Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1489 – Update On Kylie

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Chapter 1489: Update on Kylie

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After sending Swords10 to 100 into the gravel world so they could receive their brands, the number of rules in Lin Huang’s G.o.d Territory had now increased to more than forty-five thousand types.

In addition, his authority over his Sword Servants’ heavenly G.o.d-levels had been unlocked since he had elevated to true G.o.d-level. As a result, four hundred and twelve G.o.d sequence chains had been added to the World Rules of his G.o.d Territory.

At first-rank, some True G.o.ds would have mastered only two G.o.d sequence chains, so this number surpa.s.sed Lin Huang’s expectations.

‘The addition of the G.o.d sequence chains has made my G.o.dly Right exponentially stronger; even the speed at which the World Rules are evolving has increased by more than a hundredfold…’ Lin Huang furrowed his brow slightly and pondered, ‘My strength has also leveled up, but my combat level is still stuck at first-rank true G.o.d-level…’

He was going down a completely new path of cultivation. As he had created his own method to advance to true G.o.d-level, naturally, there was no one to guide him on how to cultivate after that, so he could only think of ways on his own.

‘Currently, there are many directions that I could take to become stronger. I could elevate the rules that I’ve mastered to Fullness-level. I could further advance my Sword Dao true meaning to Sword Dao heavenly rule and continue to cultivate Seamless to strengthen my Divine Telekinesis. I could also acc.u.mulate more World Rules and G.o.d sequence chains for my G.o.d Territory…’

Lin Huang’s thought processes slowly gained more clarity. Although the way by which he could increase his combat strength was still unclear for the time being, there were still many other ways to increase his abilities. He also antic.i.p.ated that the method for increasing his combat strength ought to be among one of these paths for improving his abilities.

‘My current self should be strong enough to take on a fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.d. If I borrow the power of the G.o.d sequence chains, I could even go up against a fifth-rank,’ Lin Huang re-evaluated his overall ability.

The three hundred and fifty-eight heavenly G.o.d-level Sword Servants—this was combat strength at the first echelon.

Kylie, Killer, Ku Rong (Demonic Buddhist Holy Son), and Blackscale (the Symbiotic Creature of the Abyssal Fountain) were Supreme G.o.d rank-5s, all of whom were at ninth-rank true G.o.d-level; it was only a matter of time before the four of them elevated to heavenly G.o.d-level. They were in the second echelon.

Among the card monsters who were at Pseudo-supreme G.o.d rank-4.5, Teng Ran (Sect Leader of the Thousand Snake Sect) had been re-inst.i.tuted to ninth-rank true G.o.d-level. b.l.o.o.d.y was currently at sixth-rank, while Bai was currently only at fourth-rank. However, without the restriction of the upper limit of Lin Huang’s combat strength, it would not be difficult for the two of them to evolve further. The three of them were considered the third echelon.

Grimace, Charcoal, the Bug Tribe Queen Mothers, and the remaining others were all at mythical-level rank-4, and their combat levels were at third-rank or fourth-rank, so there was still a lot of room for improvement.

Under the command of the four Queen Mothers were more than five thousand mythical-level rank-4 Bug Kings and Bug Tribe elite fighters who were at true G.o.d-level as well. They were also a powerful combat force.

Due to the enhancement of Monster Paradise, his summoning beasts could not be truly killed. For the next few days, Lin Huang put on the Thousand Face mask and went around several battlefields in the G.o.d Territory, releasing all the imperial monsters apart from the hive to let them hunt on their own and increase their combat strength.

Lin Huang spent a few days to complete this before he contacted b.l.o.o.d.y again.

“What’s the situation like on Kylie’s end?”

“Since she’s at supreme G.o.d-level rank-5, she was affected by the increase in your combat strength, so she was able to advance her own combat strength to ninth-rank true G.o.d-level in one go,” b.l.o.o.d.y replied, then continued, “I’ve let Kylie temporarily suppress the advancement of her combat strength. We took this opportunity to request a large number of materials on the grounds that we would be going into closed-door cultivation. We’re still short of the last two types of materials needed to advance to rank-6, but we should be able to get them within this month.

“What about you? Have you advanced to true G.o.d-level yet?” b.l.o.o.d.y immediately enquired.

