Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1501 – Hunt And Plunder

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Chapter 1501: Hunt and Plunder

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After successfully hunting down his first heavenly G.o.d-level aberrant species, Lin Huang continued to heading deeper into the Heavenly G.o.d domain.

With this first hunting experience under his belt, he had become more proficient with borrowing the G.o.d sequence chains within his inner world.

On top of his Divine Telekinesis, which was comparable to that of Heavenly G.o.ds, he had telekinetic G.o.d Weapons equivalent to G.o.d sequence relics, as well as the borrowed G.o.d sequence chains. With these three things compounded together, Lin Huang’s subsequent hunts for prisoners in the Heavenly G.o.d domain went smoothly.

His kill points were also steadily increasing.

Every time he completed a hunt, his points would skyrocket by a hundred points; those in second place with single-digit points were left far behind.

At first, everyone was shocked when they saw the name “Xiu Mu” suddenly earn 100 points. Many people even thought that he was just lucky and had encountered a weaker Heavenly G.o.d.

However, as Lin Huang’s points dramatically increased again and again, everyone finally realized that not only was this dark horse lucky, but he actually also possessed top-tier abilities.

The initial doubts that they had about Lin Huang quickly vanished without a trace.

Of course, there were still a small number of people who suspected Lin Huang of cheating.

However, outside the secret territory, the numerous Heavenly G.o.d team leaders who were watching the surveillance video could see every single one of Lin Huang’s battles very clearly.

Beginning with the first aberrant species, Lin Huang had overcome all obstacles in his path, directly confronting the heavenly G.o.d-level prisoners one by one and practically crus.h.i.+ng them all, one after another. His performance thus far had utterly overshadowed the accomplishments of all other partic.i.p.ants.

The several grade-7 organization team leaders watched, incessantly envious.

“Why do I feel as if he hasn’t utilized his full strength yet? He seems unperturbed no matter what kind of opponent he faces.”

“Do you guys think Xiu Mu possesses abilities equivalent to second-rank heavenly G.o.d-level?!”

“We’ll find out immediately whether or not he does have abilities equivalent to second-rank.” The Heavenly G.o.d team leader of G.o.d Capital stole a glance at Buried Heaven while keeping a poker face. “Given his current flight path, barring the unexpected, he’s probably headed for Evil Eye.”

When the Heavenly G.o.ds present heard that, they hurriedly looked at Lin Huang’s route.

Evil Eye was no stranger to all of them.

Evil Eye was a genuine Abyssal creature; to be precise, it had been born an evil spirit type.

Outside the Abyss, the tribe it belonged to was often called the Giant Eyeball Monsters.

This was because their appearance was that of a huge eyeball that had been surgically removed, but with hundreds of fleshy tentacles that were still connected to its lower body.

Evil Eye was no exception. It was just inherently a bit stronger than its other tribemates and had been a quintuple mutation from birth.

Its forte was using illusions to mentally manipulate others, and it was even capable of controlling other living creatures.

After being captured by G.o.d Capital and imprisoned in this secret prisoner territory, Evil Eye had even caused mayhem once. It had silently taken control of hundreds of heavenly G.o.d-level monsters—several of which were at second-rank—and tyrannized the entire Heavenly G.o.d domain.

Only after G.o.d Capital discovered what was going on did they send people to beat it into submission.

After news of the incident involving Evil Eye filtered out, several True G.o.d geniuses from various major organizations, who possessed heavenly G.o.d-level abilities, set their sights on Evil Eye as a hunting target.

When the secret territory was opened during that time, several top-tier True G.o.d powerhouses partic.i.p.ated in the hunt for Evil Eye.

In the end, the hunt had been a dismal failure, and even the True G.o.d genius from the Combat G.o.d Temple had been killed on the spot.

The rest of the geniuses had been rescued by the staff of G.o.d Capital.

After this battle, there was an extremely long period where no hunter dared to attack Evil Eye.

