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Chapter 148: Zhu Nian Has Gone Insane

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The transcendent monsters had usually experienced once mutation and after a brain transformation, their intelligence was beyond human intelligence.

Of course, there were some exceptions. Very few of the transcendent monsters had never experienced mutation and these monsters would normally possess incredible combat abilities.

There were also some of them that had gone through two or even three mutations. These monsters were even scarier. Aside from having abilities that were on par with human geniuses, they could also evolve to possess a higher degree of intelligence.

During the fight, Zhu Nian could confirm that the Ghastly Clown was a monster that had gone through at least two mutations. In the beginning, it already had full control over the battle, causing everyone to follow it.

Zhu Nian was facing an undesirable situation. Not only that it one versus three, the opponent had Liang Song as a hostage.

“Tell me what your rules are.” Zhu Nian observed the situation and calmed himself down. He knew he was at the losing end and had to find a way to be at an advantage.

“Hehehehe… A holy fire-level, it is difficult to find food tastier than you. I’ll give you a chance. If you can win both of the transcendent monsters, I’ll give you an opportunity to fight me in person but if you lose to them, not only will I kill both your teammates but everyone in this C-grade foothold as well.” The voice of the Ghastly Clown filled the air. Everyone could clearly hear it including all of the residents of the foothold.

Many of them stole glances at Zhu Nian. They prayed that he could reverse the situation.

Zhu Nian looked serious and nodded his head, “Okay, I accept.”

“Hehehehe… Very good! Let the game begins!” The Ghastly Clown announced happily in the mid-air.

At almost the same time as he finished his words, the Lava Giant and Four-Winged Swordfiend ran towards Zhu Nian.

The speed of the Four-Winged Swordfiend was extremely fast. In just a blink of an eye, it appeared in front of Zhu Nian.

Six forelimbs were coming towards Zhu Nian at a terrifying speed and they were in the form of sharp blades. It resembled six swordmasters attacking him with a sword relic. Six beams of black light appeared and moved extremely fast causing the air to crackle and crack.

Zhu Nian remained calm. He then lifted his hand with as little movement as he could and the gold spear in his hand had transformed into a thunderbolt that fought against the beams of light.

Only the sound of colliding metal could be heard.

“Go away!”

With a loud growl, the gold thunderbolt suddenly transformed into a shadow of a whip-like weapon, hitting the stomach and waist of the Four-Winged Swordfiend. Its body was blown away as the attacks struck and cracks appeared all over its hard armor.

The next moment, the Lava Giant was about to strike a heavy blow to Zhu Nian’s body from the left. The blow was accompanied by an immense power and a terribly high temperature.

Zhu Nian who was hanging in mid-air immediately reclaimed his spear. He had no means of retreating and he had to defend against the heavy blow.

The spear had transformed into a golden lightning dragon that slammed into the Lava Giant.


A loud thud was heard which sounded very much like an explosion. The ground began to vigorously shake.

Zhu Nian looked smaller in size compared to the Lava Giant; he was like an ant. However, his ant-like body remained stationary. He was firmly rooted in mid-air, at the position where he was standing.

After a short while, something shocking happened.

Spider webs-like cracks began to appear on the Lava Giant’s right arm where the spear hit it.

The Lava Giant that was always proud of its strength and defensive power began to roar in anger.

Red flames gushed out from its eyes and mouth. The red lava began to flow from his body and seemed like a tattoo that ran through his body that eventually covered its entire body.

Zhu Nian knew that the Lava Giant had gone on a rampage. Its rampage had multiplied the strength, speed, and defensive power of the Lava Giant.


After a thunderous, angry roar, the Lava Giant took another blow at Zhu Nian again.

“It is useless to go on a rampage. There is a big gap between our combat abilities.” Zhu Nian said calmly. He was not afraid of the Lava Giant at all.

He then took out his spear again. However, he did not attack it like he did earlier. Soon, the Lava Giant’s attack hit his spear but no sound was heard.

It was just a simple attack and the Lava Giant’s arm collided with his spear. However, the body of the Lava Giant became stiff and its arm became distorted; changing shape as it hit the spear.

Within a short while, its distorted arm had reached its peak and the arm began to collapse.

It was silence. No sound was heard and the Lava Giant’s right arm broke into a pile of crushed rock.

The Lava Giant roared in a fit of rage. Just as it was about to attack again with its left arm, the spear in Zhu Nian’s hand transformed into a gold whip abruptly and was being thrown towards its left arm.

Within the next few moments, Zhu Nian chopped off the Lava Giant’s left arm causing it to quickly flee.

At that moment, Zhu Nian grabbed his spear and holding onto the shaft of the spear, he took aim at the Lava Giant’s forehead and the golden spear shot like an arrow towards the Lava Giant.

Just as the Lava Giant was about to dodge the attack with its broken arm, the spear became faster mid-air all of a sudden. It resembled a gold thunderbolt that embedded a hole right through its blazing left eye and the back of its head.

The Lava Giant growled from the excruciating pain it suffered. The lava and flames in its body slowly went out. Eventually, it had completely turned into a pile of rocks scattered all over the ground.

Then, the Four-Winged Swordfiend quietly appeared behind Zhu Nian.

Six beams of light from the six blades shone on Zhu Nian’s six vital parts. The beams of light were about to cut through Zhu Nian’s body.

However, at the very next moment, a golden spear penetrated through the Four-Winged Swordfiend’s head from the top and half of the spear appeared from its lower jaw.

“I’ve been waiting for you…”

Zhu Nian smiled wryly and twisted the spear. An immense power was released from the spear and the head of the Four-Winged Swordfiend exploded in an instant. Blood splattered all around.

Then, the remaining light beam that shone on Zhu Nian’s body instantly became dim.

After killing two transcendent monsters, Zhu Nian kept his spear away and looked at the Ghastly Clown, “I think it’s time you fulfilled your promise?”

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