Virtual G.o.d rank-3s. If they were hit by an attack from the three monsters in front of them, there was a high chance that they would instantly be killed on the spot.

‘Based on how strong my Divine Power is, I can activate Rule Bending Power three times at most. If Xiao Mo can activate his Rule Bending Power twice, we have three opportunities to attack and two to defend… I have to join forces with Xiao Mo. We can’t waste a single chance when using our Rule Bending Power!’

Different strategies flashed quickly through Chan Dou’s head. He ended up choosing the best option and communicated it to Xiao Mo through voice transmission.

However, as he made this decision, he was unaware of the four ambushers behind them…

After the voice transmission ended, the battle began.

Chan Dou directly launched a frontal attack and charged toward the Virtual G.o.d rank-6.

The Tentacle Monster laughed menacingly, “He’s mine; don’t any of you make a move.”

As soon as it finished speaking, the countless scarlet tentacles below the monster’s waist turned into scattered shadows that filled the sky. They blotted out heaven and earth as they surged toward Chan Dou.

All of a sudden, the entire s.p.a.ce seemed to turn into an ocean of tentacles that swallowed Chan Dou up right away.

When he saw what was happening, Huang Wuji’s expression altered slightly. However, he very quickly noticed Xiao Mo’s serene expression, and his own emotions calmed down immediately.

The sea of red tentacles in the void only lasted for a moment before suddenly shooting out golden beams of light. An instant later, the tentacles that filled the sky were all annihilated.

The Tentacle Monster was not the only one astonished; the other two abyssal monsters watching the battle from the sidelines were also stunned.

Right at this moment, Xiao Mo suddenly disappeared on the spot.

Almost at the same time, a dark shadow silently wrapped itself around the body of the Big-mouthed Monster.

“Help…help me…” By the time the Big-mouthed Monster managed to cry out, more than half of its body had already been swallowed up by the dark shadow.

The Fish-scaled Monster off to one side was about to reach out and rescue the Big-mouthed Monster. However, it had barely touched the Big-mouthed Monster’s body before it realized that a dark shadow was swiftly crawling up its arm and seemed inclined to contaminate its own body. It broke off its arm without hesitation and leaped backward until it reached a certain distance.

After that, it watched with a horrified expression as the Big-mouthed Monster was completely swallowed up by the dark shadow, its life force gradually dying out.

On the other side, the Tentacle Monster also let out a dismal howl.

The Fish-scaled Monster turned its head in that direction, and saw that all the scarlet tentacles in the sky had been fractured into nothingness—even the Tentacle Monster’s whole body had been impaled by a blinding golden streak of light

As the anguished howl suddenly ceased, the Tentacle Monster’s life force dissipated, and its corpse slumped toward the ground.

When it saw the Tentacle Monster and the Big-mouthed Monster die one after the other, the Fish-scaled Monster turned to flee but saw a streak of golden light hurtling toward it from the spot where the Tentacle Monster had fallen.

That golden streak of light had practically reached maximum speed and pierced right through the Fish-scaled Monster’s body in an instant.

Before the golden light had fully dissipated, a human silhouette gradually revealed itself.

It was Chan Dou!

He held his sword in one hand, but his chest was heaving violently. His sword-wielding right hand was also trembling slightly.

He had used Rule Bending Power to attack twice consecutively, which put extreme stress on his body. It had even depleted the greater part of his Divine Power.

Sensing that the three monsters’ life force had dissipated, Chan Dou and Xiao Mo were about to exhale a sigh of relief when Lin Huang’s voice sounded in their ears.

“The battle is not over yet…”

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