In the following tens of thousands of years, there were several geniuses who also made attempts at targeting Evil Eye, but these attempts all ended in disastrous defeats—some even paid for it with their lives.

From then on, Evil Eye had utterly become taboo in the secret prisoner territory, and no one dared to even think of attacking it anymore.

This time around, however, when the secret territory was opened, this dark horse Lin Huang had set his sights on that particular hunting target.

In reality, the reason Lin Huang had targeted Evil Eye was very simple. It was only because Evil Eye was conveniently on the route he was taking, and it happened to be nearby. Lin Huang was too lazy to make a detour to find another hunting target.

The numerous Heavenly G.o.ds outside the secret territory did not know that Lin Huang had targeted Evil Eye because of an odd reason like this. They thought that Xiu Mu had known from the very beginning how powerful Evil Eye was and had planned to hunt it down from the start, only so he could prove that he was stronger than all the previous top-tier True G.o.d powerhouses!

Of course, Lin Huang had indeed heard the story about Evil Eye.

The information provided by Buried Heaven had explained matters regarding Evil Eye very clearly.

However, in Lin Huang’s view, this monster posed very little threat to him.

Lin Huang was also not aware that his decision had made Buried Heaven’s heart sink a little, from where he was on the outside of the secret territory.

Although Buried Heaven had always been confident in Lin Huang’s abilities, he was still not very optimistic about the outcome of this battle.

As Evil Eye was proficient in illusions and psychic-level techniques, cultivators with insufficient spirit strength would immediately fall prey to its manipulations and would be incapable of breaking free.

Although Evil Eye was only a first-rank Heavenly G.o.d, its spirit strength was comparable to that of a second-rank. With the additional compounded effects of two types of illusion-type G.o.d sequence chains, most second-rank Heavenly G.o.ds with slightly weaker spirit strength would succ.u.mb to its power—what more Lin Huang, whose actual combat strength was only at first-rank true G.o.d-level.

However, Buried Heaven’s expression betrayed no hint of his thoughts.

This caused some uncertainty among the spectators who had originally wanted to start up another wager.

At this moment, the team leader of G.o.d Capital suddenly spoke up after hesitating for a moment.

“I’ll be the dealer for this fight; let’s start another round of betting!

“Those betting on Evil Eye to win, place your wagers by my left hand; those betting on Xiu Mu to win, place your wagers by my right hand…”

The numerous Heavenly G.o.ds present placed their bets one after another, and just like before, most of them chose Evil Eye.

Nonetheless, due to Lin Huang’s stunning performance previously, the number of people who chose him increased visibly compared to before.

After almost everyone had finalized their bets, Buried Heaven stepped forward and once again took out his storage ring from earlier.

In this storage ring were not only the initial ten high-level G.o.d sequence relics that he had used as wagers but also all the wagered items that Buried Heaven had won during the first two games.

He picked the ring up with two fingers and placed it on Xiu Mu’s side without any hesitation.

This was not because he had confidence in Lin Huang. It was just that to him, even if he were to lose, he would be losing nothing more than ten high-level G.o.d sequence relics. As for what he had won from the previous two games, the worst that could happen would just be him returning everything. As Lin Huang’s team leader, he had never felt that ‘Lin Huang losing’ was an option, even from the start.

Inside the G.o.d Territory, Lin Huang sped along while checking the state of things within his body.

“I’ve hunted down seven Heavenly G.o.ds, so seven more G.o.d sequence chains have been added within me. The number of rules has also increased dramatically by more than forty thousand types, making a total of more than eighty thousand types. My Divine Fires have become much stronger, and the area of the G.o.d Territory within me has expanded to more than five times its original size…”

This was different from with the Sword Servants, where only the rules that they had mastered were projected into Lin Huang’s inner world. Lin Huang’s hunt for Heavenly G.o.ds was so he could directly plunder everything from the dead, including all the rules within their inner worlds, the power of their world wills, and even all the living things that were contained within their inner worlds.

It was just that Lin Huang was still unsure of how to advance to second-rank true G.o.d-level…

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