Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1487 – Advancement To True God–Level!

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Chapter 1487: Advancement to True G.o.d-level!

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Since he was not going to go down the path of forming G.o.d sequence chains, Lin Huang thought of another way. He would ama.s.s enough layers of Rule Bending Power to replace the G.o.d sequence chains, and turn them into a vehicle for the G.o.dly Right, to provide power for it.

This idea was certainly an extremely good one, but Lin Huang then encountered a problem—he had only mastered one hundred and twenty types of rules.

Even if he included the few True G.o.ds from the gravel world who had evolved, there were only a hundred and thirty or so types in total, which was far from enough to subst.i.tute for a G.o.d sequence chain.

‘Although it’s possible to borrow the Rule Bending Power mastered by the local residents of the gravel world, it’s still far from enough.’ Lin Huang frowned and pondered, ‘The gravel world has only just rebuilt its World Rules, and the number of people able to break through to true G.o.d-level in such a short time is limited, so the number of rules that they’ll be able to provide is also extremely limited.

‘If I want to obtain a large number of Rule Bending Powers, I’ll have to borrow them from somewhere else. For example, by letting a large number of True G.o.ds migrate into the gravel world…’ As Lin Huang’s train of thought went further and further, his gaze pa.s.sed over the void of his inner world and settled on the Monster Cards within him…

‘If I migrate all my card monsters to the gravel world and let them become residents there, does that mean I can also borrow all the Rule Bending Powers they have?!’

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up at the thought of this.

Although he only had a total of around forty true G.o.d-level imperial monsters in his possession, this did not include the number of Bug Tribe fighters in his hive.

Due to limited materials, the six Bug Tribe Queen Mothers had not been able to breed a large number of True G.o.ds; they had only bred about twenty of them. However, when the Thousand Snake Sect had invaded the gravel world, he had obtained more than five thousand true G.o.d-level corpses. This batch of materials had since been divided between the six Queen Mothers, and each of them had produced true G.o.d-level Bug Tribe fighters, including thousands of Bug Kings.

‘If I include the newly-evolved True G.o.ds from the Bug Tribe, there would definitely be over ten thousand rules!’ Lin Huang was quite excited, and s.h.i.+fted his gaze from within him, looking through the doors of the Great Heaven Palace and at Sword1 who was sitting at the entrance. “If I add three hundred or so Sword Servants… it should be enough to construct a G.o.dly Right!”

Now that Lin Huang’s combat level had elevated to virtual G.o.d-level rank-10, all the Sword Servants’ powers had been correspondingly unsealed to ninth-rank true G.o.d-level. Furthermore, almost all of these Sword Servants had mastered at least several dozen to a few hundred types of rules, so the number of rules that they could provide in total might be even more than the thousands of Bug Tribe members.

Once he reached this point in his ruminations, Lin Huang immediately got to work.

It was very difficult to become a resident of a world. One needed to be recognized by the world will and have their souls marked with the world brand. However, this could not be any easier for Lin Huang, as he had integrated with the world will of the gravel world.

It would not matter even if this plan did not work out. If worse came to worst, he would merely need to control the world will and remove the world brand.

Lin Huang returned his consciousness to the gravel world and moved himself into an expanse of void.

He summoned Death Knight. The reason he used it as a test subject was that it had the ability to revive itself. In the unlikely event that something went wrong and the Revival Rule of Monster Paradise became null, Death Knight would still be able to revive itself.

After briefly explaining to Death Knight what he wanted to do, Lin Huang allowed Death Knight to lower its defenses and let itself be branded by the world will.

After only a moment, the branding was successful, and Lin Huang could clearly feel that the number of World Rules had indeed increased.

His first experiment was a success, with no unexpected problems. Lin Huang then began summoning his imperial monsters in batches, leaving the world brand on them one by one.

Once all forty-plus imperial monsters had been branded, Lin Huang summoned the hive and branded all five thousand-plus true G.o.d-level Bug Kings and Bug Tribe fighters.

In the process, he could clearly feel that the World Rules of the gravel world were becoming increasingly stronger.

The total number of World Rules had also skyrocketed from the initial hundred and thirty-plus types to tens of thousands.

After recalling all the summoning beasts and the hive, Lin Huang quickly summoned the Sword Servants who had remained in the gravel world.

Sensing Lin Huang’s call, the two hundred and sixty-eight Sword Servants hurried to meet Lin Huang in less than three minutes.

The combat level they displayed now was no longer virtual G.o.d-level rank-9, but ninth-rank true G.o.d-level.

Lin Huang stated his request, and none of the Sword Servants had any objections.

The two hundred and sixty-eight brandings were completed in less than a minute.

Lin Huang could clearly feel that the World Rules had increased by over twenty thousand.

He hesitated for a moment but decided to abide by Great Heaven’s recommendation and did not put the remaining hundred Sword Servants into the gravel world.

It was not that he did not trust Sword1 and the others, but because he could not predict the consequences of releasing all one hundred of them from the Great Heaven Territory.

“Thirty thousand-plus rules should be enough to support the construction of a G.o.dly Right,” Lin Huang murmured.

He also knew that this was not yet the end of constructing the G.o.dly Right. His G.o.dly Right would become stronger once he left a world brand on Sword1 and the other Sword Servants in the future, as well as the elevation of local residents to True G.o.ds and the migration of more True G.o.ds into the gravel world.

After dismissing the Sword Servants, Lin Huang floated in the void alone, closing his eyes to sense the World Rules within him.

Over thirty-three thousand rules coalesced into illusory stars of different colors and sizes, radiating points of starlight to every corner of the world.

Lin Huang separated a thread of his consciousness, crushed a Time Cabin Card, and stepped into it.

He began to integrate the world will and his own will, as well as the Rule Bending Stars in the heavens…

His own hundred and twenty rules were the easiest to integrate; he completed this in almost no time.

Integrating the rules mastered by his card monsters was also not too difficult—it only took less than a day.

Perhaps due to their contracts, or perhaps because they were sword cultivators, it only took a week to integrate the Sword Servants’ rules.

However, integrating the Rule Bending Power of the Bug Tribe without a card contract was a much more cryptic affair.

Lin Huang spent almost two Time Cabin Cards’ worth of time before completely integrating all the rules in the G.o.d Territory within him at last.

At this point, the world will had finally begun to transform…

It was getting more and more powerful every day.

After ten days had pa.s.sed, the world will finally completed its transformation into a G.o.dly Right.

At the very moment that the G.o.dly Right condensed into form, the Divine Fires in all ten of his Life Wheels vibrated simultaneously, releasing thousands of scarlet light rays and turning the entire gravel world blood-red.

However, this phenomenon only lasted for a moment before everything returned to normal.

Lin Huang could clearly feel that his ten Divine Fires had further transformed the very moment the G.o.dly Right was formed.

The transformation of the Divine Fires also brought about a direct transformation of his physical body, soul, Divine Telekinesis, and the Divine Power within him.

This transformation process lasted for three days before finally ending.

The moment the transformation was over, Lin Huang knew that he had officially become a first-rank True G.o.d.

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