“I’ve already completed the advancement, and Pure Spirit rank-6 authority has been activated.” Lin Huang nodded. “However, if a Monster Card isn’t recalled, then there’s a distance limitation on use of the Advance Card, so Kylie must be within my field of vision for the Advance Card to be effective. That’s why you need to arrange for me to meet with her in person.”

“That’s hardly a problem.” b.l.o.o.d.y nodded. “Next month, a secret territory will be opened in the G.o.d Territory, and only organizations that are peak grade-5 and above are eligible to partic.i.p.ate. Various major organizations will send their best genius talents to compete. When the time comes, Kylie and I will partic.i.p.ate together. You can also apply to join via Death Sickle by using Xie Lin’s ident.i.ty—it’s unlikely that they’ll turn you down.

“Later, I’ll send you a file containing detailed information about this secret territory.”

After they had finished discussing important matters, the two chatted for a while more before ending the call.

b.l.o.o.d.y sent over the doc.u.ments about the secret territory in short order. As soon as he received them, Lin Huang immediately opened them and began checking the information out.

After a quick scan through the file, Lin Huang was able to form a general understanding of this secret territory.

This secret territory that b.l.o.o.d.y had mentioned was actually a mini world used by G.o.d Capital for locking up prisoners. Every few hundred years, when the number of prisoners in the mini world had acc.u.mulated to a certain level, G.o.d Capital would dispatch people there to conduct a clean-up. In reality, this so-called clean-up was letting a few Heavenly G.o.ds enter the place to slaughter the prisoners. Later on, G.o.d Capital felt that this method was too troublesome. Even though there were also Heavenly G.o.ds among the prisoners, most of them were only Virtual G.o.ds and True G.o.ds. The members of G.o.d Capital were all pure-blooded Protoss, and they regarded it as a shameful thing for Heavenly G.o.ds to slaughter Virtual G.o.ds and True G.o.ds.

Therefore, someone came up with the idea of letting the Virtual G.o.ds and True G.o.ds of G.o.d Capital enter the place as a trial, and carry out a hunting compet.i.tion.

After several of these events, the higher-ups of G.o.d Capital felt that this hunting compet.i.tion involving only their own members was not exciting enough, so they decided to just open up the secret territory to a few other grade-7 organizations and invite the gifted geniuses of other organizations to partic.i.p.ate. After that, one by one, grade-6 organizations also began taking part, and things slowly evolved to the way things were at present.

The prisoners in the secret territory had also gradually gotten used to this game.

At G.o.d Capital’s request, prisoners were allowed to arbitrarily attack hunters of the same level. However, True G.o.ds were prohibited from attacking Virtual G.o.ds, while Heavenly G.o.ds were forbidden to attack True G.o.ds and Virtual G.o.ds. They could only fight back if the G.o.d Territory hunters attacked them first.

Moreover, if the prisoners survived by the end of the hunt, they would get a definite share of the spoils from the hunters that they had killed. G.o.d Capital would even dispatch someone to help them unlock the storage rings of the slain individuals.

To some extent, this also motivated the prisoners to partic.i.p.ate in this game.

The most important thing was that Virtual G.o.ds and True G.o.ds who survived three consecutive hunts would be released. Of course, this was not an unconditional release. After they left the prison s.p.a.ce, they were obligated to sign a master-servant contract with members of G.o.d Capital to become their G.o.d Servants.

Lin Huang was initially rather curious about why G.o.d Capital would have so many prisoners.

After reading the doc.u.ments to the end, though, he discovered that this game had developed to a point where not only G.o.d Capital but various other major organizations were also providing prisoners to G.o.d Capital.

One organization in particular was the G.o.d Combat Temple. After every territorial war that they partic.i.p.ated in—no matter if it were large-scale or small-scale—they would bring back large numbers of prisoners of war.

In the secret territory, the number of prisoners that the Combat G.o.d Temple contributed accounted for more than half the total prisoner population. That was more than all the other organizations combined.

Lin Huang did not experience any great misgivings over hunting these prisoners because most of them were from the Abyss, the Bug Tribe, and other tribes of different species. There were humans as well, but they were very few in number. He just had to make sure that he did not initiate a move against his compatriots first.

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