Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1479 – Encounter With An Aberrant Species

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Chapter 1479: Encounter with an Aberrant Species

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After landing in the core layer s.p.a.ce, Lin Huang clearly felt the difference between this s.p.a.ce here and that of the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss.

The gravity in this place was much stronger, and the s.p.a.ce Rule was also very chaotic.

Lin Huang extended his Divine Telekinesis and found that it had been further suppressed. The radius of his Divine Telekinesis coverage had been reduced to about 120 kilometers, which was only one-tenth of what it had been in the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss.

However, the thing that made Lin Huang most uncomfortable was how the air was saturated with dense Abyssal energy that was constantly trying to penetrate his body through every pore and skin cell.

‘With such dense Abyssal energy, I’m afraid even seventh-rank and eighth-rank True G.o.ds wouldn’t be able to put up any amount of resistance for too long.’ Sensing the speed at which his Divine Power was being consumed as he resisted the Abyssal energy, Lin Huang frowned slightly.

This environment was practically the equivalent of home ground for abyssal monsters.

Without waiting until he could fully adapt to this new environment, Lin Huang lifted his head and gazed into the distance.

Right after scanning the area with his Divine Telekinesis, he noticed that there were several monsters nearby. He also clearly sensed that he was being watched.

The monsters that were staring at him had gazes that were almost tangible, and they even made no attempt to conceal their own ill intentions, unabashedly making them known.

The corners of Lin Huang’s lips quirked up slightly; from a distance, he looked at the first monster that was approaching him at top speed.

Almost instantly, the monster leaped across a distance of about ten kilometers and opened its blood-stained mouth, pouncing at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang just stood there as if he had been frozen on the spot by fear; only a red gleam faintly flashed from the cuff of his sleeve.

The next instant, the head of the red-skinned, large-mouthed monster exploded, and its body toppled to the ground heavily, stirring up a cloud of smoke and dust in its wake.

At this point, two other monsters had just arrived. Before they could even take action, they witnessed this scene happening in front of them, and their instincts told them to turn around and flee.

However, it was already too late.

As soon as Lin Huang raised his head, his gaze swept over the two monsters who had turned to flee. Two scarlet gleams shot out from the cuff of his sleeves again, instantly impaling the bodies of the two creatures.

“Too bad there’s only one ninth-rank, I’m still short of three…” Lin Huang commented regretfully as he watched his Life Wheels absorb only one ninth-rank Divine Fire.

After storing away the corpses of the three monsters, he did not linger but continued swiftly toward the deeper reaches of the core layer.

Along the way, he met several monsters who tried to launch stealth attacks at him, but Lin Huang killed them all. However, he regretted that none of these were ninth-rank monsters. The Life Wheels within him refused to accept their Divine Fires.

In fact, along the way, Lin Huang had sensed a lot of monsters with his Divine Telekinesis, but he did not initiate any attacks, because hunting them down was meaningless to him. Those he did kill were the ones that attacked him first.

After moving forward for more than ten minutes, Lin Huang finally found a ninth-rank True G.o.d, which was a humanoid aberrant species.

It looked like a robust human male, but its size had expanded to more than three meters, and its chest and back were full of festering pustules with corrosive green pus seeping out of them.

Its right hand looked like a normal human arm and was holding a broad-bladed battle sword. The other arm was deformed and swollen, more than two meters long. The circ.u.mference of this arm was almost comparable to that of its waist, and it was covered in greenish-blue scales.

Lin Huang had never seen an aberrant species like that in the monster guide before, but he was still able to determine that this fellow had most likely been a human in its past life.

It was only that it had been corrupted by Abyssal energy to the point where its soul had also been corrupted after its physical body had been completely deformed. Therefore, it had fully turned into a monster both inside and out.

Monsters formed by the corruption of humans were usually in the top tier among monsters.

Sensing the aura of this monster, Lin Huang also became a little more cautious.

From the looks of things, the other used to be a sword cultivator before its death, and since it had dared to enter this core layer, that meant it was definitely not weak.

Normally, it was unlikely that a ninth-rank True G.o.d would be corrupted by the energy in this core layer. Therefore, Lin Huang determined that the other most likely had been corrupted after encountering a major battle that had exhausted its Divine Power.

All this while, Lin Huang was hiding nearby, observing in secret.

However, the aberrant species suddenly looked in Lin Huang’s direction. An instant later, the Sword Dao of the aberrant species began to rise rapidly.

“True Self Level Sword Dao?!” Lin Huang was shocked. The other had also reached the third level of Sword Dao true meaning, just like himself.

At this moment, the Sword Dao within Lin Huang’s body seemed to be influenced by the other’s energy, fluctuating slightly.

Instantly, he felt the aberrant species’ Sword Dao lock onto him.

Lin Huang reluctantly stood up from the bushes. He had not expected that his own Sword Dao would betray him like this.

As he looked at the aberrant species in front of him, his gaze had also become serious.

The fact that the Sword Dao within him could respond to the other’s energy meant that the other’s Sword Dao was at the same level as his own.

However, Lin Huang was not intimidated in the slightest.

Both of them were at the third level of Sword Dao true meaning, and he did not believe that he was any weaker than his opponent.

Under the pull of each other’s energy, both parties’ Sword Dao flowed out of their bodies and began to elevate rapidly.

In the end, the aberrant species was still slightly weaker, and its Sword Dao was the first to reach its peak.

Under the continued oppression from Lin Huang’s Sword Dao, it finally could no longer hold back and attacked.

The broad-bladed battle sword in its hand slashed forward like a violent gust of wind, producing tens of thousands of slashes in an instant. The pitch-black sword gleams compounded together like a wave, coming at Lin Huang like a tsunami.

This attack would have been enough to slice a ninth-rank True G.o.d into pieces.

However, Lin Huang was not fazed at the sight of the black tsunami-like wave approaching him. In fact, he was delighted. He had not encountered a worthy Sword Dao opponent in a long time.

At some unknown moment, a narrow red blade had consolidated in Lin Huang’s hand. He made just the slightest movement, and the narrow blade stabbed forward.

A violent gust of blood-red wind like a tornado shot out from the point of the blade.

The tornado expanded as soon as it hit the air and began rapidly splitting, instantaneously multiplying into twelve colossal hurricanes that reached from the earth to the heavens.

If there had been other powerhouses present who possessed True Self Level Sword Dao, they would have been able to see what actually happened with his attack. In reality, he had unleashed the same attack twelve times, but the trajectory of the attacks was exactly the same, and the speed at which they were delivered was so fast, it looked like he had only attacked once.

Like twelve gigantic sky-high pillars, the twelve hurricanes abruptly suppressed the tsunami, then completely shattered…

Everything in the path of the blood-red hurricanes turned to dust…

There were even a great many seventh-rank and eighth-rank monsters that suffered unexpected calamity—they were swallowed up by the hurricanes.

A terrifying surge of energy was released in all directions, and this quickly attracted the attention of other hunters nearby.

Quite a number of powerhouses had seen the terrifying hurricanes from a distance.

“I’ve never seen this kind of attack before—seems like a newcomer has arrived in town.”

“Such powerful Sword Dao true meaning… What a powerful sword cultivator!”

“It’s coming from this direction… someone can’t be hunting down that monster, can they?!”

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