Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1480 – : Any Last Words?

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Chapter 1480: Any Last Words?

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Slash by slash, Lin Huang battled with the aberrant species.

The area where the two of them were fighting was filled with the phenomenon of red and black sword gleams from their clashes.

As the battle progressed, he managed to obtain a rough idea of the aberrant species’ strength.

Its strength was almost equivalent to that of a Supreme G.o.d rank-5 monster, with full control of the True Self Level of Sword Dao true meaning. It had also mastered more than forty types of Rule Bending Power, some of which had reached Control-level. In terms of overall ability, it was considered top-tier among True G.o.ds. In fact, its overall strength was in no way inferior to Teng Ran from the Thousand Snake Sect.

The fact that an individual with this kind of ability was unable to escape being polluted by Abyssal energy was really surprising to Lin Huang.

It was hard enough for Lin Huang to meet a powerhouse sword cultivator of a caliber on par with his own, so he had every intention of learning whatever he could from the exchange. Although his opponent’s every attack could prove fatal, for Lin Huang, it was an excellent learning opportunity. He restricted his Rule Bending Power to the same level as that of the other party and confronted his opponent time and time again.

He could also sense that there more and more powerhouses in the surrounding area that were starting to pay attention to the battle, but he ignored them.

The fight lasted for more than three hours until his opponent had exhausted practically all its tactics. Once he observed that there were no more new moves from the other party, Lin Huang began getting down to some serious action.

Twenty-eight layers of Control-level Rule Bending Power were compounded onto the blade of his blood-red sword, with the additional integration of True Self Level Sword Dao. The moment the blade sliced down, even the color of heaven and earth faded.

The entire universe seemed to be awash with that blood-red ray of light.

The aberrant species swung its sword repeatedly in resistance. However, it was all in vain—its form was instantly swallowed up by the blood-red sword gleam…

A number of individuals watching the battle from nearby witnessed this attack, and their pupils contracted.

However, there were also a few of them who became curious about Lin Huang.

The intense battle lasted for more than three hours. In addition, Lin Huang’s final blow seemed to have revealed his final trump card. To some individuals, this signaled an opening that they could take advantage of.

Several figures quietly appeared on the battleground where the fight between Lin Huang and the aberrant species had just ended.

Of course, Lin Huang had also noticed these small stirrings around him. His Divine Telekinesis sensed several monsters approaching him, and the corners of his lips quirked up ever so slightly.

“The core zone is such a great place! I never knew that meals were delivered straight to you!”

Lin Huang realized that he was not the only hunter around. The three Abyssal hunters who had targeted Lin Huang did not rush into action but slowly revealed themselves instead.

“Oh! It seems this prey is extremely in demand.” One of the monsters laughed—it looked a bit like a giant ape, but with nine heads and eighteen pairs of limbs. When it spoke, all nine heads spoke at the same time in different pitches and voices, creating a hallucinogenic effect and sound that was very soporific to the listener.

“This prey looks very delicious—I really want to eat him, eat him, eat him…” A giant baby with a huge belly salivated non-stop. Its head was also extraordinarily large and it only had a single pitch-black eye, as well as a huge mouth that took up half its face.

Except for its ma.s.sive size, abnormally proportioned head, and a belly that made it look pregnant, the biggest difference between the giant baby and a human was the two huge black wings on its back that seemed at once both real and ephemeral. A closer look revealed that the pair of wings was not, in fact, wings—they were actually made up of arms of various shapes and sizes that numbered into the thousands.

“Since all of us fancy the same prey and we don’t want to give him up, then each to their own!” The last one to speak was a humanoid black-scaled monster.

Its appearance was similar to that of a burly human wearing a layer of full-body scale armor. The scale armor even covered its entire face, making it seem as if it were wearing a helmet.

However, on closer inspection, the scales were not really scales, but a kind of fine black crystal, densely stacked to simulate the form of scales. However, its specific material was unknown.

The three monsters obviously already knew each other.

Lin Huang’s gaze swept over the three monsters, lingering a little longer on the third one because he felt it was a human that had been transformed into an abyssal creature. However, he only paused very slightly before withdrawing his gaze.

The auras of the three monsters were very clearly no less powerful than the aberrant species from earlier—perhaps a little stronger, even. All of them were top-tier True G.o.ds, close to the very peak of true G.o.d-level limits.

However, Lin Huang was not shocked. Instead, he was thrilled that he had run into them because it had been a while since he had encountered such powerful enemies.

“Enough nonsense; come at me then, all three of you!”

Before the trio could say more, Lin Huang interrupted them.

“Hehehehe, what an arrogant fellow…” The nine heads of the multi-headed ape laughed simultaneously. It was not annoyed but said with a smile, “If you were able to go full force on us, perhaps one or two of us would be worried, but right now…”

Lin Huang could not help but chuckle when he heard what it said. “I don’t doubt that I can kill all three of you!”

When he fought the aberrant monster, he had only used about a third of his ability at most, so it did not really consume much of his strength.

The reason the battle lasted for more than three hours was purely so he could practice his sword skills.

However, the onlookers did not know this. They a.s.sumed that Lin Huang had already used up all of his strength in the battle earlier and that he won the fight only because he utilized his final trump card.

As a result, they severely misjudged his ability and thought that they could take advantage of this opportunity.

However, Lin Huang was delighted at their mistake because the three monsters were extremely high-quality prey.

‘It’s too bad I can only absorb one last Divine Fire…’ Lin Huang felt a slight twinge of regret.

After hunting down the aberrant monster, he had already acc.u.mulated nine ninth-rank Divine Fires within him. According to his experiences from first-rank to eighth-rank, his Life Wheels could only hold ten Divine Fires. If there were more, they would not be absorbed.

However, alongside his regrets, Lin Huang was also somewhat relieved because this final hunt would mean that he could finally leave the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss and go back to refine his Divine Fires.

“Kill us… What a cute response… I really want to eat you, eat you, eat you…” The monster baby opened its eyes wide and looked at Lin Huang with even more excitement. Its shouts became louder and louder, and its pitch rose increasingly higher, becoming even more piercing to the ears.

Its voice instantly traveled a distance of over several hundred kilometers. Wherever the sound pa.s.sed through, except for ninth-rank True G.o.ds, the bodies of any living creatures would burst as if shattered by the sound waves.

The powerhouses who were watching from a distance had a slight change of expression.

“That demon baby looks like he’s going to explode…”

“Right now from the looks of the demon baby, the nine-headed ape and the black-scale monster will get the target. I’m thinking each of them will have a slice of that particular cake.”

“That human will die, that’s for sure, but it’s really hard to say who will be the last one left standing…”

On the battleground, only the scaled monster remained silent.

Lin Huang waited for the two monsters to finish speaking. He then looked at the scaled monster with a smile. “Both of them have said their last words; aren’t you going to do so as well?”

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