Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1490 – New Identity—Huang Mu

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Chapter 1490: New Ident.i.ty—Huang Mu

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To help Kylie make a further breakthrough to Pure Spirit rank-6, it was imperative that Lin Huang made a trip to the secret territory.

The only thing was, Lin Huang had previously entered the Great Heaven Territory under the ident.i.ty of Xie Lin. In the end, although he had faked his death and not teleported out, many organizations in the G.o.d Territory had guessed that it was not that he had not teleported out—instead he had obtained the inheritance of the Great Heaven Territory and hidden himself.

Although this matter had occurred nearly a year ago, there were still many powerhouses in the G.o.d Territory who were looking for Xie Lin, hoping to seize the Great Heaven inheritance.

Therefore, Xie Lin’s ident.i.ty could no longer be used, at least not openly.

After reading through the information that b.l.o.o.d.y had provided, Lin Huang deliberated for a moment before using his communicator to dial a number.

The busy tone had not even rung halfway before the communicator connected, and a male voice came from the other end.

“Xie Lin?!”

“Senior Buried Heaven, I need your help with something,” Lin Huang skipped the pleasantries and asked immediately.

“Go ahead.” Buried Heaven did not hesitate.

 “I want a pa.s.s to enter G.o.d Capital’s secret territory next month,” Lin Huang cut straight to the chase.

“It’s not difficult for me to help you get a pa.s.s. However, you should know that if you’re recognized, even Death Sickle can’t protect you,” Buried Heaven answered just as bluntly.

Lin Huang had previously chosen not to accept Death Sickle’s protection, instead opting to disappear straight away after obtaining the Great Heaven inheritance—something which had caused great dissatisfaction among the upper tiers of Death Sickle.

If Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty was exposed during this trial, it was impossible for Death Sickle to come forward and take the pressure for him unless he was willing to give up the Great Heaven inheritance. However, Buried Heaven also knew that Lin Huang would never do that.

“I know that. I’ll change my name, and I’ll also change my combat style. Moreover, my combat strength has already evolved to true G.o.d-level, so people shouldn’t make the connection with Xie Lin.”

“Since you’re set on requesting this, I’ll help you apply for a pa.s.s then.” Buried Heaven did not waste any more words. “Find a branch of Death Sickle on your own and apply for it using a new ident.i.ty, then tell me your new name, and that will do. After that, I’ll send the invitation letter directly to you.”

After ending the call with Buried Heaven, Lin Huang immediately dialed Yang Ling’s number.

Strangely, the communicator showed the notification, “The number you have dialed is not in service.”

Lin Huang frowned slightly. Just as he was about to try calling again, there was an incoming call from an unfamiliar number.

He immediately connected the call.

“Come straight to the point.” The voice was clearly Yang Ling’s.

“Why has your number gone out of service?” Lin Huang asked in surprise.

“I’ve encountered a small problem.” Yang Ling seemed reluctant to say more. “Whatever it is you need, tell me quickly.”

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Huang decided not to probe any further. He immediately told Yang Ling what he needed, “I want a fake ident.i.ty in the G.o.d Territory, one that I can use to register with Death Sickle.”

“I’ll help you make several this time then, “Yang Ling said straightforwardly, “Just send me the pictures and personal information after disguising yourself—that will do. Also, for the time being, don’t contact me if it isn’t urgent.”

Hearing Yang Ling say this, Lin Huang realized that the problem his friend was facing might not be a small matter.

“Is there anything I can help with?”

Yang Ling fell silent for a moment before answering in a low voice, “It’s possible that I’m being watched by the Raiders…There’s nothing much you can help with. Just make sure you don’t get exposed.”

After saying this, he paused but did not hang up. He seemed to hesitate for a little while before continuing, “If something really does happen to me, help me take care of Hong Zhuang.”

Hearing these words, Lin Huang blinked in surprise. He recovered himself and was about to ask about Hong Zhuang, but Yang Ling had already ended the call from his end.

