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Chapter 1477: Border Area

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After separating from Chan Dou’s team, Lin Huang continued journeying in deeper without stopping, moving swiftly toward the inner layer.

All the monsters he met along the way, he instantly killed with his telekinetic flying daggers. Lin Huang’s speed did not slow down in the least, either. After killing the monsters along the way, he extended his Divine Telekinetic threads and collected all the spoils, not giving anyone else a chance to get their hands on them.

Even if these virtual G.o.d-level beast corpses and G.o.dheads were of no use to him, they could still be sold for money.

It took Lin Huang less than ten minutes to get from the outer layer to the inner layer of the battlefield.

At the border between the inner and outer layers, he altered his route again and sped along the boundary line, searching for traces of Lin Xin and her group.

Lin Xin was only virtual G.o.d-level rank-9, and both Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan were only first-rank True G.o.ds. Based on their abilities, the best place for them to gain experience was this border between the inner and outer layers. If they were to go deeper into the inner layer, the risk of them dying would also increase.

Lin Huang did not conceal his tracks at all. Under Thousand Face’s disguising, he was currently displaying the combat level of a Virtual G.o.d rank-9.

At such a combat level, his swift travel along the border quickly attracted the attention of many powerhouses.

Excluding a very small number of cautious fellows, almost all the teams did not hesitate to attack Lin Huang.

However, it went without saying that everyone who attacked Lin Huang was killed instantly, whether they were high-level Virtual G.o.ds or low-rank True G.o.ds. Not a single one of them was spared.

After traveling less than half the distance that he had covered in the outer layer, the number of monsters that had perished by Lin Huang’s hand was already more than twice the number of monsters he had encountered in the outer layer.

‘Is this border area always this lively?’

Lin Huang extended his Divine Telekinesis and found that the density of monsters at this boundary between the inner and outer layers was far greater than that of the outer area. There were also a dozen times more humans and Abyssal hunters.

After traveling along the border for more than ten minutes, he finally located Lin Xin’s trio with his Divine Telekinesis.

The three of them were hunting down a first-rank true G.o.d-level aberrant species monster.

Lin Huang appeared near the area where the three of them were and hid himself to quietly watch the battle.

Lin Xin held a silver gun in her right hand and circled the edge of the battleground. She did not fire continuously but only attacked occasionally, aiming at the aberrant species’ weak spots.

Every so often, right before the aberrant species was about to attack, she would directly hinder its a.s.sault. At other times, it would be a fierce battle between the aberrant species, Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan. The moment the monster let down its guard, Lin Xin would instantly switch to sniper mode with the gun she wielded and attack the monster’s weak spots…

Her grasp of battle timing and accuracy had undoubtedly reached the peak of gun technique. If she were to improve just a little more, Lin Huang felt that she might even be able to consolidate Firearms True Meaning.

Lin Xin performed extremely well as combat support in this battle. Under her constant interference, the aberrant species was only able to display less than seventy percent of its full ability and was quickly killed off by Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan.

Once he saw that the battle had ended and Lin Xuan was already beginning to collect the spoils, Lin Huang finally came out of hiding and revealed himself.

Upon becoming aware of the sudden appearance of someone else within their sensing range, the three immediately became vigilant, but they soon sensed that this aura belonged to Lin Huang.

“Brother!” Lin Xin’s face filled with joy when she saw Lin Huang.

“You did well.” Lin Huang gave Lin Xin a satisfied nod.

“When did you arrive?” Lin Xuan asked, a little surprised.

“More or less when the battle was just starting,” Lin Huang did not hide the truth, “I didn’t want to interfere with your pace of battle, so I just watched from the sidelines.”

Although they had not sensed Lin Huang’s aura throughout the entire fight, Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan were not too surprised. After all, they had seen Lin Huang take down a ninth-rank true G.o.d-level powerhouse before.

“I a.s.sume things are going well for Chan Dou and the others?” Mr. Fu asked with a smile.

The fact that Lin Huang was here likely meant that there were no major issues on Chan Dou’s side.

“You could say it’s going fairly well.” Lin Huang nodded. “Their main issue is that their combat level is too low but other than that, there are no major problems.

“What about all of you? On my way here, I discovered that the distribution of monsters at the border is much denser than in the outer layer, and there were human and Abyssal hunters practically everywhere. The one with the highest combat strength was at fourth-rank true G.o.d-level.”

Lin Huang had also noticed that the three of them still bore very neat and tidy appearances, so they probably had not encountered too much trouble.

“Well, we’ve only been here for a day, so we haven’t encountered any powerhouses yet. The strongest one we’ve come across was a second-rank spirit type. However, the difficulty of hunting it down didn’t increase very much; it just took more time,” Mr. Fu said with a smile.

“Yes, although the spirit type yesterday was a second-rank, it was really dumb!” Lin Xin could not help mocking it, “Whenever one of us. .h.i.t it, it would chase after that person. It was a lot of fun.”

“Monsters with that kind of intelligence level are actually a minority.” Lin Huang shook his head after hearing that. “It was just your good luck to encounter it. If it had been even a little smarter, it would definitely have been several times harder to hunt down than a first-rank.

“Just like the aberrant species from earlier—if it had been a second-rank, you wouldn’t have been able to break through its defenses at all. It wouldn’t be affected by your gun attacks in the least.” Lin Huang looked at Lin Xin again.

“You performed well with your firearm just now, but don’t fall behind on your sword skills. If I remember correctly, in the beginning, your main cultivation path at the Martial Hunter College was sword skills, and firearms was only supplemental cultivation. If you meet a suitable opponent, you have to use that chance to sharpen your close-combat skills. Don’t let your main cultivation path become your shortcoming…”

“Okay…” Right after receiving a compliment, she was being nagged to practice her sword skills—the smile on Lin Xin’s face vanished immediately.

“The girl has performed very well; don’t criticize her so harshly,” Mr. Fu decided to defend Lin Xin this time.

“It’s alright, your main issue is that you still lack actual combat experience, so you’ll be fine after fighting in a few more battles,” Lin Xuan also comforted Lin Xin.

Lin Huang did not say anything more after that.

“Are you preparing to enter the inner layer directly?” Lin Xuan turned and asked Lin Huang—in reality, he did this to change the topic of conversation.

“I’m not in a hurry. I’ll come along with you for a while.” Lin Huang shook his head, then turned his gaze on Lin Xin. “I want to see how all of you are adapting.”

“What are you looking at me for? I’m adapting just fine!” Lin Xin said with a curl of her lips.

Lin Huang withdrew his gaze, then said, “On my way here, I found that there were more powerhouses at the border than I expected. I’ve already seen five teams with medium-rank True G.o.d members, and two of those teams were Abyssal hunters. Among the five teams, the strongest was one of the Abyssal hunter teams. They have three fourth-rank True G.o.ds and five third-rank True G.o.ds… If you encounter them, you wouldn’t even be able to escape.”

Upon hearing this, not only did Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan fall silent, but Lin Xin as well.

What the three of them did not know was that as Lin Huang was speaking, he had secretly crushed Witch’s Monster Card, allowing her to hide off to one side and secretly watch over them.

“I’ll accompany all of you for a while, then we’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning.”

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