‘Don’t tell me this boy has really developed feelings for Hong Zhuang…’

Whether it was in terms of physique or looks, Hong Zhuang was a top-notch beauty. However, her character and way of doing things had always made Lin Huang keep his distance, despite admiring her.

Even if he was certain now that his abilities had far surpa.s.sed Hong Zhuang’s own, he was still somewhat wary of this woman.

Looking at the state Yang Ling was in currently, he really felt that this woman’s methods were terrifying.

Shaking his head, Lin Huang temporarily set aside the matter of Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang. He put on Thousand Face, disguised himself with several different appearances, and took a few ID photos of himself.

After that, he simply set up the ident.i.ties for his various new looks and sent the photos to Yang Ling, as well as the ident.i.ty set-ups.

A moment later, Yang Ling replied with a message.

“In three days, you can go collect them at the front desk of the illegal hotel.”

Lin Huang was startled. He had forgotten to tell Yang Ling earlier which planet he was on. Even the hotel he had checked into was an illegally-run hotel that did not require ID verification, but clearly, Yang Ling already knew where he was.

To avoid missing the package that Yang Ling would be sending over, Lin Huang did not go into closed-door cultivation in the days that followed. Instead, he sat cross-legged in the hotel lounge with his eyes closed, cultivating Seamless.

Lin Huang did not know if it was because he had evolved to true G.o.d-level, but he noticed that his cultivation of Seamless was more than ten times faster than before.

Since his advancement to the seventh level of Seamless, in the past, the rate by which the length of his telekinetic threads increased was around 200 per hour. Now, however, the number surged to 3000 per hour.

In just the s.p.a.ce of one day, the number of his telekinetic threads had exceeded 300,000, and his cultivation of Seamless also advanced to the eighth level.

After that, his cultivation speed for Seamless reduced slightly, but he could still condense 2000 telekinetic threads in an hour.

Three days went by, just like that. After having breakfast early in the morning, Lin Huang retrieved Yang Ling’s package from the front desk.

Upon opening it, inside he found four ident.i.ty rings, each of them slightly different in shape and form.

He tried each of them on and checked them over, making sure that there were no problems before putting three of them away and wearing the remaining one. After that, he headed straight for the outpost of the Death Sickle branch.

After ten minutes or so, he once more obtained the status of a reserve member of Death Sickle.

“Name: Huang Mu”

“Tribe: Unknown”

“Combat Level: Ninth-rank True G.o.d”

“Cultivation: Psychic”

“As long as I use enough disguises, no one will know who I really am!” Lin Huang grinned.

For this name, he used half of Lin and half of Huang, then reversed the two.1

Not knowing one’s tribe was a common occurrence in the G.o.d Territory. There were many tribes in the G.o.d Territory, and many children were orphaned after birth, not knowing which tribe they belonged to.

For his combat level, Lin Huang disguised himself as a ninth-rank True G.o.d to avoid drawing unwanted attention if he advanced too quickly when the time came.

As for his cultivation path, since everyone knew he was a sword cultivator when he was in the Great Heaven Territory previously, he most definitely could not use swords openly. Otherwise, it was inevitable that people would suspect that he was somehow connected to Xie Lin, who had obtained the Great Heaven inheritance. Additionally, an occupation like Imperial Censor was extremely rare in the G.o.d Territory, so he could only choose to be a psychic.

Lin Huang made a copy of this ident.i.ty information and forwarded it to Buried Heaven.

About half an hour later, Buried Heaven sent the invitation letter over directly, without saying a single word.

However, Lin Huang still replied with a “Thank you!”

Now that he had the invitation letter to G.o.d Capital’s secret territory, Lin Huang felt like a burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

He went downstairs to check out of his room, then returned to the Great Heaven Palace straight away.

After setting a reminder for his departure date, Lin Huang crushed a Time Cabin Card and stepped into it, once again going into closed-door cultivation.

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